Fourth of July greetings from the City

I hope this blog post finds you in a state of freedom. Perhaps you have the day off of work? Perhaps you have some exciting plans with family or friends?

Whatever it is you choose to do with this Fourth of July, I hope you smile, relax and take a moment to be thankful for everything good in your life …

Fourth of July in the City

With a nod to my regularly scheduled programming of “Friday Favorites,” I’d like to highlight one of my activities of choice, which is also the plan for the holiday.

Favorite way to spend a day

Today, Dave and I will be celebrating our nation’s birthday by hanging out with some of our old friends from Florida, (who arrived Wednesday night and are sitting on the couch with me right now), and some of our new friends from San Francisco. We’re all congregating for a splendid park day at our favorite spot in the City, Fort Mason, shown above. Park days are the best, and we like to take all of our visitors to this exact spot to experience it for themselves. I can’t think of much else I’d like to do more than lay back on the grass, people watch in the sun and sip on a tasty beverage with some of my favorite people.

I’ve been working really hard as of late and am definitely in need of a little freedom in my life today.

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Now be safe out there and have a little fun!

Questions of the day

How are you celebrating Fourth of July this year? Will you be watching fireworks? What’s your favorite way to spend a holiday?

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