Here’s everything I ate on a normal weekday

Real pictures of real meals, taken right before eating …

Without a doubt, “What I Ate Wednesday” posts are some of the most requested on the blog. Even though I post pictures of my lunches quite often on social media, I haven’t recapped a full day of eats on the blog since this one, shortly after Brady was born. 

It’s not as easy for me to capture my meals these days with Brady being quite an active little guy. While I try to take a minute to snap a nice photo of my lunch at least a few times a week when the daylight is perfect in my kitchen, the rest of the day, I’m eating in a rush and don’t take the time to make my snacks or meals look nice enough to share. Like at all. Sometimes my meals are straight-up ugly. But, I can assure you that they are always tasty!

The following line-up of meals is going to a be a mixture of decent pictures and pretty bad ones. No judgment zone here, okay? This is everything I ate on Wednesday of last week — making it an official “What I Ate Wednesday.” Enjoy …

Everything I ate on a normal weekday

Breakfast at 8:30 a.m.

What I ate -- overnight oats and collagen tea by A Lady Goes West

Overnight oats and collagen tea

I’ve been on a cold overnight oats kick lately and have been making a few batches at a time to store in the fridge. In the morning, I pull out a batch, let it sit for about 10 minutes to warm up a bit, top it with a banana and nut butter and enjoy.

There’s a LOT in this bowl: gluten-free oats, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, maca powder, cacao nibs, sea salt, coconut milk and a slab of almond butter. And let’s not forget the banana. It’s such a filling meal, with tons of nutrients. I use about 1/2 cup of oats and about a teaspoon of everything else, with just enough milk to coat it all — my recipe is very loose and slightly different every time, and it always ends up tasting great.

In addition to the hearty oats, I also had one of my new obsessions — a collagen golden milk tea latte — consisting of a green tea bag, stevia, local raw honey, turmeric, coconut milk and some collagen peptides. It’s my favorite hot beverage right now, and I look forward to it each morning.

Fun fact for you: Overnight oats are a great breakfast to bring on the go, if you tend to eat breakfast after you already get to work. It travels well, and I have even taken it on planes (just make sure it’s not too runny or the TSA may question you).

Post-workout at 11 a.m.

What I ate -- protein shake by A Lady Goes West

Protein shake

Some days I have a mid-morning snack, some days I don’t. On this day, because I had breakfast a little later and then had a protein shake after my 25-minute full-body resistance workout at the gym, I skipped the snack. 

This shake consists of one big scoop of chocolate Vega plant-based protein powder, and it’s the clean performance version with BCAAs, which has 25 grams of protein and all sorts of helpful recovery properties for the muscles. It’s becoming my favorite protein powder right now, by the way.

Fun fact for you: I put my protein shake in the freezer about 90 minutes before I go to the gym. Then, I take it with me, and by the time my workout is done, the shake is the perfect slushy consistency and stays cold in my car. Love that!

Lunch at 1 p.m.

What I ate -- healthy veggie burger lunch by A Lady Goes West

Veggie burger, eggs, greens, avocado and sauerkraut

This is a pretty standard lunch for me these days, and I often rotate these foods in and out in different combinations. The only item on the plate that took any time at all to prepare was the high-protein Trader Joe’s veggie burger, which had to cook for 20 minutes in the oven. 

There’s also a bed of greens, which I sautéed in coconut oil, two slightly runny eggs, a whole avocado, sauerkraut and some salsa on top of the veggie burger — also some turmeric and sea salt sprinkled across everything as well. This lunch is so filling and has a ton of textures — just how I like it.

Fun fact for you: While this meal isn’t one that you could bring on the go or have stored in your lunch box, you could do a version of it, if you used hardboiled eggs and reheated the veggie burger in the microwave. Avocados, hardboiled eggs and sauerkraut used to be one of my go-to lunches that I ate while in a corporate job. They go together very well, especially if you add some green salsa.

Lunch was followed by a sweet bite …

What I ate -- sweet date bite by A Lady Goes West

Almond-covered date

Because who doesn’t need a little post-lunch dessert? I certainly do. I even bring a little baggie with these dates with me when we go out to lunch on the weekends, because I’m that into them. 

Afternoon snack at 5 p.m.

What I ate -- collagen tea and larabar A Lady Goes West

Larabar and collagen tea

Yes, some people are already thinking about dinner when I’m having a snack, I know this to be true. However, Dave and I have always eaten dinner really late, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. In fact, eating dinner late is one of the many “healthy living” rules that I don’t follow, and I’m still alive and kicking! 

Sometimes I throw an extra slab of almond butter on my Larabar, and sometimes I eat it as is. Because I had another collagen tea (which has protein and calories and is filling), I just ate the bar as is. What’s in the tea? A green tea bag, stevia, collagen peptides, coconut milk and cinnamon.

