A good San Francisco weekend and looking ahead

What does an ideal weekend look like in your book?

A few weeks ago, I thought about my perfect day in San Francisco and laid it out in a detailed agenda.

My ideal weekend is a bit less specific.

Because I’m into both exploring and healthy living, I like my weekends to include a great group fitness class, a nice dinner out at a new place, a little bit of shopping, a little bit of time catching up on TV, and a lot of time spent with my best buddy, Dave.

This weekend definitely fit into the ideal category.

I taught a BODYPUMP class on Friday afternoon, which is my first in that time-slot, and it had pretty good attendance.  Then, after a quick clean-up, Dave and I walked to a nearby restaurant called Maru Sushi, just down the hill from our new apartment.  On Saturday morning, I taught a BODYATTACK class, then Dave and I went to a local bar, Pete’s Tavern, to join the official San Francisco Gator Club watch party for a college football game.  Later, we walked around our neighborhood and ended up at a little Italian restaurant called Ti Piacera for a tasty dinner.  On Sunday, we caught up on TV (sadly, that meant a stream of Bravo shows for me, previously detailed in my bad TV post), and drove out to the ‘burbs to do a little shopping for our apartment.  We also had a Skype date with one of our favorite Orlando couples.  And I just love those kinds of dates.

That means all of my boxes for a good weekend were checked off.

What’s coming up for me in San Francisco?

  • Attending the second annual iFabbo Social Media Conference this Saturday to learn about blogging, brands and fashion.
  • Celebrating Dave’s birthday next week.
  • Enjoying a visit from my wonderful Mother and her friend in less than two weeks, for which I have already prepared an hour-by-hour itinerary so we can make the most of our limited time together.

Here’s to learning new things, sweating, dining and spending time with the good ones.

Nob Hill
Just one of the many hills near our apartment in Nob Hill requiring good walking shoes.
Gator Club SF
Orange and blue abounds at the San Francisco Gator Club watch parties.  Here’s the room before it got busy.
Ti Piacera
Red lipstick and red wine = a great Saturday night combination.
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