Branching out on the weekend in the City

I’ve been talking about food and fitness a lot over the past few days, so how about an informal post on some of the fun things that Dave and I have been up to lately?

But first: What does your average weekend look like?

Dave and I have a few things that always appear on our agenda:

On Friday evenings, I teach a BODYPUMP class, so when I come home just after 7 p.m. in my sweaty clothes, we walk somewhere casual to eat. I never shower or change beforehand, because I’m just too tired. This past Friday, we ended up at an alleyway restaurant near the Financial District called Belden Taverna, where we had a decent dinner outdoors sitting near a heater. The hostess gave me a blanket to stay warm, which was a nice touch, but the food was only so-so. A+ for the setting though.

On Saturday mornings, I teach a BODYATTACK class, so when I come home just before noon in my sweaty clothes, I make a smoothie, shower and lay around for a bit. Sometimes, we venture out. Sometimes, we lay around for a little longer until the night comes. This past Saturday afternoon, Dave and I walked down to check out the recently opened Nordstrom Rack in Union Square.

Nordstrom Rack

It was two floors, very busy and full of quality clothing and accessories. I haven’t shopped for normal clothes (i.e. anything not worn for working out) in a long time. I bought a dress, a blouse, a casual shirt and of course, one workout tank. And Dave bought some new pocket squares. What fun.

On Saturday evenings, we try a new restaurant, sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with others. This past Saturday, we branched a little bit. Not only did we head out for dinner way earlier than normal (we tend to make reservations for the 8 p.m. hour on Saturday nights), but we also hit up a cultural event. That’s right, dinner and a show. Dinner took place at a cool sushi place called Ryoku.

The setting was great, the food was yummy, and the prices were good too, which is rare in the City. I had a seaweed salad, a roll called the pokemon and some salmon sashimi.

Seaweed salad at Ryoku

Sashimi at Ryoku

Pokemon roll at Ryoku

And when I find a delicious new sushi restaurant, I always wear a smile on my face.

Ashley at Ryoku

After dinner, we walked just a couple of blocks to the Shelton Theater for a show.

When I was getting my hair done last weekend, my hairdresser recommended Noises Off, and then directed me to a discount website to purchase tickets called GoldStar. I signed up for GoldStar that night and reserved tickets for the 8 p.m. showing for the next week. If you’ve never checked out GoldStar, it serves cities across the country and has tons of deals.

While Dave wasn’t super excited about the play, he obliged. We like to take advantage of all the things you get to do in San Francisco, and independent theater is certainly one of those things.

Shelton Theater

The Shelton Theater is a little place in Union Square, which has two stages, seating about 60 people at a time. We sat about ten feet from the actors in this very intimate setting.

Shelton Theater StageNoises Off is a play-about-a-play, so the show was mostly about the personalities of actors, behind-the-scenes madness of live theater and a crazy foreign show director in the middle of it all. It was sort of funny, but not exactly laugh-out-loud hilarious as we had been expecting.

Yet a stop at the theater’s bar did make us chuckle a little bit more by the second act.

Shelton Theater Bar

What did we do after the show? Well, we ended up at The Cheesecake Factory.

Cheesecake Factory

That slice of Adam’s-Peanut-Butter-Fudge-Ripple-heaven was just for me. Not a bad cheat-meal closing to a fun Saturday night. But the weekend didn’t end there …

On Sundays, sometimes I work, sometimes I don’t. This past Sunday, I had to train a couple of clients, and then I welcomed Dave into the gym as my client. I loved training him and showing him around the place I spend so much time. He was a good sport, and based on my assessment of his movement screen, I even put together a little program for him to do in the gym at our apartment complex. 

Dave at Equinox

We had to take a selfie in the employee break-room to document the occasion. 

Once the workout was complete, we walked just down the street from the gym to Caffe Union, and I had this lovely salmon salad. Seafood every day of the weekend is always okay with me.

Caffe Union

After lunch, we went home to veg and relax before our normal Sunday taco ritual. Dave’s soreness from the workout was already setting in as he sliced and diced the veggies in the kitchen.

And there you have it. That’s a look at the usual and the new when it comes to weekends in San Francisco. There are always adventures to be had around these parts, so if you want to read more about San Francisco, check out my top posts on what to do in the City.

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Questions of the day

What is something that you do every weekend? Have you been to a good play lately? If so, which one?

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