Friday Favorites: Party hosting and froyo

I don’t know about you, but my next meal is always on my mind. My workdays are so busy lately that I have to rush through every single bite between clients, but I still love to sit down and savor good and healthy food when I can. And if there’s one thing I love more than a long tasty meal, it’s enjoying scrumptious finger foods while socializing.

Today’s Friday Favorites is basically about food, but it’s also about the presentation of food.

Favorite: Party hosting

Last Saturday, Dave and I invited another couple over for a wine and cheese night in our tiny apartment. Not only was it fun to catch up with them (these are the same friends who went on our crazy Sonoma chauffeured adventure back in December), but it was also fun to prepare for guests and celebrate their recent engagement.

We set out cheese and mixed crackers, fancy meats, shrimp cocktail (my personal favorite), chips and Dave’s delicious homemade guacamole and some mini Spanakopita bites from Trader Joe’s, which didn’t make the picture below.

Party foods

Over the course of the night, we finished off a few bottles of red wine, some Prosecco (for the congratulatory toast, of course) and the entire spread of food between the four of us. We laughed, we played a charade-like game called “Celebrity” and had a fabulous time.

Party pictures

We don’t have people over very often. In fact, it seems like we’re much more inclined to meet friends out at restaurants and other places in San Francisco rather than congregate at someone’s home, so it was nice to sit back on the couch with no shoes and hang out with friends.

Another great thing about having people over, is pulling out all our nice serving trays and accessories we received for our wedding more than two years ago, i.e. the food presentation. I knew that we’d need it all one day.

What else do I love that is food related? New and healthy treats …

Favorite: New healthy protein treat

The folks at ProYo reached out to me and offered to drop off a sample of their new product gratis (how sweet), ProYo Frozen Yogurt. I was amenable, because I love new and healthy things, and I liked the idea of the treat.

What is ProYo you ask? It’s high-protein frozen yogurt. Think frozen yogurt in push-pop form. It tastes like a thick and delicious dessert, but it’s packed full of 20 grams of protein and only has 160 calories. It’s also pretty natural and GMO-free and gluten-free. I tried my first one, (banana vanilla flavor), as my post workout recovery after teaching a BODYATTACK class. Honestly, it was incredibly good and creamy. The flavor and the texture. In fact, I didn’t want it to end. I could see eating these as a real dessert, in addition to a protein treat.

You can buy ProYo at Whole Foods and other natural food stores allover. For a list of where you can go to try the product, visit the ProYo site.

ProYo frozen yogurt

I’ve got a couple more flavors to try, and will then use the coupon the company gave me to get more. I could totally see adding these into my treat rotation.

And don’t you just love the name? So clever. That’s good presentation right there.

Alright, folks. Another Friday, full of some light ramblings showcasing a few of my favorite things.

This weekend, I’m teaching a couple of group fitness classes and working, but Dave and I are still making time for a fun outing on Saturday night. Now go off and enjoy your day!

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Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

Are you a froyo fan? What are some good party games you’ve played lately?

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  1. I love how the Proyo comes in a convenient shooter pack. No spoon required!

    We need to have “fancy” parties more often. Normally when we entertain it’s just our good neighbor friends and we eat out of take-out boxes. This inspires me to class up our next dinner party a bit!

  2. We love having people over too. We’ve done a lot more of it since Hunter was born. It’s easy to be able to be in the comfort of our own home with him so he has his own toys and area to play. It’s also nice because we can put him to bed and then still have a few hours of the evening left with our friends.

    Those ProYo snacks look pretty tasty! The high protein ice cream thing seems to be getting big. I keep hearing of more new companies with high protein ice cream. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for these!

    1. Yes, we used to have big parties all the time when we lived in Florida and had more space. Parties have to be much smaller now in the city apartment. Hanging out at home is quite fun!

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