Five healthy New Year’s resolutions you could be making this year

Happy 2017, my friends! How’s the year going for you so far? 

Dave and I had a really nice and social weekend, complete with a fairly low-key New Year’s Eve. The two of us had a four-course meal at Havana’s in Walnut Creek, and then I was asleep well before the ball dropped. Of course! On New Year’s Day, we went to a fun brunch at a friends’ house for a few hours, where we enjoyed champagne and tri-tip beef, then we did all the usual weekend stuff for the other days. I also cleaned our house and put away all the Christmas decor, so we’re starting 2017 fresh. Since we’ve been back from our trip to Florida, I’ve slept no less than eight hours a night, and it’s been magical.

So today, while we’re all motivated at the start of a new year, I wanted to do something different from the typical “resolutions.” Instead, I’m throwing out some ideas of things you could consider researching and focusing on this year that are proven to improve and nourish your mind and body. And none of them include committing to exercising every single day (because that’s not exactly a good idea at all, people) nor committing to lose weight. Let’s think outside of the box a little …

Five healthy New Year’s resolutions

Five healthy New Year's resolutions you could be making this year by A Lady Goes West

I’ve decided I’m not making any resolutions this year, instead, I’m going to try and experiment with some new healthy habits as additions to what I’m doing already and see where it takes me. So without further ado, a few ideas you may want to consider too …

1. Meditate daily

I can’t tell you how meditation will change your life, because I don’t do it, and I don’t really know. But I’d love to. Apparently taking a moment every morning to set an intention and express gratitude can really ground you and set you up for positive experiences throughout the day. That’s good stuff. Anyone I know who has a daily meditation practice claims that it is life-changing. Well, maybe we ought to join in on this free practice? Find a quiet spot, sit there, and give it a try. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. You can do a guided meditation by downloading a podcast or even follow a tutorial on meditation for beginner’s.

2. Keep a bullet journal

Have you heard of bullet journals? They are all the rage these days, in fact, there are even entire Pinterest boards devoted to the best ways to do them. I bought a beautiful hot pink planner/journal when I was with my Mom in Florida last week, and I have every intention of putting it to use as a bullet journal. People are obsessed with this method as a way to stay organized and even reflect on your accomplishments. Wonder if we will be too if we try? (Here’s a great explanatory article on why and how to start a bullet journal.) I haven’t started yet, because it seems a little confusing, but I’m hoping to figure it out soon.

3. Mindfully eat with no distractions

Okay, this may be the hardest one of the bunch for me personally. But when was the last time you sat in silence, without a computer, phone or TV and enjoyed your meal to the fullest? They say that eating and focusing on each bite is the best way to truly enjoy your food, discover new flavor profiles and achieve an amazing fullness, without ever eating too much. I guess you could also call it eating with intention. I like the sound of it. I typically eat all of my meals with some sort of technology, but am thinking maybe one a day without distractions would be a great place to start.

4. Fix your upper-body mobility

Can you take your right arm up and over your right shoulder behind you, then take your left arm behind your lower back and have your hands touch in the middle of your back? Not so much? Guess what? That means you have poor shoulder mobility, and the majority of us do. If you spend time each day opening up your shoulders with W to Y moves or shoulder dislocates (OMG, check out that link, because it’s an oldie but a goodie), you can free up some movement and mobility in your upper body and even improve your posture. It’s not sexy, nor all that fun, but it’s a way to start feel better, stronger and more efficient and even support your workouts. The better shoulder mobility you have, the better your pull-ups, push-ups and overhead pressing will be. Perhaps you can set a goal to do one mobility exercise for 10 reps every morning after you finish your meditation? 

5. Take on a service mindset

Most of the time, we’re worried about what’s in it for us. And that’s totally normal. But what if we approached more situations thinking only about how we could make things easier, better or more fulfilling for other people involved? I practice this when I teach group fitness classes, because I know I’m there to help participants get a great workout in, and it’s not about me at all. But I know in other parts of my life, I’m a bit more selfish. I want to work on it, and perhaps you do too. Maybe you can volunteer, help out a loved one more regularly or just be open to doing more for other people and not expecting anything in return. Pay it forward!

