Current faves: A new class, a gym bag, shiny shoes, delicious food and more

Hi, friend! It’s time for my current faves, and we’re talking about all the things I’ve been loving lately. How are you? How’s your February going so far?

I’m doing well! I’ve been busy with all my usual work, mom stuff and life. This past weekend we went to two kids’ birthday parties and hosted a pizza party for four couples at our house, so it was a packed one. That’s why, I’m totally fine with the fact that this upcoming weekend will be a little lighter on the activities front. Now, let’s roll into some faves …

Current faves


Teaching my first MB360 class

Last week, I taught my first ever MB360 class at Life Time (this is a brand new program, exclusively at Life Time locations), and it was so fun. My Friday routine will feature this new MB360 class followed by the Barbell Strength class I was already teaching, so the last day of the week will be a big double for me moving forward …

Life Time double day by A Lady Goes West

(I’ve been living in this oversized cropped white hoodie that I bought right before Christmas.)

I went to a two-day training for the MB360 program in early January, then I spent a lot of time practicing and preparing (and getting a bunch of continuing education credits for my personal trainer credential — woohoo). I passed my audition a couple weeks ago and debuted the new class on the schedule last Friday.

Although I’ve been teaching group fitness classes for 15 years, this program is very different from anything I’ve ever done before. It’s not only about the tough work in the middle of the class (which is tough, because you’re wearing a 12-pound weighted vest and doing tabata), but it’s also about working on your breath, being mindful, properly elevating and decompressing your body and ending in a supine meditation. It’s a 360-experience for sure.

MB360 ground work by A Lady Goes West
I’ve been challenged by this program, and I’ve learned a lot of cool mobility movements and activation movements that I’ll not only teach in this class, but also in the other classes I teach regularly. And now that I’ve added MB360 to my schedule, I’m up to seven regular classes a week. I think that’s good for now.


A shiny gold tote bag

I eyed this gold tote bag for quite some time (in fact, I think I put it on a gift guide maybe a year ago). I’ve always bought the same brand of bags for forever (MZ Wallace is my obsession, and I still love those bags and use them all the time), but I wanted something with a little bit more structure for daily gym trips.

Gold state bag by A Lady Goes West

(I linked my whole outfit and the bag here.)

I bought this tote during a Black Friday sale and started using it a couple weeks later. It’s nothing but a tote bag (with one interior pocket and a luggage sleeve), but it feels much more elevated than a regular tote. I’ve been loving it so much. It’s sitting next to me on the bench at the gym right now as I write. It fits my laptop, a water bottle, all my gear, my phone, a sweatshirt, a snack and a protein shake. Here’s the bag in action heading into the gym …

Some shiny silver sneakers

This is my second pair of Superga brand sneakers. I had my last ones for three years and wore them maybe twice a week for all three years, until they finally had to be put to rest. I mentioned this to Dave a while back, and so I was excited to receive these metallic Superga sneakers for Christmas from him. They have a comfy flat fit, and the silver is such a fun pop. This is not my first pair of metallic sneakers either, because Dave also bought me these gold sneakers earlier this year. 

Silver sneakers by A Lady Goes West

(Loving these silver sneakers found here. They also come with some shimmer here.)

Now that you can wear sneakers for pretty much any occasion, it’s nice to have some fancier sneakers, and my gold ones and silver ones fill that role well. I love these, and I expect to wear them a lot. They are true to size. Here they are in action at a kids’ birthday party last weekend …

Silver sneakers at the party by A Lady Goes West

Speaking of fashion, I’ve been adding my outfits to my LTK page, so you can find all of the items, if you’re ever interested in what I’m wearing. Check out my LTK page here.


Some tasty foods I’ve tried lately

Ratio yogurt. I picked this yogurt up at Publix a few months ago because it was new to the shelves, and I wanted to try it. Well, I’m so glad I did. It has the best texture of any yogurt I’ve ever eaten — it’s thicker, yet smooth — and not at all runny. It also has a delicious flavor. I’ve been eating a big serving of this for a high-protein breakfast with a banana every single morning for a few months, and I’m so into it.

Ratio yogurt by A Lady Goes West

I’ve only seen this yogurt at Publix so far, and if you ever run into it and you’re not yet a yogurt lover, it may turn you into one. Yes, it’s technically a keto product, but I only eat it for the taste/texture/protein. I get the big tub of the vanilla regularly, and occasionally the smaller servings of the coconut.

Tonnino tuna. One of my group fitness/tennis friends bought me a jar of this tuna as part of a birthday present, and because that was right before Christmas, it got pushed toward the back of my pantry. When she asked me about it recently, I pulled it out and tried it the next day on toast, and oh-my-goodness it is incredibly delightful. 

Tonnino tuna by A Lady Goes West

I’m a fan of tuna, but I literally never buy it. And while you don’t want to eat tuna every day due to the mercury content, there are still beneficial nutrients in tuna. And this jar of tuna has olive oil and jalapeños, giving it a little kick in the best of ways. I quickly finished the jar in just a couple days time, and I bought another one this week. You can find this product at Whole Foods, and I think I’m going to be a regular consumer moving forward (in moderation, of course).


A quote I can really get behind

I’ve been a beginner at a lot of things over the last few years. Through moving across the country, becoming an instructor at a new-to-me gym with new-to-me programs, starting the sport of tennis as an adult and more … and when you’re new, you have the greatest room for growth. I love the following thought from the Headspace app, which popped up on my phone after one of my recent meditations.

Not knowing quote by A Lady Goes West

A podcast recommendation

I don’t listen to podcasts as much as I used to, but this particular episode of “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Show” was so good, I have to share it. The podcast hosts interview Dr. Michael Gervais, who talks about avoiding “FOPO,” which is the fear of other people’s opinions. If you want a little reminder on how to show up for yourself, give this one a listen. Apparently Dr. Gervais has a book about the same topic, so I may need to put that on my list.

A musical performance

I didn’t stay up late to watch the entire Grammy Awards this past Sunday, but I did catch some of it. And watching Miley Cyrus win her first Grammy and then give one amazing performance was so enjoyable. I’ve rewatched in a number of times, because she just nails it. Go, Miley! Did anyone else watch the Grammy’s? The parts I saw were so good.

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That’s all for today, my friend! I hope you have an amazing day and week. Thank you so much for choosing to spend some of your valuable time on A Lady Goes West with me. 🙂 

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