My five favorite things I’ve bought for our new house

We’re talking home design today! Now, I am totally not a pro in this area, but I know what I like, and I do my best to create our spaces in ways that work for us. We’ve been in our house in Charlotte for almost six months, and it’s really coming together. Although we’re still waiting on our dining room table that we ordered back in April, so we do have some empty spaces still.

I’ve been holding off on sharing too many pictures of our house until it was more complete. But I feel like I’ll never think it’s complete, so let’s start sharing. I took my time ordering things, and we brought a little bit over from our California house too. I wouldn’t exactly say our style has a name, but Dave thinks it’s traditional coastal, so we’ll go with that. What I’m sharing today are my favorite things in our house so far. 

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My five favorite things I’ve bought for our new house

My five favorite things I've bought for our new house by A Lady Goes West

Faux fiddle leaf fig plants in pots

I knew I wanted a lot of large plants in our house, but I also knew I didn’t want to invest in real plants again. We had all real plants at our house in California, and I often thought of those plants as just one more thing I needed to care for. Right now, we have two small live plants in our kitchen (an orchid and a succulent), and that is plenty for now. But, we do have three large faux plants, and they make me so happy. Something about a large green element just makes a room more homey. It pops, if you will.

We have two of these faux fiddle leaf fig plants bookending our entertainment center in our family room. And I found these pots for them. We started with one plant, and I told Dave I really wanted a second, and when it arrived I put it elsewhere. Dave was the one who said we should put them both by the TV. That symmetry though — it gives me good vibes. We invested in these trees with hopes they last a long, long time with us.

We also have this faux money tree plant in our entryway, and it’s beautiful too.

Decorative coffee table books all over the house

Okay, okay, are books really worth sharing about? The answer is yes. I have always loved the look of hard-bound flip-worthy books on coffee tables, and we’ve had that before to a degree. But in our new house, I wanted to put books throughout. 

Home Body book by A Lady Goes West

I’ve found all of our design books at HomeGoods, and we have a lot of them. They have great pictures, and if you need some to peruse, they’re there for you. They make such an easy way to decorate a table or shelf too, and I even have some under candles.

Dream Homes book by A Lady Goes West

Glamour book by A Lady Goes West

(Shop a few of the books we have, including this one, this one and this one.)

Every time I go to a home store, I keep my eye out for more books to place around the house. 

Our two-toned wood round kitchen table

We didn’t have a kitchen table in our house in California. There wasn’t enough room for it, really. We ate most meals at the coffee table, and sometimes sat at the dining room table or outdoor table when we had company. And I didn’t love that we didn’t have that “meeting” place for all our meals, close to the kitchen and easily accessible for us all.

When we first bought our house in Charlotte, we thought we may convert the dining room into an office to have an extra bedroom where Dave is currently set up, but we changed our minds and decided to do a real dining room. But because we had the space, I also knew I wanted a round dining table between the kitchen and family room and looked everywhere, only to find that all round dining tables were sold out in the spring and summer (apparently last year and this year have seen major delays because of manufacturing backlogs, potentially COVID related, as well as materials related).

I finally found a two-toned one that I love, which arrived in late April, and we use it every single day, three times a day, for all of our meals. It’s our spot. And it’s another item that makes me happy, as a focal point in our home.

We have four chairs, one which has a little booster-high-chair attachment for Brady, and one chair is for Rudy, and yes, he sits there for every meal staring at our every bites.

Our pink primary bedroom

I realize this is a whole room and not a thing, but I had to include it. It makes me happy. And if you don’t like my pink bedroom, that’s okay, because you don’t have to go into it. I wanted color in the bedroom, and I wanted it to be really feminine. Dave was okay with that, so pink it was.

Pink primary bedroom by A Lady Goes West

We have a pink accent wall, pink bedding accents, pink accessories on our bedside tables and a pink throw rug (all pink accents are from HomeGoods, by the way). That’s the extent of the pink, and the other elements in the room, once we choose them, won’t be pink. (Speaking of paint, we did have to get the entire interior of our house painted after we moved in, and we chose “Alabaster” from Sherwin Williams as the main interior off-white color. I found it in the Pottery Barn catalog, and it’s a nice neutral. But then I did a few accent walls in rooms, including ours.)

Pink wall primary bedroom by A Lady Goes West

(Shop our bed and side tables/nightstands here.)

