Return to normal, weekly workout report, a 49ers game and more

Back to business and a new month has started! Hi, friends! After two months of many, many trips — both for work and for pleasure — I’m happy to report that I’m staying put for a while. Even though I’ve absolutely loved my fun times in L.A. at BlogFest, in Vegas with friends, in Carmel with Dave and Rudy, in Tahoe with blogging buddies, in L.A. for a few work adventures and in Georgia with my family (trip recap coming soon!), I’m ready to have a little normalcy again. I’ve been on planes and in airports more than 10 times since mid-July, and I’ve spent many hours in the car — so as you can imagine, my own bed and couch are looking lovely right now.

Plane in the sky by A Lady Goes West

While I was supposed to be back to my routine last week from the outset, I changed the end of my family vacation to head to L.A. to work on another photo-shoot for my day job (read more about all that here), so I didn’t actually unpack my things and get back home until Tuesday night. As soon as my suitcases were empty, I put on yoga clothes and went to a late CorePower Yoga class for my first sweat session in a week, and it was glorious!

We have a lot of catching up to do around here, so let’s just jump right in. This past weekend was totally back to normal (how many times can I say normal in this post?), and I soaked it up. I was very happy to be home. It made me realize that I truly love where Dave and I live in Walnut Creek, and even though I miss City dwelling in San Francisco at times, our neighborhood is pretty awesome — thus, we spent most of our time there over the past couple of days. 

Shopping, eating and soaking up Saturday

Friday night included burgers at home, watching “Million Dollar Listing: Ryan’s Wedding,” some Arctic Zero for a healthy treat and an early bed-time. Then, after a couple weeks away from teaching, I was back on the microphone for a big BODYPUMP class early on Saturday morning. We filled up the rest of the day with errands and regular-old Saturday activities. 

It’s funny how you find enjoyment in little things like dropping your car off for a service appointment and having a free stretch of time when you’re used to being pretty booked. I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to have an open Saturday afternoon, and it’s a good feeling … In addition to taking poor Rudy to the groomer, where he had to get a buzz-cut to tame some of his tangles, Dave and I also walked around downtown Walnut Creek for shopping and lunch, and it was a beautiful day.

Speaking of which, for my fellow East Bay livers, if you haven’t been to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek lately, you’re missing out. There are so many new stores and restaurants, and all sorts of cute lounge areas. I can’t wait for the Lemonade and True Food Kitchen to open soon too. And on Saturday, we decided to dine al fresco at Boudin Bakery, and I had one delicious Asian chicken salad. Fun fact: You can always ask for avocado, even if it’s not called for on the dish. This was our second time at the new Boudin, having gone when my sweet Momma was visiting, and both times it’s been great.

Chicken salad from Boudin Bakery

From there, Dave and I each bought new sunglasses at Apex after trying on nearly every pair, then checked out the new Anthropologie store, which is huge and fabulous. 

That night, we walked to Parada for dinner, where we shared some spicy and tasty tapas. Funny thing: Parada is a Peruvian restaurant so they spell ceviche with a “b” as cebiche. And for a blurry selfie …

Ashley and Dave at Parada in Walnut Creek by A Lady Goes West

Nonetheless, the food was really good, and the small restaurant was bustling! We had tuna tartare, ahi tuna, cheesy potatoes and a stuffed avocado filled with beets, cheese and even chicken. Yummy stuff! It’s pretty standard for us to order a bunch of appetizers and skip the entree, and it always seems to be more than enough food. We opted to skip dessert, and instead had some treats at home. 

Tuna Tartare at Parada by A Lady Goes West

Potatoes and tuna cebiche at Parada in Walnut Creek by A Lady Goes West

Stuffed avocado at Parada by A Lady Goes West

Going to a 49ers game on Sunday

On Sunday, Dave and I went to a 49ers football game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, and this marked my first ever NFL experience and second time at the swanky new state-of-the-art stadium about 45 minutes from San Francisco.

We arrived about an hour before game-time, and the parking lots were already full with tons of tailgaters. We went straight inside for a little wine-tasting reception on the terrace of the building and then settled into some seats in a suite, which was a good way to take in a game. The weather was perfect, even though it seemed like it was about to rain before the game started. Check out our new sunglasses in action: his and hers.

