Super tasty snack food giveaway and other favorite things

Hiya, friends! I hope you’ve had a great week! Today, I’ve got a healthy and tasty giveaway for you, so don’t miss that. Do you have a long weekend? Dave has Monday off, but I don’t. I’m not sure what we’ll be up to over the next few days, but I’ll probably keep you posted on Instagram.

SunRidge Farms Snack GIVEAWAY

*Please note: This giveaway is sponsored by SunRidge Farms. While I received product and compensation, the words are my own. Thanks SunRidge for offering such a great prize package to hungry A Lady Goes West readers.

Because I know that some of you will be hanging out for the long weekend and maybe even hosting or enjoying get-togethers, let’s talk about healthy snacking. I LOVE to set out a big spread of nuts, fruits and other tasty things that my guests can enjoy. Sort of like a make your own trail mix bar. The other day, I set out this spread for Dave and for me, and we each packed our own ziplock baggies to take to work of the combinations we liked best. True story! (While I love it all, the dried bananas and dark chocolate-covered almonds are my faves.) I also made a bag of nearly everything mixed together for Dave’s little sister, which I took down to her this past weekend when we went to Santa Cruz.

SunRidge Farms snacks giveaway by A Lady Goes West

All of these goodies come from family-owned brand SunRidge Farms, which is based in Watsonville, C.A. And what I like about SunRidge Farms, other than the fact that the company works hard to be a good steward of the environment, is that they use solar power, they reimburse their employees who bike to work, and they also use sustainable farming and source non-genetically modified ingredients.

SunRidge Farms offers organic and all-natural confections, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, trail mixes and more which you’ll find pre-packed and in the bulk bins at Bay Area stores like Safeway, Mollie Stone’s Markets and Whole Foods. 

SunRidge Farms nuts and snacks giveaway by A Lady Goes West

When the SunRidge Farms people reached out to me and explained the benefits of bulk, I was totally on board. I’m definitely guilty of buying small packaged goods, even in individual bags, but recently I visited the bulk bins and found that it’s totally more cost effective. But what’s even better is that it does much less harm to the environment if you shop in bulk and save on all that packaging.

In addition to offering you an awesome giveaway to win big bags of 10 tasty items, SunRidge Farms is also giving A Lady Goes West readers a chance to get 30 percent off your purchase from the brand’s site, if you order by March 3 and use the code WEST30. Remember, buy in bulk to save the planet, save some dough and and make your next get together (or your pantry) a choose-your-own trail mix party!

SunRidge Farms snacks by A Lady Goes West

Here’s what you’ll get in the giveaway, which is worth almost $70. Please note: this giveaway is open to those who reside in the U.S. only. The giveaway closes on Thursday, February 23. Enter and share with your friends!


To enter to win this giveaway, you need to leave a comment on this blog post. To leave a comment, click on the headline of the post, which will pull up the comment field below the post. Once those fields come up, you’ll need to provide your first name and email address (which does not get shared, and is not visible, but I will use it to contact you if you win). You can leave a separate comment for each entry. The more comments, the more chances to be randomly selected to win. To enter …

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My favorite new water bottle

In December, I created a fitness gift guide, and don’t you know the S’well bottle was at the top of it. I was lucky enough to receive this little beauty as my secret Santa gift from Dave’s family’s gift exchange. I’m obsessed — it’s the Blanc Crocodile color, by the way. It keeps my water cold for like 12 hours, and although I haven’t put anything hot in there, apparently it would keep hot beverages warm for 12 hours too. 

Swell bottle by A Lady Goes West

This is one of the best water bottles I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had a lot. Plus, it means I’m absolutely not using throw-away cups or plastic bottles and always filling up my own. A win win! I think these bottles are a great gift idea for sure, because I know receiving mine made me quite happy.