Fun fact for you: Do you really need an afternoon snack? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I ALWAYS eat one, but that’s because I eat dinner late. If you are feeling a slump coming on in the afternoon and are reaching for a snack to cure it, there’s a chance you just need some more water or a walk. Food for thought!

Dinner at 8:45 p.m.

(Please excuse the photo.)

What I ate -- big veggie dinner A Lady Goes West

Veggie burger, butternut squash fries, cauliflower rice, avocado, eggs and sauerkraut

Here’s where the pictures get cringe-worthy. In fact, this picture almost made me skip doing this post, because it’s just so bad. But hey, I promised to share real meals, and this is real — taken in the kitchen under some lovely overhead lights.

Dave and I used to eat totally different things for dinner (mostly when I ate lentil pasta every single night and he didn’t want that), but now we’re back to eating similar things — and will usually split the veggies and sides each night. This is a typical dinner lately, and I’m starting to think I need a bigger plate to fit it all.

This is a Hilary’s Eat Well veggie burger topped with green salsa, some roasted butternut squash fries cooked in coconut oil and turmeric, some cauliflower rice cooked in coconut oil and turmeric, sauerkraut (which comes pre-made in a tub from Trader Joe’s), half of an avocado (Dave had the other half) and two slightly runny eggs. I like to mix this all together and eat big combo bites. So good, so filling, so colorful and so full of healthy ingredients.

Fun fact for you: You don’t have to “cook” big elaborate meals to be satisfied. I’m more of a meal assembler, and I’m always totally satisfied after putting together a bunch of things with flavor like this dinner shown here.

And after dinner, I had another sweet bite … well, I actually had two almond-covered dates after dinner, but didn’t bother with another picture of them. 

What I ate -- sweet date bite by A Lady Goes West

Almond-covered date

And that’s a full day of eats. It’s pretty normal for a weekday for me, with my weekend eating including more bread, wine, dessert and … pizza!

As a reminder, because I know I’ll get asked: I don’t count calories or macronutrients or carbs. What I do is make sure that I have fat, protein and carbs in every meal, and that I’m eating mostly unprocessed foods and lots of produce. My meals work for me and make me feel great. And I encourage you to try new things until you find what makes you feel great too.

Hope you’re having a fabulous day, my friends! Happy eating!

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Questions of the day

What’s your favorite meal of the day? (Mine used to be breakfast, but now is lunch.)

What time do you eat dinner? 

Would you call yourself a chef or a meal assembler like me?



  1. I eat dinner at 6. I could see yours changing when Brady is old enough to actually eat dinner. It’s always helped my kids to eat their food when they see us eat the same thing as them. It’s just nice to eat as a family 🙂 But, I totally get eating late after he goes to bed now because hello it’s way easier and nicer to eat a warm meal! haha I typically eat a snack in the afternoon but not the morning. I think of you every time I pack my lunch for work and it’s so cold because you eat all the warm things, haha!

    1. Hi Heather! hahaha! I do eat all the warm things — and I didn’t used to, but I like that I usually get to do that now. As far as dinner time — perhaps we will move it up a bit, but Dave is never home from work until later any how, so perhaps it would just be me eating with Brady hehe. But I could totally see it being great for Brady to see me eating what I want him to eat! 🙂

  2. I’m definitely more of a meal assembler; I’ve got a 3 year old and work full time so try to prep some things on the weekend to throw together with some easy additions during the week. I’ve seen those almond covered dates at the store and have been curious, I may need to check them out!

    1. Hi Erin! The almond-covered dates are from Medjool Delight and they are in the produce section (where you saw them), and they are a pricey addiction haaha. A box costs around $6-7 and we get two boxes a week! 🙂 But they are a great healthy treat! And you sure do have your hands full, Erin, so I can see meal assembling being key for you, momma! Thanks for saying hi!

  3. I love your WIAW posts! And your “ugly” picture is how all of mine always look! I need to get some backdrops and better lighting if I want to step up my blogging and Instagram games. And I do.

    So, I still haven’t tried overnight oats. I guess I can’t wrap my brain around how easy it is! Do you really just mix RAW oats with all that stuff and the next morning they aren’t raw flakes anymore? I’m pretty sure mine would always involve chia seeds, almond butter and banana slices. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday, pretty lady!

    1. Hi Courtney! I think you probably eat dinner early enough to still get a good shot of your meal with natural lighting, right? That’s awesome! Natural light is totally the key to good photos, but that’s not always achievable in an office setting or at a restaurant either. I totally get it!! And taking photos is the hardest part of blogging for sure! As far as overnight oats — YES — the milk soaks into the oats to “cook” them in the fridge, it’s really quite awesome. And could you imagine making them in a slightly empty almond butter jar? It’s divine! You totally need to try it one day! 🙂 You could even add dairy-free yogurt to the mix! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Hi Emily! I grew up eating dinner later too, so it’s just always been my thing heheh! But you keep up with your healthy earlier dinner habit! Love that! Happy Wednesday, lady!

