A healthy approach to eating and a solid week of workouts

When it comes to being healthy, the key is consistency without obsession. You have to make good choices most of the time, but allow yourself the freedom to enjoy life. That means regularly taking some rest days with no exercise, letting yourself eat whatever you want at times and thinking about things other than your diet and your workouts. (Yes, there is life outside of “healthy living.”)

Truth be told, most of my favorite foods are healthy ones and most of my favorite activities include sneakers and sweat. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve got a perfect diet or a perfect physique, nor do I have it all figured out. What I do know is what makes me feel good and fulfilled — and you guessed it — it’s a nice mixture of fitness, food and fun. 

Today, I’m showing you what a full day of eating looks like for me, and it doesn’t include the cleanest choices in all the land, but it does include a few of my favorite things. These eats took place Sunday on Valentine’s Day.

“What I Ate in a Day”

Breakfast at 9:30 a.m.

Sweet potato for breakfast by A Lady Goes West

A baked sweet potato, topped in crunchy almond butter, cinnamon, chia seeds and a banana. Served alongside a glass of green juice and some green tea, sweetened with stevia and vanilla almond milk. This was like dessert, and I will absolutely be enjoying this combination again. 

Lunch at 1:30 p.m.

Tender Greens lunch by A Lady Goes West

A plate of food from one of my favorite fast-casual eateries, Tender Greens, featuring grilled black-rock cod, mixed roasted vegetables and a piece of toast. White toast to be exact. And yes, I ate the toast, while dining al fresco.

Post-lunch Dessert at 2:30 p.m.

Mini cupcake for lunch dessert by A Lady Goes West

Because it was a holiday, Dave suggested we each pick up a sweet bite from Kara’s Cupcakes, which we enjoyed before hopping back on our bikes to ride home. The frosting on this little red velvet beauty was to-die-for.

Afternoon snack at 5 p.m.

Mamma Chia drink by A Lady Goes West

This Mamma Chia beverage made it into the little gift selection that Dave gave me, and it was chunky, bizarre and quite pleasing. I mean, it’s like chewing your drink, which is weird, but also good.

Pre-dinner Appetizer at 6 p.m.

Shrimp cocktail and wine by A Lady Goes West

Because on Valentine’s Day, you get a fancy appetizer and a glass of your favorite white wine before dinner at home. I split this plate of shrimp cocktail with Dave as he prepared our meal. Hands down, shrimp cocktail is my favorite app of all time. And Chardonnay doesn’t hurt either.

Dinner at 8 p.m.

Roast chicken for dinner by A Lady Goes West

This beautiful plate of food came about from Chef Dave, who was busy working in the kitchen on this one for a while. It’s a roast chicken, with onions, prunes and sweet potatoes, soaked in red wine. And it’s one heck of a meal. (Oh and perhaps you may notice that I had sweet potatoes during all three main meals of the day? A win!)

Dessert at 9 p.m.

Red velvet cupcake dessert by A Lady Goes West

Why yes, this was my second red velvet cupcake of the day, and this one must have weighed about a pound. Of course, I couldn’t have enjoyed it without a mug of vanilla almond milk. I downed both of these in no time, while relaxing in front of the TV. Delicious!

That’s what I call a good day of eating. Carbs, sweets, wine, fish, sweet potatoes and lots of veggies! While I don’t eat two desserts every day, I sure do enjoy the days that it happens.

If you liked this food diary, feel free to check out more “What I Ate” posts by me or by others. And because I skipped my regular weekly workout report on Monday thanks to my lengthy Valentine’s Day weekend recap, I’m giving it to you today ….

My weekly fitness and workout recap

Here’s a look at all of my workouts from last week …

Weekly workouts via A Lady Goes West(Photo credit to Leah Bentley Photography, 2015.)

Weekly Workouts 

  • Monday: Taught a one-hour BODYATTACK class, foam rolling
  • Tuesday: Did a 30-minute CXWORX core workout at home
  • Wednesday: Took a one-hour BODYPUMP class
  • Thursday: Did a 30-minute yoga flow class at home
  • Friday: Did a 25-minute full-body dumbbell workout, foam rolling
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: Rest day

How was this week of workouts?

I’ve been averaging four-to-five workouts a week lately, which is a huge departure from the past when I was working in the gym full time. This past week included two full rest days, a short yoga session, some cardio, some weights and a core session, which is plenty of variety of movement. The highlight of the week was teaching a huge BODYATTACK class on Monday night, full of sweat, loud music and energy. From the looks of it, this week is shaping up to feature a very similar line-up of workouts as well.

And that’s the latest in the world of food and fitness over here. Now, go off and have a great day, my friends!

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Questions of the day

What’s your favorite un-healthy food?

How have your workouts been lately?



  1. Love that you tried the banana and sweet potato combo! Looks delish!

    And you sure have the perfect physique in my book!

