Favorite things: Delicious fish, pink, red and heading off on an adventure

OMG. I have never posted that phrase to start a blog post, but it seems fitting. While I’ve got a few fun favorites for you today, here’s what is exciting me right now: My Mom arrived last night, and she is staying at our house while we go away and then will be here hanging out with us for a few more days when we get home. And tomorrow morning, Dave and I are heading off to Las Vegas to meet our best friends and spend five days together. We have a super cool agenda ahead, and I’ll be sharing all the action on Instagram and on Snapchat: aladygoeswest. Seems like I should drop the mic and end the post, but alas, it’s my weekly time to share a few things I’ve been loving. Shall we?

This week’s “Favorite things”  

My favorite meal of the week

If I had to choose one protein to eat at dinner regularly, it would be fish all the way. And did you know there is now a company that sends you high-quality fresh fish you can prepare at home? Yup. Daily Fresh Fish is a new online service from one of the largest and oldest San Francisco Bay Area seafood distributors, which ships out fresh sustainable fish directly to your door. Dave and I were lucky enough to pick out a few things to try from the site last week, and we went with the Chilean sea bass and the smoked salmon. While we had hoped for some fresh and tasty seafood to be delivered, we were beyond impressed with what showed up. It was so good. So so good.

Daily Fresh Fish sea bass dinner by A Lady Goes West

We ordered the fish on a Tuesday and it arrived on a Thursday evening in a refrigerated box. The next night, we cooked the Chilean sea bass on the grill (let’s be serious, Dave cooked it on the grill), and it was absolutely mouthwateringly delicious. It was fresh, light, fluffy and so flavorful without putting anything on it but a little bit of oil. You could tell the fish was as fresh as it gets.

I was so excited about the product that I knew I wanted to share about this company in case you’re in need of some seafood or are looking for a better option than your local grocer. There is a lot to choose from on the Daily Fresh Fish site ranging from exotic fish all the way to shrimp, stew and mussels. And because it’s from a distributor, you know it’s straight from the dock to your door.

Daily Fresh Fish sea bass filets by A Lady Goes West

What else to know? The packaging is recyclable, and shipping is available across the U.S. Here’s the deal: If you use the code 10FREESHIP on your first order over $30, you get $10 off and free shipping. Check out Daily Fresh Fish today. And thanks to the folks at DFF for sending some free fish our way. Much appreciated!

My favorite purchase of the week

You know one thing I do not like to do: Outlet shop. Not at all. When Dave was away this past weekend, and I had some time on my hands, I ventured out to the Livermore Outlets. By the way, for all my Bay Area friends, do you get annoyed that these outlets are called the San Francisco Premium Outlets, even though they are located like 50 minutes from the City? I do. Nonetheless, I went there on an incredible hot and busy weekend day, and it was as expected.

New pink Kate Spade wallet by A Lady Goes West

Pink Kate Spade wallet by A Lady Goes West

While I was on the hunt for fun Vegas dresses, I couldn’t find anything at all. But because I didn’t want to leave that experience empty handed, I decided to wait in line to be able to go into the Kate Spade Outlet. Yes, I had to wait in line just to go in because it was so busy. Once inside, I braved the crowds to grab this lovely pink wallet, and it was 80 percent off, which made it totally worth the wait. I had been using the same gold Michael Kors wallet since before I even married Dave and we lived in Orlando … so clearly it was time for an upgrade to a newer big-girl wallet. It’s been in use for a few days, and I’m enjoying it. But, of course, on day two of using it, I dropped it on the ground in the grocery store and something fell out. It seems unscathed. Whoops.

My favorite appointment of the week

So I took about five weeks off from getting gel manicures or putting anything other then a clear strengthener coat on my fingernails just to give them a chance to breathe. While my nails needed a break, that time off made this week’s pre-Vegas manicure even more magical. There’s just something about adding some spice to your hands and feet. I’ve been staring at my nails non-stop, because it feels so good to have them done again!

Red nails by A Lady Goes West

I really planned to branch out with color, but don’t you know I was there in the chair asking for red, as always. How about you? What’s your go-to color? 

My favorite fuzzy friend of all time

And before we finish up, here’s a nice picture of my little Rudy after he came home from the groomer this weekend. I mean, can you even? I bet you can’t.

