Weekend snapshots and workouts

Another weekend has come and gone! How was yours? There were some highs and a bit of a low for me. While I’d like to look back on the past couple of days as being awesome, I also dropped my new iPhone on a hard-tile floor at the gym and shattered the screen. And that was one expensive mistake. But let’s get to the good stuff … 

Friday night …

Bodyattackers in San Ramon via A Lady Goes West

I left work right at 5 p.m. to make it to a special BODYATTACK class, which I attended along with some fellow instructors and members. Les Mills trainer Jeremiah was in town (he used to live in San Francisco, and I worked with him at the Les Mills office for a few months), and he taught one heck of a class to our spirited group. It was a fun and sweaty time for me as a participant, and I loved trying the new release (BODYATTACK 92), before I have to learn it to teach in my own classes. Good times!

Post-BODYATTACK picture with Jeremiah via A Lady Goes West

The best part about going to work out on Friday night? No traffic on the way home! Woohoo! (Sadly, Bay Area traffic is perhaps the toughest thing I’ve encountered while going back to work in a regular office setting over the last month.)

After the gym, it was pajamas, wine, Whole Foods sushi and couch-time for me with Dave and Rudy, which was exactly what I needed. Seriously, nothing feels better than slipping into your comfortables on a Friday night. You know what I mean?

Saturday …

Tender Greens lunch with Rudy and Dave via A Lady Goes West

Saturday was one great day. I woke up in the morning feeling so refreshed after getting eight full hours of sleep. I took Rudy for a little walk on the trail, then went to get a fabulous massage before having an outdoor lunch with Dave and Rudy at our favorite spot, Tender Greens, in downtown Walnut Creek.

From there, I did some shopping for work clothes, which was only moderately successful, because I actually ended up buying more workout clothes and sneakers. Whoops!

Ashley at Woodhouse Spa via A Lady Goes West

My massage took place at Woodhouse Spa, and let me tell you, it was a lovely spot. Dave’s parents got me a gift card for Christmas, and I was finally able to put it to use. I could have stayed on that massage table all day long, but eventually those 50 minutes ended. I walked out of there smelling like essential oils and feeling super relaxed. For my local friends out there, I would definitely recommend this place if you’re in need of some pampering. It’s top notch!

In the evening, Dave and I joined some friends for a little birthday celebration and Warriors game watch party at an Italian restaurant. And of course, the Warriors won, so we were a happy group. (Yes, when your spouse and many of your friends work for the team, the tone of the night is usually dictated by the game’s outcome. That’s another reason why it’s good to be a Golden State fan this year!)

Ashley and Dave at Wise Girl in Pleasant Hill

Sunday …

Sunday was productive, but not super exciting. I took a yoga class at Yoga Treat, grocery shopped, prepped some food, attempted to get my poor phone fixed (so annoying), learned BODYATTACK, had an oven pizza for dinner with Dave and got ready for the week ahead. And that was it. Overall, one very good weekend!

My weekly fitness and workout recap

And now, here’s a look at all of my workouts from last week …

Weekly workouts via A Lady Goes West(Photo credit to Leah Bentley Photography, 2015.)

Weekly Workouts 

How did this past week of workouts go?

This was the fullest week of workouts that I’ve had in a while, thanks to that second BODYATTACK/cardio session on Friday night. I felt great in the fitness department all week and am happy to report I checked all the boxes of cardio, weights, yoga and a full day of rest. Good stuff!

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P.S. Congrats to the winners of the Safeway gift card giveaway, Allison, Gina and Charlotte. Your gift cards are in the mail! And thanks to Meaghan for today’s “Week in Review” link-up.

Question of the day

What was the best part about your weekend?

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  1. Uh so sorry about your iPhone! It’s so frustrating how expensive it is to replace your phone. Someone once ran into me at an outdoor bar/restaurant and my phone fell in the sewer, what are the chances?!? We couldn’t find it and I was NOT pleased. I took a Body Combat class this weekend, lots of punching my arms were pretty sore. What’s the difference between Body Combat and Body Attack?!?

    1. See, it happens to all of us! And BODYATTACK is a sports cardio class, with intervals. Lots of fun moves with good music — no martial arts at all. BODYCOMBAT is martial arts and inspired by that type of workout. I think BODYATTACK is much harder than BODYCOMBAT, but some people beg to differ because of all the punching in COMBAT. Both good programs! So glad you took one of them! πŸ™‚

  2. Breaking a phone is awful. My best part of the weekend was a food pantry that carried me for three days of food as I cannot buy groceries

  3. BOOO for breaking your phone! That is so obnoxious and yes, quite expensive. I almost wish I would just break my phone and get it over with because I hate it! And holy cripes that is a GIANT human…

  4. I think so many people have experienced a cracked screen at this point! I ended up getting a glass screen cover and it works perfectly! Haven’t had a scratch on it since!