There you have it — just a few ideas to get your juices flowing! In 2017, I want to continue working on being present, being mindful, being grateful and appreciating, respecting and optimizing my health. And I think a few of these methods just may work to get me there.

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Questions of the day

Did you make any resolutions? What are they?

What’s one new thing you want to try this year for your health?



  1. The bullet journal one is something I really need to do. With only a few months left of school, trying to kickstart my practice and studying for my board exams, I feel like I have so much on my plate. Oh yeah, and I blog and freelance and teach spin. You know, just a few things on my plate which I’m sure you can relate to!

    1. You are a busy lady, Megan! And yet somehow, you manage to do it all and keep pumping out cool recipes! Keep it up, friend! 🙂 And HAPPY 2017!

  2. Love these, especially the last one. My husband and I talked about taking some of his high school kids and doing some volunteering this year. Other than that I have just set small goals for each month rather than doing resolutions. Happy New Year!

  3. I’ve never heard of a bullet journal, but this could be right up my alley. I will definitely check out the article you linked soon to figure it all out.

    Happy New Year, pretty lady!


  4. Man, I need that upper body mobility! And probably a bullet journal to track when I actually do it. Haha. Honestly, that bullet journal thing sounds interesting and slightly overwhelming. I do love a good planner and I do have notebooks scattered all over my desk though…….

  5. Hey girl, you’re speaking my language. You might have seen on my Insta that my exact goal/resolution is to meditate daily!

    Right now, I don’t do it regularly, but I can tell such a difference on those days where it’s a do. So I’ve downloaded headspace, which is packed full of awesome meditations – most that are 10 minutes long! I’m only two days in, and it’s difficult to get in the habit to be sure. But I’ll let you know if I notice a big difference – loving it so far!

    Happy 2017!
    XO, Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica! I’ve heard good things about headspace, so perhaps I’ll try that one too. I’m so glad meditating is working for you when you fit it in! Keep it up, lady!

  6. The only goal I have for myself is to get off these Diabetes meds that are controlling my life – and my wallet! I know there are aspects to the disease I can not control, but I’m going to do everything in my power to rid myself of these meds I’m currently taking!

    1. Hi Jen! Have you tried listening to The Model Health Show podcast I’ve talked about before? I feel like they’ve done an episode on how to move past your medicine. I’m sorry to hear it’s controlling you right now and wish you strength!!!

  7. I love these! A couple of weeks ago I went to a restaurant during my lunchbreak by myself and rather than take out my phone while I ate, I was just present. It ended up being really relaxing even though I was by myself! It just goes to show that my phone isnt always necessary…it’s okay to eat alone too!

  8. I love these ideas.. I recently turned off my internet at home and I am enjoying being more productive, organized and being present especially at meal time. I noticed I take time to prepare more involved meals now and enjoy everything so much more along with more sleep. It takes some getting used to, about 2 weeks of digital detox but now I feel more centered, relaxed and present for my life. if I need internet I stop into a coffee shop or a library for a hour a couple times a week. I also had my tv turned off and enjoy better productive evenings as a result.. it truly improves your life 350% to stop having a online life at home ! I love the idea of bullet journaling will try to add that to my journal routine for 2017. Happy new Year!

    1. Hi Laura! Wow, you are committed to being tech free. As a blogger, that wouldn’t work for me, but I can totally see the benefits for others. I love that you are feeling more present and enjoying your meals! Keep up the awesome work!! Oh and hey, doesn’t hurt that you are saving money too!

  9. I love how these are well thought out and simple; I would love to be more service/servant hearted this year too without thinking about what I can get out of it.

  10. These are such great goals! I’ve been toying with the bullet journal idea, but I feel like I’d spent more time than I should on making it look pretty! I love the suggestion to focus on upper body mobility. With starting a desk job mid-year, I can feel the effects of sitting most of the day. Upper and lower body mobility are on my list for 2017.

    1. I know! Desk sitting is the worst for the shoulders and posture. Good luck to you at working on it. I need it too! 🙂 Happy new year, Jen!

  11. Ohhh, good stuff! It’s so true about eating with no distractions. I can’t eat without typing or watching videos on my cell phone. I should add this in my year’s resolutions. Thanks for sharing.

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