Favorite things: Peanut butter giveaway, Poshmark service, chocolate and good reads

Oh hello there, end of the week. We meet again, and I like that! So this week has been pretty full. I had activities all day Tuesday through Thursday, which meant for busy times rushing around. But it was all good stuff. Once again though, this seemed like the longest week ever. As I was dropping Dave at the BART station on Wednesday morning I was convinced it was Friday. But it wasn’t. 

Anywho, this upcoming weekend includes a dinner date with friends at one of my favorite spots in Lafayette, teaching a BODYPUMP class, a hair appointment (time to get my keratin treatment redone), and that’s about it. Let’s get into the favorites and the GIVEAWAY!

Latest favorite things 

Favorite food: Adams Natural Peanut Butter GIVEAWAY!

A girl can never have too much nut butter, am I right? Good thing there are two nut-butter-eating people in my house, because our pantry has no less than eight jars, and we’re always buying more. Yes, eight jars. While people seem to always talk about almond butter (which I happen to love), there’s no denying that there is something so delicious, soothing and comforting about straight-up PB. I’ve been noshing on the good stuff lately, thanks to Adams Natural Peanut Butter. In honor of the brand’s 100th year, I’ve got a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a variety pack of nut butters, additional coupons and a local gift from the Pacific Northwest — the beautiful region where Adams calls home. (A place I have not explored and hope to soon — all that hiking and scenery — it speaks to me!)

Adam's Natural Peanut Butter by A Lady Goes West

What do you need to know about Adams Natural Peanut Butter? Most of the jars have ingredient labels like this: peanuts. Yes! A few of them also have a trace of salt. It’s natural, it’s tasty and it’s so versatile. It’s also gluten free and non-GMO, and one serving (two tablespoons) has eight grams of protein, which is a little more than your average nut butter. I’m totally a fan! Keep your eyes out for Adams on the shelves of your grocery store. Now enter to win by following instructions at the end of the post.

Favorite App: Poshmark

Was I living under a rock that I had not ever used Poshmark? This app is so useful for selling things in your closet that you don’t want any more, and I find that super fun. After talking to Jessica on our press trip to Tahoe about how successful she has been using Poshmark, I finally decided to give it a go just last week. I cleaned out my closet and drawers and filled a ton of bags for donation, but I also pulled out a few things like dresses and workout clothes with tags on them that deserved a chance to be sold. (Side note: I’ve sent a bunch of stuff to ThredUp before, but have never been too pleased with the amount of money I get back per item, although it’s certainly a simple and user friendly way to get rid of things.)

Poshmark profile by A Lady Goes West

So how does Poshmark work? It’s SO easy. Download the app. Register. Then use your phone to take a photo of the item you want to sell within the app. Fill out a few required categories, and instantly post the item for sale on the marketplace. People can like and comment on it, and if they buy it, you print out a pre-paid shipping label and pop the item in the mail. It took me about an hour to list a dozen items, and I’ve sold six things so far for almost $150 total, (with a 5-star rating for fast shipping, BTW). And if you know me, you know I LOVE to sell.

Apparently I listed a pair of Lululemon leggings for WAY less than I could have gotten for them, and the Poshmark community let me know that. Oh well — it was a lucky person who made that purchase! If you want to do some discounted shopping on gently used (or new) stuff, or if you want to sell things, check out Poshmark using my referral link! And check out my closet here, with new items being added every weekend when I have time to post. Also, you can get $5 off your first order with the code: GHFGF.

Favorite healthy treat: Turmeric Chocolate

I had seen the packaging for this next favorite in the Whole Foods check-out line quite a bit, but never got close enough to read the label. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find these chocolate Turmeric bites by Good Day Chocolate in my gift bag after last week’s Whole Foods Walnut Creek media preview. I opened the package and couldn’t believe the bites were bright yellow. I took a nibble, and WOW. So good!

Good Day Chocolate by A Lady Goes West

I go through turmeric super fast (I sprinkle it on my roasted veggies), and I happen to love the taste. But I also love the anti-inflammatory properties of the natural spice. And when mixed with dark chocolate, well, it’s a fantastic combination. You can feel good about eating a serving of these bites for not only a sweet bite, but also for the beneficial aspects of consuming turmeric. I’m so into turmeric I think I may write a whole post on it. Until then, try these little goodies! (I would LOVE to get my hands on this variety pack of Good Day products for other reasons — perhaps a stocking stuffer?)

Favorite recent reads: Food, Mindset and More

Did you miss the latest on A Lady Goes West

And more things worth reading …

  • Food: Have you ever had a sugar hangover? I have! Here’s a piece I wrote early in the week about How to cure it. “Wipe the Slate Clean: How to Cure Your Sugar Hangover
  • Blogging and Reading: Sunday mornings are some of the few times I have to sit around leisurely and read whatever I want online, and one of the ways I find good articles is by visiting a couple of bloggers’ sites who round up the best on the Internet from the week. Megan’s “Sunday Skinny” is always a good resource each week.
  • Mindset: You can change your brain no matter how old you are. “Your Brain is a Muscle You Can Strengthen.”
  • Health: We all know we have to eat healthy and move around, but here are other things you need to do. “Why Your Body Might be Holding onto Extra Weight.”
  • Music: This a fun rendition of a popular song I happen to love. Postmodern Jukebox is the best. Here’s “Closer.”

Giveaway time!

The prize: 4 jars of Adams Natural Peanut Butter (varied), coupons for jars and a special gift.

Rules: This giveaway is open to those who live in North America (not just the U.S.), and I will randomly select a winner from the comments on Thursday, November 10. 

