My top 10 Amazon Prime purchases I order over and over again

What a random blog post topic, right? This idea came to me the other day as I was driving Brady to camp and trying to mentally remind myself to order something from Amazon Prime later that day. I knew it would only take a minute, because I can just go to my order history and re-order the things I’ve already gone through the process of picking out before — so darn convenient. And at that moment, I realized it would be fun to peek inside my virtual shopping cart.

While I definitely don’t get everything on Amazon Prime, I do get a lot of random and essential stuff there — also, this is a no-judgment zone, okay? Let’s do it … 🙂

My top 10 Amazon Prime purchases I order over and over again

My top 10 Amazon Prime purchases I order over and over again by A Lady Goes West

1. Plum Organics Super Puffs variety pack – These have been a staple snack for Brady for maybe a year now. We call them “crunchies” and he loves them and has them once a day. We used to go through a canister of Puffs every week or so, but he eats much more now, so we are reordering often. These Puffs are organic, they have good ingredients, and they are fun for his little fingers to touch and his little teeth to bite through, and the variety pack keeps it interesting with colors and flavors.

2. Asutra magnesium spray – I shared about using topical magnesium spray in a favorites post a few months ago, and that’s still going strong. I spray it onto my stomach and rub it in most evenings, and I think it helps with restful sleep. Many people are deficient in magnesium and your body absorbs it best through the skin, so that’s why it’s beneficial to use it like this rather than take a supplement. True story: I sometimes spray it on Dave if I know he’s been having trouble sleeping, and it doesn’t sting, and it works for him too. You can be sure this will be in my bag on our trip out of the country in a couple weeks. 

3. Rainbow One prenatal vitamins – I still take a daily prenatal vitamin, and I’ve been taking this particular brand since I learned about it from my acupuncturist several years ago while trying to get pregnant. She taught me that you should take a vitamin made from “real food” instead of synthetics, also one that is non-GMO, and that’s what this brand is. It’s not cheap, but you only need one a day. Also, they come in smaller tablet sizes in case you have trouble swallowing pills.

4. Hello Oral Care toothpaste – I’ve tried so many of the safe and cleaner toothpastes without harsh chemicals, and I keep coming back to this brand, and this pure mint flavor. It’s mild, and it works, it’s cruelty free and made in the U.S.A. You can’t beat that.

5. Bounty family paper towels – Here’s where I need the no-judgment zone to take place. I live in California, I like to operate in a way that’s good for the environment, I avoid plastic water bottles, and I use glass containers at home as much as possible. But because I have a toddler and a dog, I find myself using paper towels a lot. Like a lot a lot. And I know I need to cut back (because they are not recyclable), but it’s hard. I like to order massive quantities of this brand of paper towel, because they have the select-a-size too. I’ve tried using cleaner brands of paper towels, and ummm, they just don’t work as well. So for now, this is my go-to, and I have a cabinet where I store them all when they arrive.

6. Cottonelle toilet paper – I have a confession: I have a toilet paper scarcity fear. In fact, Dave and I have a running joke in which I tell him we are “dangerously low,” when we have perhaps 10-12 rolls left in the house. It’s not comfortable for me to be low on toilet paper. As someone who works from home and is home all day and is quite hydrated, I just like to make sure we are well stocked. That’s why I always order our toilet paper in absurd quantities. Once again, this isn’t the most environmentally friendly thing, but there are no good alternatives to toilet paper that I’m willing to try at this point in my life. You feel me? 

7. Honest overnight diapers – I have a nontoxic diaper and wipe delivery subscription service that I LOVE — called Abby & Finn, and I’ve told you about it many times (here is my referral link for a free trial), because it’s more affordable than The Honest Company. However, right now, they don’t make overnight diapers, and Brady definitely needs them. I order a box of these big overnight diapers every month or so, because there’s 54 in a box. He can occasionally leak through, but that happens a lot less than if he was in regular diapers while sleeping long stretches.

8. Seventh Generation wipes – We go through wipes faster than we go through diapers from our delivery, so I like to supplement with this brand of wipes — they are the thickest and best performing on the market, if you ask me. As well as free of harsh chemicals. I use wipes for everything these days, so it’s no wonder I need to get them in large quantities. 

9. NOW Organic Sweet Almond oil – My love for almond oil is still very much a thing, although I do rely on my Beautycounter products for most of my skincare these days. But almond oil is so useful, it’s always something good to have on hand. It smells amazing too.

10. Everything Babyganics – We wash Brady’s dishes and bottle with this dish soap, we clean off his high chair with this spray, we use this bubble bath (a new addition to his bath, and he loves it), this baby shampoo/soap, this diaper rash cream and this baby lip balm too. I sometimes use this sunscreen on him, or I use my Beautycounter sunscreen. We tried the Babyganics diapers and wipes and they weren’t great, but the other products sure are. And these products are definitely cheaper on Amazon than in the store, so that’s another plus.

