The best brand of everyday bags and my favorite bags I use all the time

The best brand of everyday bags and my favorite bags I use all the time coming at you!

Hi, friend! How are you? I’m doing well during this busy week in Charlotte! This post is all about bags. I mean, we all have them, we all need them, and you only learn about good ones through word of mouth, right?

I have to thank Instagram for introducing me to the MZ Wallace brand of bag via one of my blogging friends from San Francisco. I had never heard of MZ Wallace before, but the second I saw the casual, yet fancy, patchwork style, I was intrigued. It took me a couple of years of seeing these bags on social media to finally purchase my own. Once I did, I loved it, so I purchased another, then another, then another, then another. I’m constantly telling people about these bags, and it seemed liked a good time to devote a post to them. (Now that I’ve written about my favorite tops, my favorite leggings and my favorite sneakers.)

MZ Wallace is an American brand founded in New York by two women, and their goal is to make bags that serve as functional luxury. And initially, MZ Wallace bags were designed for New Yorkers who commute and need something comfortable to carry around that looks good from day to night. And I can say that yes, these bags are very comfy to carry around. Over the years, the brand has become more and more popular — but not so much that everyone has one, and I like that about them. These bags are different. Now, they are not cheap, but they are also not unreasonable. I find that my MZ Wallace bags hold up to the test, so I think they are worth every penny. And the ones I’m sharing below range from $65 to $295 each. (And many of them are made with recyclable materials, which is awesome, because MZ Wallace is a Certified B-Corp too.)

Shortly after I purchased my first MZ Wallace bag, someone told me that MZ Wallace bags are washable, and so I’ve washed all of my bags, except for the patent/lacquer one, you’ll see below. However, the MZ Wallace website does not say anywhere that you can wash your bags. Perhaps it degrades the quality over the long term, but I’ve done it multiple times. I wash the bags on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, then hang them inside out to dry. Once again, you may not want to do this, because it’s not recommended, but it works for me. But anyhow, let’s talk about each of the everyday bags I have and use all the time …

The best brand of everyday bags and my favorite bags I use all the time

The best brand of everyday bags and my favorite bags I use all the time by A Lady Goes West

Here’s what I’ve got …

Small Metro Tote Deluxe

This is the first style of MZ Wallace bag that I ever bought — the Small Metro Tote Deluxe — and once I bought it, I put it on my shelf for a few months without using it. I do this sometimes, wanting to keep new things new. Then, I started using it as a purse, and finally, I turned it into a small everyday gym bag. It’s too good to stay at home on my shelf, you know?

MZ Wallace Small Metro Deluxe bag by A Lady Goes West

When I’m just working out or teaching a class, this is all I bring. I can fit my small MacBook Air, a snack, my microphone belt, wallet, sunglasses and keys in this bag. While you can zip it up, I often leave it open. And this bag has been through many, many days with me over the years.

MZ Wallace Metro Small by A Lady Goes West

I sometimes use it as a shoulder bag, but I mostly use it as a crossbody so I can have my hands free. This is my most used bag, by far. And I love the two-tone design I have, but I’d also like to have a black one one day. This bag has a couple interior pockets, a couple exterior pockets, a removable crossbody strap, and it fits so much more than you’d think. Love it!

Find the Small Metro Tote Deluxe bag here.

Large Metro Tote Deluxe

Dave bought me this bag — the Large Metro Tote Deluxe — for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I started using it right away. I use this bag for overnight trips, and I also use this bag several days a week at the gym, when I’m bringing my shower stuff and a change of clothes. When I went to Holden Beach the other weekend, I fit nearly every single thing I took in this bag. It’s surprisingly roomy.

MZ Wallace Large Metro Deluxe A Lady Goes West

There’s a removable crossbody strap, a few little interior ditty bags (which I use for shoes to keep the rest of my stuff from touching the bottoms of my shoes), and interior and exterior pockets.

MZ Wallace Metro Large by A Lady Goes West

I can wear this bag over the shoulder or across my body, and I like to have the option for either. While my version has a lovely chevron stripe that’s no longer available, all the colors this bag comes in are great. I’d like to get the black lacquer one one day too. Also, this bag has a luggage sleeve, so you can slide it onto your rolling suitcase — an option many travelers prefer.

Find the Large Metro Deluxe Tote here.

Metro Backpack Deluxe

This is my newest MZ Wallace bag — the Metro Backpack Deluxe — and sadly, I’ve used it the least. I’ve taken it on a few trips, but it often sits at the top of my closet, and I need to change that. I love the bright blue color, but I’d probably use it more if it were a black or grey or navy. I love the feel of it though, and it really does need more time in my rotation.

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack by Goes West

There’s an interior pocket for my laptop, a front pocket for my keys and wallet and lots of room on the inside too. The best part about this bag, which I love for traveling, is that it has a luggage sleeve, so you can slide it onto the handles of a suitcase and keep it hands free. Such a convenience. Also, this backpack comes with a detachable pouch. 

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack by A Lady Goes West

Find the Metro Backpack Deluxe here.

Metro Pouch

I had my eye on this Metro Pouch for so long! I’m so glad I bought it. I use this Metro Pouch as a clutch purse quite often. You can fit a tablet and some essentials in there, but I hardly have anything in there when I use it except keys, lipgloss and my slim wallet. It’s soft, and the shiny one I have just looks good. This is such a fun item in my closet.

MZ Wallace Pouch by A Lady Goes West

Sometimes I put this pouch inside my other MZ Wallace bags when I travel, so I have a purse and a larger tote in one. Once again, convenience is key. And I think MZ Wallace does the whole convenience thing very well.

MZ Wallace Metro Pouch by A Lady Goes West-2

Find the Metro Pouch here.

I’m always looking around to see what I might get next to add to my collection, because I’m just getting started …

Everyday bags on my wish list

When I find a brand a like, I support that brand and keep buying stuff. And I’m constantly scrolling through the MZ Wallace website figuring out what my next purchase will be. Here are a few cute items I’m thinking of picking up one day to add to my collection of everyday bags …

The Medium Metro Tote Deluxe in Black and Black Lacquer — I already have the Small and Large Metro Tote Deluxe, so the Medium is the only size missing from my collection. I’d probably transition to using the Medium Metro Tote Deluxe in Black for gym days, and save the Black Lacquer for travel or nicer activities. 

The Crosby Go in Black Lacquer — I need some more tiny purses, and I love this shiny black lacquer style one from MZ Wallace. I could see myself using this one a lot and may have to save up for it.

The Metro Quatro Tote in Black — I think this would make an excellent work bag for storing a few books, a laptop and the essentials. You can never have too many black totes, and this one is definitely on my radar as a future purchase.

My favorite brand of bags by A Lady Goes West

And that’ll do it! I hope you enjoyed this look at my favorite brand of everyday bags and my favorite bags I use all the time. I love to share with you the things that work for me, and this post was a great way to do that. Have a wonderful day!

By the way, I’ve added these bags to my LTK page, and you can always find links to my clothing and accessories by me following here.

*This post contains affiliate links. The purchase price is not altered, but if you shop through these links, you support me. Thanks for that, friend!

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  1. Girl, I just bought my 11th MZW piece! ELEVENTH!! 😳 I’m like you, I’m always scrolling the website to see what I can add to my collection. Enjoyed the article and love your site!

    1. Hi MJ! Well, as a big-time MZ Wallace fan, please tell me your FAVORITE bag? I wonder if I have it too. I’m so glad I found these bags a couple years ago. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! 🙂

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