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. You can enter a separate comment for each of the following actions, and each comment is an extra chance to win. If you don’t see the comment field, then click on the headline of this post to bring it up on the bottom of the screen.

  1. Leave a comment if you follow A Lady Goes West on Instagram.
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  4. Leave a comment if you Tweeted about the giveaway (Tweet below).
  5. Leave a comment telling me one thing you’re loving lately. 

Have a great day, friends! Make some healthy choices, but also have a little fun. 🙂 

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P.S. There are affiliate links in this post, and while Adam’s Natural Peanut Butter is offering the product for the giveaway, it is not sponsored. 

Questions of the day

What’s something you’ve been loving lately?

What’s one helpful app you’ve recently discovered?



  1. I have never heard of Adam’s peanut butter!! I can’t wait to try it. And Tumeric Chocolate- UHM- say what?! That sounds amazing.
    Loving lately: Wine… Oh wait that’s not just lately that’s all the time. Hmm I’ll go with Boom Chicka Pop Candy Corn Kettle Corn. EVERYONE, stop what you are doing, do yourself a favor, and get this goodness in a bag.

    App: Pantelligent ( https://www.pantelligent.com/ ). I got this as a gift today, and it’s insanely cool. It is an app that is somehow connected to this sensor in a cooking pan, and it tells you what temperature to set the pan to, when to flip, when to add ingredients, and if you need to turn up the heat or turn it down. Too good to be true, right?

    Have a lovely weekend! I do plan on making one of your classes! Do you do them every Saturday or just certain times during the month?! xo

    1. I do every Saturday for the rest of this month!! 🙂 Come tomorrow or next week?? And that app for cooking sounds amazing! Hope to meet you soon, gal!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has way too many nut butters in their pantry! I love having variety. And I did ThredUp and was really disappointed with the amount I got, so next closet clean out (which needs to be asap) I’m gonna give Postmark a try! Have a great weekend!

    1. You should totally try Poshmark, Patricia — already more profitable to me than ThredUp. And YAY for more PB. Have a fab day and weekend, pretty lady!

  3. I am loving my job lately as it has been very inspiring, rewarding, encouraging and I work with all fun and good people too!

  4. I LOVE Adams PB! It’s the only kind our family buys!
    I am loving the fact that I get to attend a women’s conference this wknd with my mom, MIL and 2 of my SIL’S! It’s going to be amazing!

  5. Oooooh, I need to download Poshmark! I’ve been needing to go through my closet and clean some things out. I recently heard about Offer Up, which is similar, but you can sell anything on there. I am thinking about selling one of my cameras on it. Have a great weekend, Ashley!

  6. I’m going to visit friends this weekend, and they’re having a baby shower brunch for me, so I’m really excited! That’s what I’m loving today 🙂

  7. Good Day chocolates are great! I’m not huge on milk chocolate in general, but I swear that the calm (L-theanine laced) and sleep (melatonin laced) ones actually help me relax and sleep. I don’t notice a difference in my energy with the energy ones, but I’m not that sensitive to caffeine.
    I need to look into Poshmark. ThredUp is easy, but I don’t see a lot of return from it, either. Thanks for the rec!

  8. I have never heard of that turmeric chocolate but would love to try it : )
    That PB looks gooood….thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Hey you! Thanks for the shout out. I’m so glad you like that post. It’s one of my favorite posts to write every week. There’s just something fun about sharing love with others. Now I’m off to check out Poshmark because I only have a thousand things in my closet to get rid. Ugh…the struggle is real!

  10. Yum! I’m always looking for new but butters!

    One thing I’m loving this week is that all of the holiday get togethers are starting. I have a Fall dinner party with some girlfriends this weekend (ladies night!) and it’s the first in a long list of gatherings!! 🙂

  11. I was just thinking about making peanut butter cookies when I saw this, I love Adam’s peanut butter it’s the one we have used for years.

  12. Does Rudy love PB too? My pup sure does haha!! I’m loving that it is finally cooling down and starting to feel like fall outside :).

  13. I have been loving seeing all of my favorite holiday teas back on shelves! I’ve also been loving all the nuts and nut butters… probably a little too much but I’m not stopping!!

  14. I’ve been loving peanut butter on my protein pancakes! And finally being able to tell everyone I’m pregnant 🙂

  15. I love peanut butter and eat it everyday, its great fuel for running long distances. I checked out the Adams website and found their ingredients lists very appealing…Peanuts!!

  16. As far as what I am loving lately, a non-food related item would have to be this weather. As a runner, I love the cool crisp mornings especially on the weekends when there are no cars on the road, just me and nature! Right now I’m post marathon training and not eating exactly the way I should be. With that said, I am loving my homemade chocolate chip cookies and homemade caramel corn (its so addicting)!

  17. Lately loving making different types of dips… Cauliflower hummus, artichoke dip, edamame miso. Great to have as a healthy snack for carrots, celery, and jicama, as a spread for wraps, or add a dollop to a Buddha bowl!

  18. I have a friend who just moved to the UK and I wanted to get her some GOOD peanut butter to send over there. I think I found it!

  19. 1 thing I’m loving lately: I just got home from NYC where I attended my cousin’s wedding and I loved every moment. I appreciated the time with my sister infinitely and really enjoyed NYC’s energy!

  20. My new love lately food wise is cauliflower rice from TJ”S. I would love to win the ADAMS PB to share with my Dad who at 92 years old still had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day.

    1. Ohhhh interesting — thanks for the tip on Mercari. I’ll have to check it out. I must say, selling is totally fun ahhah! Happy Monday, gal. Hope you have a good one!

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