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I’m excited and a little surprised by how popular these “What I Ate” posts are on the blog, so let’s do it again. This time, I’m highlighting my eats from Sunday, in which I trained two clients at Equinox and drove out to a big 24 Hour Fitness in Pleasanton for a group fitness instructor practice session. Most of my meals were eaten at home, which was a nice change of pace from my weekdays.

7:30 a.m. breakfast 

To start the day, I enjoyed my usual breakfast of overnight oats, topped with a huge banana and some sprinkled cinnamon. I also had green tea sweetened with almond milk and Stevia and some water in my trusty University of Florida tumbler. The banana was so big it nearly overtook the oats. I don’t know about you, but I like my bananas nice and ripe and look forward to a speckled-brown banana.

Breakfast overnight oats and tea

After breakfast, I set out on foot to Equinox for a short work session. I didn’t bring any food with me or have a morning snack, because I knew I’d be having lunch much earlier than normal. In fact, Dave picked me up from the gym as soon as I was done with my second client, so I could get home quickly, change, eat and head out again for my next to-do.

11:30 a.m. lunch

During my short time at home, I feasted on a baked sweet potato, slathered in almond butter and had a thick green smoothie on the side. The smoothie featured frozen spinach, frozen blueberries and almond milk, mixed up in my Nutribullet, which gave me some greens for a mid-day boost. (It looks a little dark in the picture, which may be from the ratio of blueberries to spinach.)

Unfortunately, I had to stuff this entire spread into my face pretty quickly with limited time. But it was a nice combination, and one that I actually had for lunch the day before on Saturday as well.

Lunch of SP and smoothie

Just like breakfast, the second I finished lunch, I ran out the door, hopped in the car and attempted to drive out of the city to Pleasanton. However, the annual SF Pride parade was taking place (an awesome event that Dave and I attended last year), so traffic was a nightmare and streets were closed. That meant I ended up arriving 30 minutes late to the practice session and missed the first part of the BODYATTACK portion. Darn.

4:15 p.m. post-workout recovery and snack

Before I left the house, I packed a protein shake, a sliced up Fuji apple and a bag of dry-roasted almonds to help me recover from the workout and keep me full until dinner. I consumed all of this in the car, while driving back home. Now that’s top-notch food photography and presentation, is it not?

Snack, apple, nuts, protein

7:30 p.m. dinner

Once I was home from my day of fitness-related activities, I had a bit more work to do on the computer, and lucky for me, that was okay, because Dave was in the kitchen preparing our usual Sunday night fare — Taco Night. After my work was complete, we turned on the “Ranchera” station on Pandora, opened a bottle of red wine, and sat down to this delicious meal of chicken tacos filled with peppers, guacamole and salsa with some black beans on the side. Dave usually makes some extras, and we had enough leftovers for me to repeat this same dinner on Monday night as well (sans the wine of course).

Taco Dinner

8 p.m. dessert

And a day is not complete without a little sweet. (That was a rhyme.) I had a glass of almond milk and a ProYo high-protein frozen yogurt to end the day. I received these treats from the company last week and love them. To find out more about ProYo, you can check out my most recent list of Friday Favorites. The chocolate flavor shown below was super rich and creamy. It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

ProYo and Milk dessert

Once that little spread was done, Dave and I turned on Netflix and got back to House of Cards Season 2. As usual, I fell asleep before it was over and was in bed just after 9 p.m. to get more than eight hours of sleep before my Monday began.

Even though it wasn’t a day of rest, it was a good Sunday, full of some colorful eats.

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I’m looking forward to the late-night arrival of Florida visitors tonight and only two more long work-days to go before Fourth of July!

Questions of the day

What’s your favorite dessert? How often do you get to have it? Are you watching any good shows lately?

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    1. Hi Liz, Thanks for stopping by. ProYo is delicious. I even ate one as a recovery from teaching a workout class, and it was just right. You can go to the ProYo website to find which stores near you carry them. Check them out! Protein is key.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for stopping by. Those are the authentic Mexican flour tortillas made by Mission. They are quite tasty. I love taco night!

    1. That’s the thing, I never DRIVE, since I walk everywhere, so it was very rare for me to eat in the car. But I used to have to do it when I lived in Florida and was rushing from one place to another. Taco night is awesome! It’s a great thing to look forward to every Sunday.

  1. Your Florida visitors are looking forward to it as well!

    Also, this is my first comment on your blog, even though I’ve been reading religiously since the beginning 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. You can’t go wrong with ice cream. Do you have a favorite brand? I’m a Ben n Jerry’s girl all the way!

  2. That pro yo looks awesome!!! Smart move on that company’s part to get in on the protein craze in fro yo 😉

    Was it a practice for the upcoming launch? We have our practice sesh next weekend. hugs!

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