Friday Favorites: Events, bags, beauty and more

In year’s past, I would have a costume on-the-ready and be super excited about the shenanigans of the Halloween weekend. Not so much this year, in fact, for the first time in months, Dave and I actually have zero plans for the weekend. Well, scratch that, there are some big things going on over here at A Lady Goes West over the next couple-of-days.

When you come back to visit the site on Monday, you’ll see that things will look a bit different, because I’ve got some changes coming your way. And my wonderful designer (who you’ll hear more about soon) is doing the majority of the change-over on Saturday morning. Get excited for some new features and a new look and feel along with the usual daily chatter and posts. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Now let’s get on to the favorites …

This week’s finds for “Friday Favorites” 

As you know, Fridays are the right time to step back from hearty content and keep it light with a random selection of things making my happy …

My favorite event of the week

If you didn’t see the dozen times so far that I’ve mentioned how fun it was to put together and host an event for bloggers last weekend, I figured I’d hit you with it one more time. In fact, I wish I had another event on the calendar for this weekend, because I enjoyed it so much …

Bay Area Blogger Meet and Sweat event via A Lady Goes WestThose Fabletics leggings (<<—referral link!!)? Don’t stare too long or you’ll get dizzy.

In addition to how much I loved hanging out with some of my favorite local San Francisco bloggers, I was also very happy to meet new bloggers, who live close to me in the East Bay. I see some lunch-dates in the near future. By the way, it was icing on the cake to hear from many of the ladies that they were super sore from the Orangetheory Fitness workout I put them through — I get pleasure from that. Seriously, I’m already planning the next “Bay Area Blogger Meet and Sweat.”

My favorite new beauty tool of the week

Ladies (or gentlemen, of course), how long have you been using your straightener or blow-dryer? A long time? I had my last straightener for two years and was starting to notice it was tugging at my hair, which isn’t good at all. Rather than wait around too long for it to either (A) die or (B) cause any damage to my poor hair, I did some research on the best type of straighteners for fine hair and came up with this beauty as a replacement …

HSI flat iron via A Lady Goes WestHSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron and a shiny red bag.

This has to be the fanciest straightener I’ve ever had, because it came with a glove and a little bag for storage — yet it was actually quite reasonably priced. I’ve used it all week and love that it has plenty of heat settings, so I don’t always have to blast my hair with full heat when it doesn’t need it. Totally a fan! If you’re in the market for a new styling tool, I’d highly recommend this one.

My favorite new accessory of the week

When I lived in downtown San Francisco and got everywhere on foot, a backpack was an absolutely essential item. No matter your age or social status, in the City, many people wear backpacks for all of their daily needs — you just want your hands to be free. That being said, I stopped using backpacks when we moved to the ‘burbs, because I always had a tote bag sitting next to me in the car and didn’t really need the efficiency of it. But this new little number has me changing my tone …

Herschel backpack via A Lady Goes WestNavy and plain on the outside, red stripes and fancy on the inside. Loving this backpack — totally unisex too.

If you’ve never heard of Herschel Supply Company backpacks before, they are simple, sleek and pretty popular on the streets of the Bay Area. I got this bag as a little thank-you for my role as a Naked Juice Ambassador, and I was so excited to see it arrive at my doorstep. Gift idea for your casual friend or family member? Yes, please. 

My favorite links of the week

Did you miss some of the good stuff on A Lady Goes West this week? Here’s what happened …

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend my, friends. Eat plenty of candy (and drink a lot of water too!)

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Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

What’s something fun you’ve been loving lately?

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  1. Can’t wait to see what new changes are in store! Alex wants us to go to a Halloween party hosted by friends, I want to be lame. If we didn’t have to dress up and buy things, I would totally go, but I don’t want to deal with a costume!

  2. I grabbed some cat ears and a tail yesterday to wear to the gym Saturday morning for a Halloween themed workout I’m teaching. Otherwise I would have no costume and no desire to get one. Not a big Halloween fan over here for some reason. But of course, my son is! So we’re doing all things Halloween this weekend :-/

    1. Hey Giselle, at least you’re getting into the Halloween spirit for your son and for your members. πŸ™‚ Good work! Enjoy the weekend, lady!

  3. That backpack is totally cute!! That would make such a great hiking backpack. Mostly because I could pass it off to my husband to carry and he couldnt complain about it being “girlie” πŸ˜‰

  4. Super excited to see your site redesign, Ashley! I’ve been thinking about getting one done for Spoons for a while now, but I keep putting it off because I don’t know exactly what I want done with it. And no Halloween plans for me this weekend. Just watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and handing out candy if I get any kids!

    1. Hi Amanda! I’ve always lived in City apartments until this year, so I’m actually really hoping we get some little kiddos at the door! Have a wonderful weekend, lady! πŸ™‚

  5. Tgif! The backpack is adorable!

    We’re doing a Halloween Combat/Attack class tomorrow so I have a batman shirt and tutu to wear while teaching.

    Important question- are you dressing up Rudy?

    1. AHHHH GEN! I actually wish I was teaching tomorrow so I could wear a costume, but I’m not. And Dave doesn’t want to dress up Rudy. But if I have my way …. stayed tuned to IG for that. hahaha Have a GREAT set of classes in your TUTU! πŸ™‚ (Chafing? Hope not hahahh!)

    1. Sure is, Erin. I hadn’t used a backpack for years until I needed one in SF. It’s pretty convenient. Thanks for saying hi, new friend!! Hope you have a great weekend!! ?

  6. While I’ve never been a big backpack wearer – except on our day- and weekend-long hikes – that lining is adorable. And you’re right, the classic colors make it look a lot more day-wear than elementary school!

    Thanks for sharing – excited to check out your updates next week. EEK! πŸ™‚

  7. In college, I would plan my Halloween costumes like a year in advance (so ridiculous). Now I’m super lazy about it! But miss Charlotte is going to be a ladybug. Should be pretty cute! πŸ™‚

  8. Girl I am right there with you for not wanting to dress up, I feel like I have zero energy to care about halloween this year . Usually I’m always up for a fun costume, but I think this year I’m just dare I say over it???? We are taking Sully over to my parents dressed as a little turtle but really it’s so we can max out on the candy !! lol….can’t stop and won’t stop eating those dang mini chocolate bars…

    Last night my best friend and I went to try on her wedding dress, and I helped her choose her bridesmaids colours and that ended in halloween candy eating and winneeeeee lol…..

  9. I have fine hair too so I saved the flat iron to my Amazon Wish List, maybe a Xmas gift for myself πŸ˜‰ And since it’s Sunday I think I have noticed a few blog changes, loving the larger font, I feel so old saying that, but it’s seriously so much easier to read, lol! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  10. Ever since we had kids we do a family costume, it was so much fun. We dressed up as the crew from Star wars. I of course was Princess Leia, hubby was Han Solo, Mini #1 Darth Vader and Mini #2 Stormtrooper, it was a lot of fun πŸ™‚ Ohhh, so excited to see this rec for a straightener!! Mine broke recently and I’ve been putting off getting a new one because they are all so freaking expensive! Thanks for the recommendation!

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