Super Bowl weekend and my weekly workouts

Hi, friends! I hope your weekend was a good one! Ours was a mix of productive and social, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be full of guacamole, pizza and sugar for at least the next three days due to yesterday’s Super Bowl intake. But anywho, let’s jump right into it …


Dave got home a little bit earlier than usual on Friday, and once he arrived, I headed off for an outing alone (which meant the radio was turned up, up, up). While the only thing I really needed to do was pick-up sushi for dinner, I decided to head back to the Whole Foods Market 365 in Concord to look around more and buy a few things. I picked up flavored sparkling water, carrot cake, kombucha, healthy protein bars, wine and a bunch of other impulse purchases just for fun.

It was a crazy Friday night, people, especially because I was still in my workout clothes from earlier in the day and hadn’t showered yet. Yup. But seriously, does anyone else just sometimes need to stroll and purchase for no reason? I sure do.

Hand cart of groceries from Whole Foods Market 365 by A Lady Goes West

(My shoes.)

Then, of course, it was home for the evening line-up around here, which included a few chores and Brady’s bedtime routine. By 8:45 p.m., I was on the couch with Dave and Rudy, glass of wine in hand and some sushi and miso soup in front of me, watching Brady on the baby monitor. Ohhh this parenting life …

Wine and baby monitor by A Lady Goes West

And yes, we’ve always been late dinner eaters, and we now eat later than ever after getting Brady to sleep each night. And I’m pretty sure most health experts would be shocked to know that my late dinners are not, in fact, killing me, even if they aren’t ideal. That’s your takeaway from this one, people: You do what works for you in the moment, even if it’s not what everyone else says you should do to be living a perfectly clean life.


Saturday started with a heaping helping of overnight oats in an empty peanut butter jar, which marked the first time I’ve eaten cold oats in three weeks, as I’m still hooked on my super creamy warm coconut-milk almond butter oats as a daily breakfast. 

After that, I was off to teach Bootybarre, and I’m so excited to be back into the routine of teaching a weekly class. The class is at 11 a.m., which does mean it cuts into the day quite a bit, but for now, it’s totally working for me. I look forward to it, and I also like that it’s a workout I get to do along with the class, so I get a good sweat in.

Ashley before teaching Bootbarre by A Lady Goes West

(My new workout outfit is from Fabletics.)

I came home, showered, had lunch and then we were off on our usual Saturday afternoon errands, which included a stop at Peet’s for a golden latte for me and iced coffee for Dave, then off to a hardware store for plants, a wind chime, extension cords and more bathroom fixtures. Then we hit up HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. I’m talking a lot of crazy stuff going on over here with the A Lady Goes West fam these days.

Golden milk latte from Peet's by A Lady Goes West

(My watch.)

By the way, doesn’t this Saturday recap sound a lot like the last two? Well, you’re right … we’ve been doing a lot of house shopping lately, and we’ll continue with that until we go on a few out-of-town trips over the next couple of months — all of which will make for a great change of pace.

Well, actually, I lie. We did have some excitement during our errands. Brady likes to be awake for our outings a little bit more these days, and he was wide awake in the hardware store and had a very loud potty in his diaper while, funny enough, we were in the bathroom fixture aisle. Gross stuff, right? I’m sure other people heard. Nonetheless, he had to be taken out to the car to be changed, and when he came back in the store, he was not happy (and maybe slightly embarrassed that he didn’t save his potty for the privacy of his own home). Thank goodness for his favorite Wubbie pacifier, which calmed him down after about five minutes of fussing in the garden department hahah! Then, he was a sleeping angel for the rest of the stops. (Mom friends or other friends shopping for baby gifts, the Wubbanub (shown below) is a MUST!)

Brady in the hardware store by A Lady Goes West

That evening, we hung a few new things on the walls, which makes me quite happy to see the place shaping up. Then, we had steak and salad for dinner (and carrot cake) and watched some “Stranger Things.” 


Sunday started with all the laundry and chores. Even though it seems like every day starts like that. I literally can’t explain the amount of laundry we seem to have to do. Send help. Anywho, we prepped the house for our get-together, Dave did some lawn work, I snuck away for a short solo gym trip, picked up some Jamba Juice, worked on this blog post, and then we had some friends over to watch the game starting just after 3 p.m..

Jamba Juice apples and charge by A Lady Goes West

I put out a lot of the stuff in this spread on the kitchen’s island for everyone’s pleasure, and we also ordered two pizzas from Papa Murphy’s, which is our new favorite take-out, cook-on-your-own pizza spot near our house. It’s decadent for sure. We like the pan crust too, because crust is totally the best part.

Overall, it was a very casual and fun hang-out, with our group squeezing onto the couch and laughing at commercials and watching the close game, while Rudy ran around crazy and Brady was passed from lap to lap. However, as a Patriots family, we weren’t very pleased with the outcome, but boyyyyy that half-time show with Justin Timberlake delivered! Oh, and way too much food was consumed by all, which is always expected on Super Bowl Sunday, so no big deal …

Super Bowl spread by A Lady Goes West

We had things cleaned up and Brady in bed by 8:30 p.m., and that was that!

Overall, it was a fun weekend. We got a lot of house stuff done, I worked out two times, and we hosted some friends too, so it was busy! I hope you did some fun activities as well!

My postpartum weekly workouts

As we usually do on Mondays, let’s look at how I’ve been moving lately. By the way, as you saw in my reader survey results, because “weekly workout recaps” didn’t make the top 10, I had considered not doing them anymore. However, quite a few readers reminded me that they don’t come to the blog for these recaps, thus didn’t vote highly for them, but they still want to see them — so they will remain.

Weekly Workout Recap by A Lady Goes West

At 17 weeks postpartum …

  • Monday: 30 minutes of CXWORX at home, 15-minute walk, 12 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 55 minutes of BODYPUMP at home, 25-minute walk, 12 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes of barre at home, 25-minute walk, 12 p.m.
  • Thursday: 1 hour and 20 minute walk, 10:30 a.m.
  • Friday: 30-minute full-body weights circuit at home, 30-minute walk, 12 p.m.
  • Saturday: Taught a 1-hour barre class, 11 a.m.
  • Sunday: 30-minute full-body weights circuit at gym, 1 p.m.

I had a great week of workouts with plenty of diversity and some good resistance work. I worked the core with CXWORX and the full body with BODYPUMP, barre and two solo weights sessions too.

I don’t want to put any major goals out there for my fitness right now, knowing that my sleep is still not sufficient enough to make any real progress, but I’m back to loosely shooting to lift weights three times a week. Here’s hoping! 

That’s it for today, peeps! As always, I so appreciate you stopping by the blog today, in spite of the fact that my weekend recaps are never quite as entertaining as they used to be before the house and the babe. But I’ve got to say, even though we may not get out for a lot of fun adventures, we’re a happy bunch every single day, and I love where we are right now.

Be good! See you back here soon!

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  1. I feel you on the laundry. It seems like no matter how much laundry we do, there is always a load waiting to be washed, always! I sadly missed the super bowl, but did get to watch the cutest little preschool halftime show ever at a basketball game, so still a good Sunday! Hope you have a great day Ashley!

    1. Hi Emily! A preschool halftime show sounds pretty darn cute! And with the laundry, it’s like … it never ends. I can’t hahaha! 🙂 Happy Monday, lady!

  2. Getting to go to the store alone and just look around alone feels like a mini vacation when you have young ones. I’m impressed with all you get done on broken sleep. And you look great! Congrats on your new home!

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