We chose this pink color for the accent wall. And here are our side tables/nightstands, which we’ve had for many years, because Dave bought them for me for our fifth wedding anniversary long ago. I’ve always loved the mirrored look.

We need more furniture and wall-hangings in the bedroom, and I don’t know what those will be yet, but even unfinished, the pink bedroom is a fave for me.

Our lounge-y patio furniture

The reason I love our lounge-y patio furniture isn’t as much about the look of it all (although I love that it’s low to the ground and seems like it belongs at a beach club), but also because we’ve already made so many memories out there. It’s a happy place.

Here’s who we’ve spent fun times hanging out on the patio with over the last six months: My mom, my brother and sister-in-law (Matthew and Stephanie), my college bestie (Yolanda), Dave’s aunt and cousin (Connie and Nicole), our besties (Grant and Bre), our other besties (Phil and Kicki), Dave’s sister (Gwena) and the list goes on and on. Every time we have visitors, we sit out there. We catch up. Laugh. Look outside. Sip wine. And we totally just chill.

Charlotte patio by A Lady Goes West

(Shop our patio chairs, couch and table, and here is the patio rug featuring our favorite design colors — white and navy.)

This patio has been the perfect spot for spring and summer hang-outs. And we hope to stay out there as long as the weather will allow. We didn’t have a screened-in porch in California, although there were hardly any bugs there, so you didn’t really need one. Also, it got cold every night in California, and it stays warm during summer nights here. This is our spot, and everyone who comes over seems to love it too.

We have another fake plant out there on the patio, which I picked up from HomeGoods, and it looks super fake up close, but does a good job as an exterior piece of decor. We also finally ordered a grill, which should be here soon — and that will nearly complete our outdoor set up for now.

Home decor post by A Lady Goes West

(I’ve been wearing this dress all summer long. I’m in an extra small.)

Dave and I have been together for more than 12 years, and during that time, we’ve lived in many places. Those places include some super tiny spaces where we didn’t even have a real bedroom (550 square feet in Nob Hill in San Francisco, and it was glorious), but something about this house just feels more permanent, and so we’re doing our best to do it right.

That’ll do it for today! Hope you enjoyed this little diversion away from health and wellness into home and design. We’re loving our home in Charlotte and hope to stay here for a long time.

Have a great week, my friends! I’m off to teach my first ever Life Barre class at Life Time, which I’ve been preparing for for weeks. So wish me luck. 🙂 

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  1. I love decor, so I LOVED this post! I think my favorite room has to be your pink accented bedroom, with your patio a close second. This girl loves her some back porch sittin’. 🙂

    We spent nearly two years building our current home, so there’s a lot that I love about it, but there’s a lot that I still have planned for it. I think the one thing that gets me the most excited is the pool that we have planned for the future, though it will likely be another summer (maybe even two), since apparently round tables AND pools have become popular thanks to the pandemic.

    Have fun teaching your barre class today. Or as we say in dance, break a leg! Happy Tuesday, friend! xoxo

    1. Hi Lindsay! That’s so exciting you are building a pool, and yes, I’ve heard the time to get on the schedule for pool companies is insane — we don’t plan to ever get one at this house, but at least we have our neighborhood pool nearby. I feel like working on a house and decorating is an ongoing process, so good luck with all the choosing you have left to do. Thank you for saying hi, and thank you for saying you like my pink room heheh! 🙂

  2. Ah I love interiors stuff so really enjoyed this post! Your home is beautiful… I love the idea for more “coffee table” books scattered about and am going to implement that here, thanks!

    We moved last year to a house and finally have a garden for the first time so I am loving having outdoor space, your patio looks amazing 🙂

    1. ps We have the same issue with delays here in the UK… 6 months later still waiting for our dining table chairs… at this stage just hoping to have them for Christmas ha! Everything took so long to arrive 🙁 But also quite nice to get things gradually as each time a new item arrives it makes the place feel fresh again 🙂

  3. Ooo the pink bedroom is my favorite! My daughters would love to have a room like this! How do keep your patio furniture looking so clean? We got some new patio furniture at the beginning of summer and have already had to get an upholstery cleaning twice because it gets so dirty. Maybe it’s the quality of the fabric? Or maybe my family just uses it too much? Any tips would be much appreciated!

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