Recent Amazon Prime purchase honorable mentions

Four things I recently ordered and am loving and will likely reorder one day …

  1. This Alaska Bear silk pillowcase is so soft and has been working out great for me. I had wanted one for a long time, because silk is supposed to be better for your skin to sleep on than cotton. And you spend a lot of time on your pillow.
  2. This ridiculous shower cap is everything. What? You don’t have a shower cap? How do you keep your dirty hair dry when you’re just washing your body? 
  3. This Puracy Natural stain spray. I read the online reviews before purchasing this and have been pleasantly surprised with how it performs. It’s totally nontoxic too.
  4. Technically I’ve purchased this sparkly microphone belt twice, because I lost my first one after the first wear. I love this mic belt so much and may get other colors.

By the way, we waited far too long to get Amazon Prime, and the annual cost paid for itself after a few weeks of ordering things and getting free 2-day shipping (sometimes free 1-day shipping). I’m not crazy about the packaging and waste, but I almost always reuse the boxes that things are shipped in when I send off stuff I’ve sold on Poshmark or send little presents to readers, etc. Also, Brady and Rudy love a good delivery — so it’s entertaining for us all. I mean …

Amazon Prime top purchases by A Lady Goes West - June 2019

However, even though online shopping is super simple for the consumer, we have to remember a lot of work and materials are required to get us what we need — so reuse and reduce where you can.

On that note, we’ll end this very random blog post here. Thank you for reading, my friends!

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P.S. This post has affiliate links. 🙂

Questions of the day

Is there something that you hate to be low on in your house or life?

What’s your most frequently ordered or purchased food or product?

How was your weekend? 

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  1. Love this blog topic! I’m with you on the toilet paper, I get a lot of flack for panicking when we are below 8 rolls? My most purchased foods are probably apples, clif filled bars, banana, and Scooby Snacks; I dint order food online but probably should get into that to save time!

    1. Hi Erin! I get all of our food at the grocery store — we used to do online groceries when we lived in the City, but I don’t mind going as much now, because Brady enjoys it hehehe. And what are Scooby snacks??? Do I need them?? 🙂

      1. Scooby snacks are amazing! They are bone shaped cinnamon graham snacks, not organic whatsoever but my daughter and I both love them! We get them at target.

  2. Hey Ashley.y wife orders lot of those Mrs Dash packets cause they are low in sodium. I like a car wash solution cause has a wax ingredient in it. I think it helps cause I have a 2013 car that hasn’t been waxed but paint still looks good. The other day ordered a pair of New Balance shoes. I was surprised that they were shipped from a store down the street from us. I guess Amazon is helping to keep businesses open. Toliet paper and paper towels are two items I make sure we don’t run out of. And soap for dishes and clothes.

    1. Hi Richard — who knows how all of our orders are fulfilled hehhe — I would like to think Amazon uses as many local providers as possible, but I’m not sure. Glad you use online shopping when you can, it’s so convenient. Happy Monday!

    1. hahah so glad I am not alone there on the toilet paper scarcity fear. I’ve never even cut it close … 🙂 Thanks for saying hi, Jamie!

  3. I was curious as to my own Amazon orders and we share some similar products: overnight diapers and wipes, toilet paper, paper towels… the essentials you CANNOT live without! Haha thank goodness for the bulk supplies on Amazon. I hate purchasing TP and paper towels at the store in bulk because there is just no good way to fit in the back of my car along with the other groceries. My most frequently purchased food item is either Larabars (chocolate chip cookie dough flavor) or From the Ground Up Cauliflower stalks/puffs- my daughter loves to munch on these, too! Happy Monday!

    1. Wow, we are so similar in our purchasing habits then, because you know we go through boxes of Larabars a week over here hehehe. I need to learn more about the From the Ground Up brand. Thanks for the tip, Morgan!

      1. Yes, you’ll have to try their stuff. I just picked up the stalks (puffs) at Whole Foods oh a whim and they are so good! I haven’t tried any of their other products so I can’t speak to those.

    1. Yes it does, I’ve been wearing one for forever. I used to get the cheapy plastic ones, but now I’ve upgraded hehehe. It’s a very important piece. Glad you are a fan too, Jessie!

  4. I am going to miss Amazon Prime but coming to-an end this month. gotta get out to stores and so i can help them stay open and I just cannot cont with a company that does not pay taxes and pays workers marginally. He just has to give and take in balance more as doing so is a criteria for having a good soul. He just is not there so I have to go thru prime withdrawal.

    1. Hi D! It’s important to vote with your dollars and support companies you believe in, so if you’re done with Amazon, goodbye! 🙂 Good for you for making that decision that feels right for you.

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