Jobs and buckets

Listen to this deal …

Someone is supposed to find me the perfect job, which I am totally qualified for, arrange an interview, and then give me a call.  I don’t even have to pay them.

Apparently that’s how professional recruiters work here in San Francisco.  There are so many thriving companies looking for talent, that recruiting agencies are necessary to match people to the right roles.  These agencies get the best open roles from their client companies and continually search for good candidates to fill them.

I submitted my resume to one such agency and was called in yesterday for an interview.  I’ve never used a recruiter and was not quite sure how the arrangement would work.

The associate I met with informed me that when her firm’s clients come to her with an open position, she likes to make suggestions from people that she has met with in person and can highly recommend.  I was called in so that I could be placed in the communications/writing/editorial-hiring bucket so that once the right job comes along, I can be suggested.

While this meeting was less than half-an-hour long, it was very beneficial for this new girl in town.  I learned a bit more about the local industry and how the job market is really quite bustling.  I was also reassured that my resume is stellar (featuring communications roles at big-name companies like Disney and Starwood) and that I had plenty of experience to be asking for the salary requirements I suggested.  The recruiter also went through my LinkedIn profile and said it was prepared just right.  Although she didn’t have any openings in my field at this time, she told me to continue to reach out to people through LinkedIn and check in with her periodically to see if any roles have come her way.

I walked out of this short meeting without a job, without a lead, but with a more informed outlook and set of expectations.

Recruiting agencies and head hunters are certainly not a new thing, but they are new to me.  In Orlando I know several people in the financial field that worked with recruiters to find placements at companies, but not in the communications field.  It’s still up to me to continue to market myself, apply for jobs, and present myself well in interviews, but it’s nice to know that I’m now in at least one hiring bucket.

I’d say I’ve moved this job hunt up to the front burner.

On my short walk back home I passed through a courtyard on Mission Street that is quite interesting.  In fact, I turn through this area most days instead of going to the street corner so that I can enjoy it.  The large, blue, cube building on its side is the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the building on the right is an old church.  Together they provide a nice architectural diversion on foot.

Interesting courtyard, where you can walk between a museum and a church.
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