Friday Favorites: Workplace edition

Happy Friday! This blog post is coming to you as I near the finish line of my incredibly busy week, full of working all day at Equinox and also practicing for BODYATTACK 85 and BODYPUMP 90 group fitness class relaunch tonight and tomorrow at 24 Hour Fitness.

And because I spend most of my time these days at work, today’s edition of “Friday Favorites” is focused on a few of my favorite things about my job and my workday.

My favorite daily work necessity: Yellow tablet

You won’t see me walking around Equinox without this handy piece of technology.

Tablet case for work

As a personal trainer at Equinox, we’re required to have the planned workout programs for all of our clients on-hand when we’re training people on the floor.

I keep all of my programs on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, as well as my program for myself. On my tablet, I can access my training schedule, email and all the resources I need to get through my day.

Right before I started at Equinox I ordered this bright yellow tablet case from Amazon, and I’m super pleased with it. It’s sturdy, eye-catching and definitely sticks out as a contrast to my all-black ensemble at the gym. Long ago in gyms you would find personal trainers walking around with clipboards to keep track of their clients’ progress, but at Equinox, nearly all of us are equipped with the latest tablets.

My favorite work branding: All black

As I’ve said before, personal trainers wear all black, and our business cards are all black too.

Equinox business cards

I keep an extra stack of my cards in one of the compartments of my yellow tablet case, so I have them on the ready when I’m around the gym. (That visible phone number goes straight to the gym, so don’t try and call me!)

I also love the look of the clean lines of our “Train” shirts. You may have noticed at gyms that they always have a wall of bios for the personal trainers on staff, and here’s my headshot from ours.

Ashley Pitt Trainer Bio Pic

My favorite work benefit: Education

Training. Education. Resources. Workshops. Workouts. You name it, and I’m learning it and doing it every single day as a personal trainer at Equinox. I spent more than a month in a science, kinesiology and anatomy course before the gym even opened with my training team (which happened after I was officially certified by a national organization to be a trainer), so it’s clear the company has already invested so much in me, and I appreciate it. I knew I was walking into the top-of-the-line gym in the industry, and that has continued to be true now that I’m one more than month into the full-time job.

For instance, last weekend, my fellow trainers and I attended a workshop to learn to use the ViPR tool shown below.

ViPR training workshop

We learned about the fundamentals of the equipment, some basic exercises and ways to progress (make harder) and regress (make easier) all of the movements.

We worked with the ViPR much of the time, coached each other through the moves, and next week will all be tested on it all to be cleared. Let me tell you, the ViPR is not as easy as it looks. It’s one unique full-body modality.

And learning to use the ViPR is just the beginning. This week we also did a workshop on powerlifting, and I learned and tried some entirely new-to-me forms of heavy-weight deadlifts. It was awesome and so very beneficial.

Although I love working with my clients and being immersed in the gym world each day, the education and workshops at Equinox just may be my favorite thing of all about my job.

And there, my friends, is today’s edition of “Friday Favorites,” all about the workplace.

* Disclaimer: By the way, let it be known that although I’m an Equinox employee, all of my thoughts are just my own and are no way representative of the company.

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Questions of the day

Do you have anything you love about your job or workplace? What’s in store for your weekend?

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  1. It’s great to hear you enjoying your new gig! I’ve thought of visiting the Equinox downtown, but it’s a bit out of the way for my normal commuting. Maybe for a special treat someday!

    1. Thanks, Katie! Learning is definitely the best part of the job. And there will always be more to learn in the fitness and health world.

  2. I love your bright tablet case! Great way to add some color to your work outfit. 🙂 I work at a gym as well and we also wear all black, so it’s always fun to add a pop of color… I usually wear bright shoes!

      1. I’m a Fitness Coach, which just means that I sign people up for memberships and help them get plugged into the club and basically “coach” them on their fitness journey. I also teach Cardio30 (a 30 min cycling class) and Group Centergy (a blend of yoga and Pilates). I love it!

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