My top 10 recent staple purchases that I wear over and over again

Before I wrote this post, I started about five other posts on meatier topics and just didn’t feel the motivation or passion to finish any of them at the time. But then, I answered a question/Instagram DM about a clothing item I had been wearing, and all of a sudden I had an idea for a very simple post. So here we go … 

I often mention that I’m an outfit repeater, and so many of you have confirmed that you are too. I love to hear that, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Why? Because if you like something enough to buy it, then you should wear it often. And some of the most successful creative- and business-minded people have a “uniform” that they rely on daily to help them not have to make unnecessary decisions on what to wear. 

Based on that, I wanted to share a few things that I’ve bought over the last few months that I continue to repeat, repeat, repeat. And I’m going to try to keep workout-wear out of this, but we can do that one in a separate post. This list is mostly made up of my classic staple items, because those are my favorite to invest in — although many of these items are under $100, so they are not splurges.

My top 10 recent staple purchases that I wear over and over again

My top 10 recent staple purchases that I wear over and over again by A Lady Goes West

Barefoot Dreams Cozy cardigan

This is the softest wearable blanket ever. Hands down. Seriously loving the Barefoot Dreams Cozy cardigan, because it goes with everything and even has little pockets. I had heard about this brand on a podcast and was so happy when my mom bought me something from the line last year. It’s definitely not cheap, but such high quality.

Shop the cardigan here.

Everlane square leather tote bag

I searched high and low for a brown leather tote bag and even ordered one and returned it before I ended up with the Day Square Tote from Everlane. It’s Italian leather. The perfect size for my laptop, wallet, water, sunglasses, keys and a snack when I’m on the go. I can also throw my little diaper pouch for Brady in there if I have to. The leather is so soft and comfy, and the bag stays on my arm well. So happy with this purchase.

Shop Everlane here.

Top Shop high-waisted skinny jeans

I now have two pairs of this style, the Jamie high-waisted jean, and they are SO high-waisted, which I really like, because I’m tall and have a long torso. They are snug, but have just enough give to be comfortable, and as you’ve seen on the blog, I wear these ALL the TIME. Even though they aren’t too expensive, they last. Here are the ripped ones I have in blue denim, and the ripped ones I have in black denim. They also have non ripped, if you’re into a full pant leg, because I definitely get cold knees in the winter.

Shop all the Jamie-style jeans here.

Classic black long-sleeve CALIA top

I received this black long-sleeve everyday flow casual top as part of one of my outfits from CALIA by Carrie Underwood during our partnership last year. (We’re working together again this year, so stay tuned for more on that.) I must admit that I’ve probably worn this plain black top tucked into my high-waisted jeans at least once a week for the last few months, perhaps more. It’s soft, it fits great, and it’s a basic item that you can pair with anything.

Shop the top here.

Best jeans and black top by A Lady Goes West - February 2020

(Here’s the black top in action, as well as the high-waisted skinny jeans.)

Straight-up ADIDAS Superstar sneakers

Dave got these ADIDAS Superstar casual everyday sneakers for me, and at first I didn’t wear them all that much. And then I realized that they go with almost everything, and now they are on my feet a lot. And the good news is that these babies have been in style for years, so I think they are going to stick around. I like to wear them with my jeans or leggings, sweaters, denim jackets or whatever else. They can do it all. 

Shop the sneakers here.

Old school blue denim Old Navy jacket

The denim jacket will live on forever. While I bought a trendy oversized one over the summer when we were in Canada, I always come back to my standard blue jean jacket right here. It goes with everything else on this list, and so it makes a frequent appearance on me. I mean, who doesn’t love a blue denim jacket?

Shop the jacket here.

Animal print slip-on sneakers

These Mix. No.6 slip-ons may be my most-worn shoe of the last few months, outside of the shoes I wear to the gym. They are nothing fancy, but comfy and you can slide them on with no socks — perfect for quick errands, etc. The black and white pattern that I have is currently sold out, but there are some solids and another animal print that’s really cute. I love a good loafer-ish shoe and could see getting these in more colors in the future.

Shop the slip-ons here.

SPANX faux leather leggings

These SPANX leggings are one of the most recent purchases on this list, and boy am I glad I bought into a Facebook ad that sold them to me on a whim. They fit like a glove, and I’ve been wearing them with casual sweaters, out at night with blouses (okay that was only once), and basically whatever else I feel like wearing, because they are so versatile. They are so flattering on the figure too, so I highly recommend.