Sweet Rudy the maltipoo by A Lady Goes West

My favorite links of the week

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  • TRAVEL: It’s been a year since Dave and I went to Hawaii for the first time. Memories from our trip right here, here, here and my Maui Travel Guide. Hoping to go back for more island time one day soon!
  • OLYMPICS: Did you know that Team USA athletes get money for winning medals in addition to the sponsorship money they make from brands? Pretty cool: “Olympic Winners Get Serious Profits.”
  • BUSINESS/SOCIAL MEDIA: There have been so many times that people have asked to pick my brain about blogging — asking for my advice on how they can start and grow a blog. That’s totally cool, and I always oblige, especially if it’s a friend interested in becoming a blogger or freelance writer. The more the merrier! But there have been a few times when I’ve gotten questions from other people (not friends) that have gone a little too far. I understand that this blogging/social media thing is still a little new for some – but it’s a real business, and there’s a fine line between helping others get in the game and someone straight up asking you for free work or your trade secrets. This article presents an interesting look at why you can’t just buy someone coffee and expect they’ll spill about how they do what they do: “Here’s What To Say When Someone Asks To ‘Pick Your Brain’ About Social Media Over Coffee.” 
  • LIFE: When you are on your deathbed, are you going to lay there and wish you had gone through life with six-pack abs and lived in a super big house with fancy things? No, not at all. For some perspective on what matters, check out this one from Mindbodygreen: “The Most Common Regret People Have At The End Of Life and How To Avoid It.”
  • FITNESS: Need any more evidence that you should pick up some weights? This article doesn’t talk about the aesthetics, but instead about how doing some resistance work throughout life will help you live a better life — like being able to carry heavy groceries in your house and taking care of yourself longer as you age before you need assistance from others. I know it can seem daunting to get started, but even a little bit each week will help: “How Weight Training Can Help Women Stay Strong.”

Make sure you stop by the old blog next week for something good. Hope your weekend is fabulous! 

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Questions of the day

Anything we should do or see or eat in Las Vegas?

QUICK POLL: Should I post videos on Snapchat or Instagram while I’m gone?   

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    1. Hi Courtney! My Mom says hi back! And hmmm, let me think. Your favorite is PINK? 🙂 I hope your weekend is lovely! Let me guess– a long OTF session, some shopping, errands, a long walk outside and ice cream? heheheh!!!

        1. REALLY??? Oh my gosh, I want to hear about this. So have any of these gone to second dates? It can be tough out there, girl. I hope you have fun on these dates, even if they don’t amount to much. 🙂 ehheheh!! Good luck!

  1. I dislike outlet shopping as well, I can never find what I’m looking for. I really only do it for workout clothes and the designer purses/wallets but never have any luck with other clothes. Have so much fun in Vegas, I just got used to Snapchat, then Instagram stories started. I can’t keep up, lol!

    1. That’s the thing — because I didn’t want to spend all day there, I didn’t even get any workout clothes, which is what I usually go after at the Nike and Under Armour outlets heheh. I can’t decide if I am going to abandon Snapchat for IG stories or not. hehehe It’s so much! Have a great weekend, lady! 🙂

  2. Have so much fun! Vegas is on my must-go list too! Ive heard the food and entertainment is awesome! Will you be seeing any shows?
    My go-to color is usually some kind of an oceany blue or a shade of purple!

  3. I hope you have a great time in Vegas! My family lives there, and we usually visit them once a year.

    If I had to pick a protein I think I would pick fish too. It’s such a treat for Colorado, land locked people. 🙂

    1. How cool your fam lives there! Although I bet they aren’t in the heart of the Strip where we will be much of the time. Have a great weekend, Emily. 🙂

  4. Ahhh, you have so many fun things to look forward to! I hope you have the best vaca and time with your mom upon your return. I’m loving that Kate Spade purchase and the gel manicure. Also, you’re right … I can’t with Rudy. So cute! Enjoy the weekend 🙂

  5. I’m heading to Seattle next month for a race and to outlet shop and I’m SO EXCITED! Haha. Love that wallet! And your nails! I finally branched out as well from light neutrals to something bolder and I love it.

  6. Viva Las Vegas! I have never been and have always wanted to go, mostly to eat and people watch 😀 People watching is a sport that I would medal in at the Olympics! Have so much fun!

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