  4. Ashley,

    I love these posts as well! It is always awesome to get new meal ideas. I love you and your blog and hope I can meet you one day! xoxoxo

  5. I love meal prepping on the weekend cooking chicken and veggies to have in the fridge and then on a weeknight when I get home from work, just assembling a meal. I have always loved breakfast the most and love eating a huge breakfast and snacking all morning. I like a lighter dinner and usually eat between 5:30/6ish. When I was in school and my mom stayed at home, she would have dinner ready for me at 4:30 because I was always so hungry after school and if I didn’t have dinner then I could eat an entire bag of goldfish crackers ruining my appetite, so I have always eaten dinner on the earlier side. I’m usually laying in bed by the time you have dinner lol. A few days a week I get up at 4:45am to go to the gym so I like getting into bed and reading by 9pm to get tired.

    1. Hi Alicia! Love that you meal prep all that food to eat during the week. That’s a great habit to have, as well as eating early. Keep it up! 🙂

  6. Just came across your blog, and I love it! Our eating styles are super similar 🙂
    I def prefer a later dinner; otherwise I’m super snacky before bed.
    LOVE assembling random things together to make a meal, but I also do enjoy cooking something cohesive.
    Fave meal is def breakfast. I just love the slowness of it; it’s sort of like the calm before starting a full day.

  7. No worries about the dinner photo, we too eat dinner late and I’m always bummed I can’t get a good shot of my plate. And yes to an afternoon snack at 5, I have something everyday when I get home from work around that time and then dinner is usually between 7:30 and 8:00. I actually like eating late because it keeps me from eating too much dessert, lol.

    1. ahahha thanks, friend! It hurts me a little inside to post such an ugly pic, but sometimes you’ve got to keep it real. The post-work afternoon snack is a MUST in my book too! 🙂 Happy eating, lady!

  8. I literally just complained to my coworker, “why should I clean the kitchen! I don’t cook; I throw food in a bowl or roast something foregable in the oven and then clean my ONE pan!”

    I don’t like cooking, but I do enjoy eating. I think Brunch is my favorite meal 😉

    I tend to eat late, because I teach after working 9-5. Dinner is usually at 8. Last night, I ate at 9:30! I know, it is not healthy to eat that late. But, I was hungry!

    Thank you for posting. Your lunch and dinner gave me inspiration. Now, I mmust go buy those veggie burgers.

    1. Hi Randee! I have definitely eaten dinner after 9 p.m. a LOT before — in fact, it’s not far off from my usual time, and if your body is used to it, I don’t think it’s that bad! 🙂 Yayyyy for veggie burgers! I love them and hope you find some that you love too.

  9. This is such an inspiring post. Your meals are so creative, varied, and so chalk full of awesome nutrition. You’ve reminded me how much I love the egg, avocado and sauerkraut combination, and how I now have a hugggeee craving to get back to it. Thank you for sharing your day of eats! I want to go out and get a bunch of good things now.

    1. Hi Cora! Eggs, avo and sauerkraut is sooo good! It sounds weird, but I’m glad you like it too. And I tend to eat the same things, do I don’t have to buy a TON of stuff … sometimes I think simple is better! Happy eating, lady! 🙂

  10. ummm dessert is life. I used to be a breakfast person too but now I usually intermittent fast or eat something small in the morning and dinner is my favorite! we eat dinner early now around 4-5 and then usually have a snack before bed!

    1. Hi Britt! Dessert sure is life, and I could eat a big dessert every single day … although I don’t. You are good to eat a big dinner so early, but I just can’t do it hahah! Happy momming, lady!

  11. I used to eat dinner at the same time or later as both my husband and I worked evenings (me in teaching and serving) so even when off work 8/9ish felt more like dinner time! But now I’m home with the baby and UP with her so I’ve gotten used to eating much earlier. I cook while she’s awake so as not to wake her later haha. Usually around 6 maybe 7. And then she’s in bed at 8. Does your husband eat the same dinner? Mine would never go for that haha so if I want my sweet potato with eggs that lunch and then we do a more traditional dinner, chicken or fish with rice or pasta etc and salad. Also the dates are so yummy I love the pumpkin spice ones they have in the fall :))

    1. Hi Rose! Actually yes — he does eat veggie burgers, avocado and veggies with me on some nights — on other nights we do burgers, steak, pizza, etc. heeheh — I think he deals with the weird combos because it’s just easy hehehe! 🙂

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