Ashley and Dave at Levis Stadium

While the 49ers didn’t win, it was still enjoyable to chat with our fellow suite-mates, eat some tasty stadium food and watch all the goings-ons. As far as food goes, I went with a bun-less burger, salad, fruit and shrimp cocktail — all of which was just right and quite filling.

Food at Levis Stadium by A Lady Goes West

We left in the fourth quarter in order to beat the traffic, and were home to Rudy on the couch by 5 p.m. Overall, it was a great Sunday experience. I like that football is outside and offers that element of tailgating, but I think live basketball may be a little more entertaining to watch in person. Or maybe I’m just biased because we’re a Warriors family?

Ashley at Levis Stadium

And that’s the weekend report! I promise to come back for another post this week, because I’ve got some cool things coming up to talk about. Now for some fitness …

My weekly workout recap

Let’s take a look at all of the ways I got moving recently …

Weekly Workouts by A Lady Goes West

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: Took a one-hour CP2 yoga flow class at CorePower
  • Wednesday: Did 30 minutes of upper-body weights
  • Thursday: Did 30 minutes of lower-body weights
  • Friday: Took a one-hour CP2 yoga flow class at CorePower
  • Saturday: Taught a one-hour BODYPUMP class
  • Sunday: Rest day

Overview of the week

First and foremost, throughout all of my traveling the last couple of months, my workouts have definitely been less, and that’s okay — I’m fine with it. I’ve always done at least a couple though, and this week I was back into a good groove. The highlight of this week in fitness was most certainly going back to a hot and sweaty flow class at CorePower in Walnut Creek. I’ve got another free month from CPY to use and am hoping to make it twice a week for the next four weeks. It feels so good! Other than that, I picked up heavy things three times, which is always the goal. Overall, it was nice to be back into the gym and studio this past week. 

Have a great day, my friends. I’ll see you again soon! 

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Questions of the day

How was your weekend?

What are you most looking forward to this month?

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  1. I need that restaurant in my life! I want every single thing (minus the cheese, you know me, but everything else!). I’m not a big fan of football in person, but I love to tailgate and I don’t mind falling asleep to it on the couch ;D Have a great week, Ashley!

    1. Being a Florida girl, I LOVE to tailgate, but we didn’t get to do that for this game. But yes, I agree, that’s the best part. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your weekend was great, lady! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Going out to dinner and just ordering drinks and appetizers is one of my favorite things to do! That restaurant looks delicious! And OMG I need to catch up on Million Dollar Listing NY, I always forget how much I love that show, Ryan is hilarious.

    1. Hi Patricia! Yes, the wedding edition is definitely enjoyable to watch — we get to meet their families heheh. Hope your weekend was awesome, lady! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love to travel and explore although at the end of the day, there’s no place like home. Home is where the kitties or in your cases, the pooches are.

    I love doing tapas style dinner. You get to try a bunch of different things without feeling overstuffed.

    Welcome back.

  4. Looks and sounds like such a fun weekend! Very relaxed, but still some time outdoors, which is always lovely!

    I grew up attended live football and basketball games and absolutely LOVE both. But they’re definitely different experiences. And now I’ve married an ex-professional hockey player, bringing in a whole new element and sport to enjoy! Either way, I love the whole spirit of all of the games. : )

    Welcome back to some relaxing time at home!
    XO, Jessica

  5. Lemonade in WC?!?!?! Ive ALWAYS wanted to try it, SO exciting! Thanks for the great news ๐Ÿ™‚ Downtown is like a whole new world now, its so beautiful. Poor little Rudy, good thing its not that cold yet. He will have plenty of time to grow is locks back ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Monday my East Bay friend!

    1. WC is totally where it’s at these days heheh!! And we will have to get my Rudy a sweater if the temps drop aha! Hope you had a nice weekend!!

  6. Having a little stretch of free time is SUCH a blessing when you’ve been go go go. I’ve never been to an NFL game but having those suite seats must have been awesome! That’s the way to do it. I’m more of a football than a basketball girl myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

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