    Happy Wednesday. Xo.

  2. I love that you eart a good balance of healthy and delicious colorful foods balanced with occasional treats, and spread the message that it’s ok to eat for fun sometimes too. Too many impressionable women read blogs and Instagram that only show ‘clean eating’ and weighed portions, or hours in the gym. Your healthy balance is a breath of fresh air and hopefully a good message to counteract a lot of the disordered bloggers or social media out there! Thank you!!

    1. Thanks so much, Mo! I really hope so, because it’s how I live my life. I really appreciate you saying that. We can’t be perfect, and perfect isn’t fun — nor all that healthy. πŸ™‚ Have a great day, friend!

  3. I teach 2 BodyAttack classes a week, and am participating in CX, Combat, RPM and Step every week. I think it’s reasonably well rounded, although it probably wouldn’t hurt to add in a yoga class πŸ™‚
    I love the food pics!

    1. Good variety!! You are doing four BIG workouts, so a little rest and recovery in gentle yoga would do you some good. Or even just extra stretching after each class on your own. ??

    2. Just happened upon your blog and was pleasantly surprised to see the workout routine are Les Mills oriented. I round my week out with my favorites; BodyPump BodyCombat and BodyFlow. Our instructor was recently certified in Step so I have been doing the Step Athletic and love it.

      1. Very nice, Jennifer! We don’t have BODYSTEP around here at my gyms, but I do love to take that class when I get the chance. πŸ™‚ Thanks for saying hi!

  4. ‘the key is consistency without obsession’ I love that. It rings so true for me especially after years of being obsessed with healthy eating.

  5. I totally love peeking into what my friends eat in a day, so thanks for sharing!!

    My favourite unhealthy thing I eat is probably chips….I rarely have store bought baked goods in the house, but pop chips or any kinda chips always end up in the cupboard and I love them : ) If I’m out for a nice meal, it’s red wine and then chocolate cake!!!


  6. Loving all the sweet potato and 2 cupcakes, what a great day!! My favorite un-healthy eat is non-dairy ice cream (who knew there were so many awesome varieties?!?! ) and cookies/brownies. The sweet tooth thing is my weakness. My workouts have been awesome, I take a class most days of the week, a variety of things like boot camp, cycle, PiYo, Pilates, and cardio boxing.

      1. I had an amazing cashew milk ice cream a few weeks ago, double chocolate brownie… YUM, and an almond milk snicker-doodle flavor… drool!

  7. So true! Who was it that said, “Everything in moderation… including moderation.” Because I’m loving finally living a life of balance and happiness. It’s much more livable than going crazy with diet goals nonstop!

    And awesome work keeping up 4-5 days/week for workouts. I tried to keep up 6 days consistently, but with freelancing, blogging, and a 9-5, I feel like it provides too much stress, which isn’t the purpose. 4-5 days works perfectly for me, as well. (This week is looking like 5 for me… go team!)

  8. That is DEFINITELY what I call a good day of eats. I’ve seen that breakfast combo a few times now and have been craving it all week. I really must get on it. And that dinner! Soaked in red wine!? Be still my heart.
    Double dessert and sweet potatoes in every meal is basically my idea of heaven.

  9. My favorite un-healthy food would probably be a burger made by my hubby πŸ™‚ Or ice cream!!

    My workouts have been great this week! I’m taking part in the Winter Shape Up hosted by The Fitnessista and fANNEtastic food and have been loving the variety of workouts. This is the last week for it so I’m trying to figure out what I want to do next. I like doing my own thing at the gym or home but also love following a plan because it’s nice not having to think about what I’m going to do at the gym the next day.

    1. That’s pretty cool you’re doing that. And didn’t you do Jess’s Elite Boot Camp too? How do they compare? I love that you participate in these programs! πŸ™‚ AND it’s definitely nice to have someone write the plan for you so you don’t have to think. Have a great day, Catherine!

      1. Yes, I did Jess’ boot camp too. I enjoyed both of these programs and would recommend them!!

        I found Jess’ pushed me more because it was Crossfit style workouts/Olympic lifts and I lifted sizes of weights that I never thought I’d ever be able to lift and the workouts were over very quickly. Now that I have the workouts I’m going to repeat it again.

        With the WSU, the workouts are varied and I like that I can do them at home with a set of 10 – 15 lbs dumbells and my own body weight. Lots of compound movements so you hit every major muscle group.

  10. I think your approach to health/nutrition/fitness is super refreshing. You’re a great example with all the healthy living bloggers out there!! Yes to 2 red velvet cupcakes in a day – I did that exact same thing on Valentine’s Day!! The best.

  11. A celebration day isn t an excuse to eat everything in sight just because you can. It s about enjoyment of what you re eating! I m going out on a limb here in saying that indulgence is a natural and healthy part of being human. I mean, we have taste buds for a reason, right? The key point is the difference between indulgence and overindulgence .

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