Abbreviations used in everyday convos

I can’t be sure the abbreviations and slang words I have encountered lately are unique to the Bay Area or are gaining popularity across the globe.  But, I can attest to the fact that they are more prevalent than ever before in my world.  I’ve heard a few on TV.  I’ve heard the most in conversations with fellow San Franciscans.

Dave is hesitant to adopt a lot of these terms, but I’m a fan and have already incorporated a few into my vocabulary.

Have you heard any of these terms in your neck of the woods?

  • Festies.  Festivals and events.
  • Ressies.  Reservations for dinner.
  • Totes.  Totally agree.  Not only recognized by Urban Dictionary, but cited as popular among teenage girls.
  • Fab.  Fabulous.  Great.  Recognized by Urban Dictionary.
  • Nibblies.  Food, appetizers (apps), or a little meal.  Already in Urban Dictionary.
  • Oppties.  Job opportunities.  True story.  Just heard this yesterday.
  • Champs.  Champagne, quite obviously.
  • Obvi.  Obviously, quite obviously.  Used this one since college.  Already in Urban Dictionary.
  • Adorbs.  Adorable.  Love it.  Also already in Urban Dictionary.

As a writer and a wordy person who tends to use obscure phrases in everyday conversation, it’s odd that I would adopt shortened versions of common things, but I’ve come to love them.

I wouldn’t relate this trend to the texting short-hand you see people use in a rush like “i c” or “u 2”, etc.  To me, that is a completely unacceptable way to communicate.  However, abbreviations are totes appropriate for intelligent, urban people when used in the right setting.

Speaking of festies, today Dave and I went to the Fillmore Jazz Festival in the Fillmore neighborhood.  We had never been to that area before.  It had a newer and more upscale vibe than some of the historical areas throughout the City, with little restaurants and trendy boutiques lining the streets.

Today’s festival was much larger than the North Beach Festival we attended a couple of weeks ago and way more crowded.  Many of the vendors and food outlets were the same, which is apparently because the same management company puts on both festivals.

Jazz seems to attract a better dressed crowd, and therefore the people watching was excellent.  We had some grilled street food, enjoyed live music and soaked up a little Vitamin D.

Fillmore Jazz Festival
I’d like to introduce my new “festival” hat.
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