    1. That’s the thing — I have a glass cover, a case and insurance, yet still this happened to me hahah! Oh well! Hope you had a great weekend, Hilary! πŸ™‚

  5. Just a couple weeks ago, my sister realized she’d forgotten to put oil in her car for too long and had completely burned the engine out. A perfectly good car that would have had a much longer life! In the end, it was a very pricey mistake but not terrible in the big scheme of things, which is I’m sure how you feel about your iPhone mishap. Just another life lesson πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing the lows every once in awhile…it always makes blogs more relatable when it’s not always sunshine and rainbows! Looks like the rest of your weekend turned out pretty great, though. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Emily! Ohhhh noo!!! Your poor sister. That happens though. It’s so true — in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. And life is far from perfect … but it sure is fun too. Happy Monday!!

    1. I have insurance on it, yet that has a HIGH deductible, so I still have to pay a ton out of pocket. Soooo NOT fun. πŸ™ But what is fun? BODYATTACK! I love it! Happy Monday, Heather!

  6. Oh not the phone!! I, too, have shattered my iPhone screen – not once but twice. I quickly learned my lesson the second time around and my phone now resides in an ugly but thick phone case.

    I love taking BA classes from other instructors because it helps with learning the new release. Jeremiah did our BP AIM1 at OneLive and he was great! Happy Monday!

    1. Hi Bea! YES, taking classes is an important part about being an instructor, so you’re always learning and remembering what it’s like to be a member. And sorry to hear you’ve dealt with phone difficulties too. ARGH! Hope you had a nice weekend. πŸ™‚

  7. I didn’t realize Dave worked for the Warriors… Wow, what a cool job! I’m a huge fan of Friday night workout classes. Josh and I liked to go to a back to back grit/ spin class at uforia when we lived in Palo Alto. Best date night around πŸ™‚ Happy Monday, girl! Hope your week is off to a great start.

    1. For more than a year, I taught a Friday night class when we lived in SF, and it was PACKED! Loved it! It’s been a while since I’ve worked out at that time though. I had a lot of couples in that class come to think of it hehe, so I guess they may have used it as a date too?

  8. I seriously used to break ALL of my phones (at least once every 6 months) and it’s terrible. With my most recent phone I decided to finally just get a nice case (an Otterbox) and KEEP IT ON even though I hate the bulk, and It’s been almost 1.5 years without breaking it. AND I have a toddler who enjoys throwing it to the ground with all his might. There are people who will just replace the glass for you – even with shatterproof material!

    1. Hi Morgan! So you have bad luck with phones too? I hope you stay strong on your streak of no phone issues, lady!! hahah!! Hope you had a nice weekend. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh my gosh! As someone who works in fitness and works out a lot you TOTALLY need regular massages – it’s part of the business of recovery. Get on that, Erin! πŸ™‚ Maybe you can do a trade with a massage therapist and train them?

  9. Hi Ashley! The only good thing about traffic is that it means the economy in the Bay Area is great. It’s no fun to battle it though. Good luck with your phone I hope you can get it fixed!

    1. Silver living, Alexa! You are right that things are thriving out here. No doubt about that! Thanks for presenting the positive. Hope you had a nice weekend!

  10. I have broken my iPhone screen three times now. Yes, three and the last time it broke in the Otterbox case, which I purchased specifically to prevent screen shattering. Le sigh.

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend, especially the massage, yoga and pizza dinner.

    My Hubby and FIL were talking this weekend about that game. They’re in awe of Golden State right now.

    1. Oh man, Meghan! Umm, did I misspell your name earlier today? Ha! Whoops! Sorry! Glad your hubs is a GSW fan! And if those ugly Otterboxes don’t work, then I will surely NOT get one haha!

  11. What a great looking weekend! I was able to get my hair done, mani/pedi and hit up an oscar party….I think I need a weekend for my weekend! I always get distracted by gym clothes when shopping, It’s what I feel most comfortable in! lol

      1. He’s good! We took our first trip to the Canadian Rookies last week, hence the radio silence and he did so well, 7 months old now..aye aye aye…even my puppy didn’t seem to grow up so fast πŸ™‚

  12. Sounds like a great weekend! I went bowling with my boyfriend Saturday night and had a lot more fun than I thought! I even did decently without bumpers lol.

  13. i wrapped up my vacation this weekend from last week–it was amazing! It was awesome spending the day just with my husband and the bright warm sunshine! πŸ™‚ We went on a cruise to mexico, belize, and honduras last week!

  14. Do you have an iPhone? I found my experience of getting my phone screen fixed at Apple to be the most secure, CHEAPEST, and quickest option. Also, my favorite part of this weekend was taking a group fitness class with my mom! My mom and I are such good friends, and it’s super cute to motivate each other. Work out buddies make all the difference πŸ™‚

  15. Looks like such a fun weekend! While we don’t work for the team anymore, our mood is DRASTICALLY impacted by hockey results. To be fair, most of the guys play for a variety of teams… but still. Wine should make everything better, right? Ha!

    Love little Rudy. Look at that sweet, little face. πŸ™‚

    XO, Jessica

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