Shop the leggings here.

Ashley in Spanx by A Lady Goes West -- December 2019

(Here are the leggings in action, as well as the slip-on shoes.)

Marc Jacobs softshot crossbody

Definitely the priciest item on the list, but let’s hope it lasts for as long as I think it will. Dave got me this Marc Jacobs softshot crossbody for my birthday, and I’ve been using it all the time. It fits a lot more than you’d expect, and I love the look of it with the gold detailing. And who doesn’t need a crossbody to keep your hands free, especially with a tot around?

Shop the crossbody here.

Lululemon studio joggers

Thank goodness jogger pants are a thing, because it’s literally like wearing pajamas out and about, yet looking put together. I picked up these dark olive studio joggers when we were in Vancouver (where Lululemon is headquartered) and had no idea they would soon become a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve worn them on a couple flights and put them on at least a few times a month, usually with the black CALIA top mentioned above, either of the sneakers mentioned above and a denim jacket. All the staples work well together, and that’s the beauty.

Shop the joggers here.

And there you have it, my most-worn items. 

Best jeans and puffer jacket by A Lady Goes West - February 2020

(Here are the jeans, crossbody purse and sneakers in action. The jacket is Fabletics, but is sold out, and here are the sunglasses.)

How I handle shopping and buying clothes

It may seem like I get new things all the time, but I really am not a huge shopper at all and sometimes go quite a while without getting anything new (certainly not anything that isn’t for working out).

I do the majority of my shopping online, usually at or, and then I do more in-person shopping at Nordstrom Rack and DSW for everyday clothing and shoes. I don’t get a ton of trendy stuff, but stick to solids and classics, as you see in play above. And when it comes to travel, events or fancier weekend evening clothing (which is not required often), that’s when I’ll get more loud patterns, colors, fabrics, etc. and order in advance online usually from Nordstrom.

In order to not get over-loaded with stuff, I’m always actively trying to minimize my closet and drawers too. I try to keep my closet pretty organized and light, so I will often go through what I have and donate or list stuff on Poshmark every few months at a minimum. 

I just don’t think we all need a million things to wear everyday, because if we focus on getting what we really like and need, we’ll be pulled to repeat often anyhow. But those are just my two cents on this non-fitness-related matter.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today for this diversion into the world of clothing and shopping. See you around Instagram and Facebook until we’re back on the blog. I appreciate you! 🙂 xoxo

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Questions of the day

What’s one staple item you’ve recently bought that you are wearing over and over again?

Where do you do most of your shopping?

How was your weekend?

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this week?



  1. Now that I’m older (yikes- what am I saying) I’ve been shopping for longer wear, and trying to find pieces that can be worn multiple ways through multiple seasons. I’m willing to pay a little more for an item that won’t get torn up or lose its shape in the wash. And shoes, I am so picky with my shoes. I used to live in the $1 Old Navy flip flops but now I won’t even look twice. Long term. Everything’s going long term.

    1. Hi Kate! Agreeee — I used to love to sale shop at Forever 21 and H&M, and now I CANNOT bring myself to look through a sale rack, or to even go into those stores. Definitely prefer investing a bit more into pieces that are comfortable, fit well and will last — less trendy, more classic. I’m WITH YA! 🙂 And yes, keeping clothing and rewearing it is way better for the environment. Happy Monday to you!

  2. I really loved this post! I recently purchased a pair of the spanx faux leather leggings after I kept seeing ads for them (I’m sort of a sucker for a good ad, ha!) and I am so happy I did! I am the same way with cleaning out my closet and drawers frequently, I can’t stand having clothes around that I don’t really wear. Have a good night!

    1. Hi Erica! Yay! The Spanx ad team does very well with targeting I guess, because it worked on both of us. I also do not like having a lot of extra clothes around that I don’t wear. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any requests. Have a great week!

  3. I like those jeans! I’m tall with a long torso as well, it can be tricky :). When I read the header for the bag, I thought it said sequin leather bag… so sad to see it was square leather bag haha.

    1. Hahhah — wouldn’t that be funny if one of my most-used items was a sequined-leather bag? What would that even look like? And also, as far as tall with long torso, I’m SOO glad that high-waisted is a thing. I can’t get enough! Happy Monday, friend!

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