Deep thoughts from the Pinders

The first thing my Dad noticed about San Francisco is that he has never seen so many backpacks.  Everyone has a backpack.  I’ve noticed this too.  And, once I start a full-time job, I fully expect to be wearing a backpack on the streets each day as well.

When you walk around a lot, you not only need your hands free, but you also need to equalize the weight distribution on your shoulders.  Backpacks are a smart choice for corporate suits and hipsters alike.

The next few things my Dad noticed about San Francisco include the following:

  • Everyone is in shape.
  • Everyone is young.
  • There are very few cops.
  • There are a lot of Walgreens.

Some of these are sweeping statements, but honest accounts from someone new to the City.

Monday evening my parents and brother arrived at SFO from MCO.  We welcomed them in style with a neon green poster shown below.  My Dad had been on the fence about coming due to work, so it was a surprise when he arrived with the group, thus his name was not mentioned on the sign.

This was the first time my Mom had been on a plane since the seventies.  She was extremely nervous, and with the help of the Pinder men and perhaps a couple of pre-flight and in-flight cocktails, she made it here in one piece.  She not only flew across the country, but she came decked out with brand new “San Francisco outfits” and they are perfect.  What a good sport!

Our first day in the City included a walk to the Ferry Building to take in the Farmer’s Market, a lunch by the water, and even a visit to Macy’s for Men to choose some fancy new jeans and a shirt for my brother.  We concluded our evening with Dave once he got home from work and went to North Beach for a big Italian meal at Calzone’s.

The weather wasn’t great for a day of exploring, so we pushed back some other outdoor touristy to-dos for later in the week.

It goes without saying that I LOVE having my family here in the City.  And, the riveting commentary from this group provides plenty of content for blogging.

Check back soon for more deep thoughts.

Airport Sign
When was the last time you saw someone hold a sign at arrivals?
Ferry Building
Family trip to the Ferry Building.
Meat Cup
A smile of pure joy with meat cup in hand.
Up on the Roof
Ladies on the rooftop of my building.
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