My favorite links 

  • Are you a blogger or aspiring blogger? I was happy to include my advice in this totally free e-book from Sarah. If you want a copy of “Blogging Lessons Learned,” to pick up some tips on how to get started and grow your blog, you can get it here.
  • This is my FAVORITE link to share this week, even though it’s a couple of weeks old. The POPSUGAR team sent an editor to try out a BODYPUMP class and then interviewed me about the science behind the workout. Check it out: “The workout class that pushed me like no other.” 
  • And I know a lot of you readers out there like to work out at home! More power to you! Here’s an article on SparkPeople, which I was quoted in about home gym best practices: “Ditch the gym and try these essentials for home strength training.”
  • Are you signed up to receive A Lady Goes West posts by email? If not, you should be! In fact, to sweeten the deal, I’ve created a free fitness gift for anyone who signs up, and you get it just for subscribing. Head to the sidebar to the right of this post, pop in your email address, and enjoy the free gift all about “How to have a great week of workouts,” with an action plan and checklist.
  • And did you catch this one from a couple of days ago about how to burn more calories during your next workout?
  • One more thing I have to share: Earlier this week, Dave made us a meal from one of those sped-up Goodful videos on Facebook. Here’s the full recipe for Loaded chicken fajita sweet potatoes, and it’s not terribly difficult and quite healthy. And the flavor combination was perhaps the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Like ever. Make it. Just look …

Loaded sweet potato with chicken fajitas from Goodful by A Lady Goes West

That’ll do it friends! Catch you later! πŸ™‚ 

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Questions of the day

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

What would be in your ideal trail mix?



  1. Chicken Fajita sweet potatoes sound soooo good. Now I want that for breakfast! And trail mix is my weakness. I want sweet salty crunchy chewy chocolatey fruity nutty. So basically I need to win this.

  2. I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend! It’s been a really long week and other than my son’s rugby practice tomorrow morning we have NO plans!

      1. no as looking for new ideas for boy scout snacking trips and oh people hate when I post pics of my BBQ on facebook

          1. offer up to bring those sweet potatoes … my favorite potato and love to put them on smoker or grill them

  3. looking forward to my daughter to see Annie the musical and then smoking a brisket on Saturday. With some peace and slow day

  4. I am looking forward to spending some time with good friends this weekend. My ideal trail mix…chocolate, granola, dried strawberries, honey nut cheerios, peanuts

  5. I’m excited to relax and spend a lot of time outside this weekend! It’s supposed to be in the 70s here in Kansas City!

  6. This weekend I am looking forward to seeing my mom at her memory care home ??. My trail mix would have various nuts, coconut, dried berries, dried bananas, some granola.

  7. I would have to fight the urge to sample them all at once, but the first package I would open would definately be the chocolate covered almonds. Yum!

  8. I’m looking forward to quiet time this weekend.

    My ideal trail mix would contain dried blueberries and strawberries, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts.

  9. Spending time outdoors this weekend! So tired of the cold and it’s in the 60’s here. Unheard of for February!!

  10. I am the kind of person who picks individual ingredients out of trail mix and eats them separately…so “build your own” trail mix sounds ideal πŸ˜‰

  11. my ideal trail mix is cashews, chocolate, pretzels, and peanut butter chips! We had a nice afternoon in Solona Beach today wandering around and getting brunch!

  12. My ideal trail mix would be all organic, and have raw pistachios, raw cashews, juice-sweetened dried cherries, and stevia-sweeteend dark chocolate chips.

  13. I’m looking forward to taking a fun walk with my kids during the weekend.

    I love trail mix with a variety of nuts, raisins and chocolate pieces.

  14. My ideal trail mix would contain, non GMO dark chocolate, organic banana chips, organic cashews, organic almonds, uncultured dried cherries.

  15. I’m looking forward to warmer weather–it’s snowing right now. And my ideal trail mix would have Reese’s Pieces in it!

  16. I really want to try sunridge farms produ cts . great tips and the kids i watch love great trail mix. i did all the entries but i am about to write separate coments abiut each entries.

  17. What are you looking forward to this weekend?
    i am looking forward to some well rested sleep fro this week and to clean my room from clutter .
    What would be in your ideal trail mix?
    my ideal trail mix would be filled with dried exotic fruits, pecan clusters, coconut and chocolate.

  18. What are you looking forward to this weekend? BEING OFF WORK, relaxing, hopefully making it to your body pump class in San Ramon!!!!!

    What would be in your ideal trail mix? Peanut butter, greek yogurt, salted almonds, dark chocolate pieces, dried cranberries or cherries, pumpkin seeds – YUM

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