Favorite things: Meals, scents and more

Hey, friends! I hope your week has been going well, and I hope you have something fun and/or something relaxing on the agenda for your weekend.

This week was more of the same for me — featuring work, workouts, eating, sleeping, etc., and this weekend should be a good one. I’m going to a fitness event in the City tomorrow, and Dave and I are getting together with friends to watch the Warriors away playoff game on Sunday night. Other than that — well, perhaps a little downtime is in order.


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This week’s “Favorite things”  


I mean, fun should really be the topic of this favorites post, but I’ve already showed you tons of pictures of my recent adventures as weekend recaps. I’ve had so many good times on the weekends every single weekend for months now, especially with our influx of visitors, and I love it. There’s never a dull moment. But one meal from this past weekend stands out …

Smoked salmon sammie from Yountville Deli by A Lady Goes West

I thought about staging a more fancy picture of this sandwich, but I couldn’t wait very long before digging in. Smoked salmon is the best.

Have you ever had a sandwich with smoked salmon, avocado, bacon, cucumbers, capers, sprouts, tomatoes and mayo on wheat bread? I mean, yum. This beautiful sandwich was from Yountville Deli in Napa, and I’d love to re-create it at home one day.


Last week, when I was taking my dear friend Judy through San Francisco, as we hopped off the Muni (public transit), she said she wanted to cross the street and go into a store in Fisherman’s Wharf. I was shocked to see that it was a lovely bath and beauty store, right in the heart of the busy tourist area. A reprieve from the madness, if you will.

Laline store in San Francisco

Laline beauty products by A Lady Goes West

Here’s what I picked up: Shimmery body cream? I mean it just brings me back. And this vanilla body spray is perhaps the best scent I’ve ever come across. 

Judy and I were blown away by Laline. The products are amazing, and they were having a big sale that day, so we both picked up some stuff. Apparently Laline has three locations in San Francisco, and you can also order online. I will absolutely be going back for more gifts. By the way, I doused myself in body spray while we were there and smelled so good the rest of the day. Vanilla makes me happy. Enough said.


I bought this purse more than a month ago, but somehow forgot to mention it as a favorite. It’s the perfect color, fits nicely on my shoulder and has so many nice pieces of hardware.

Rebecca Minkoff bag by A Lady Goes West

If you need a cross-body bag or an over-the-shoulder one, may I suggest the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac? You can also remove the straps to make it a clutch.

Of course, this beauty is from Nordstrom Rack, one of my favorite stores. I’ve been using it all throughout the weekend, and it goes with everything. But I must say, even though it’s nice to use little bags like this when you’re out and about, I also love a big bag. I’ve got my eye on this leather backpack too.

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Questions of the day

What’s something you’ve been loving lately?

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I’ve only had smoked salmon on eggs benedict, but that sandwich sounds delicious! Taking a group of 8th graders on a field trip today to Six Flags for work, I love rides so it’s my favorite working day of the year, hehe. Then looking forward to a relaxing evening tomorrow night with the hubby. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my gosh, good luck to you, Patricia! I’ve never been to a Six Flags, but Busch Gardens was all the rage when I lived in Florida. I like roller coasters, but none of the weird spinny stuff. Have fun!!! (I bet you will need to relax tomorrow after today’s big trip!)

  2. Alex and I had a smoked salmon BLT last weekend and it was amazeballs. Bacon and salmon and all the good stuff, you just can’t get better! Have a great weekend, Ashley!

    1. How about that! I didn’t realize smoked salmon BLT was a thing until I had one! Love it! 🙂 Happy Friday, lady! Are you going to BlogFest this year??

  3. That sandwich looks like a dream– I love smoked salmon anything! Congrats on the mention on PB fingers…I loved all of those recipes! I’m celebrating a family member’s birthday on Sunday and we’re all going out for brunch at a fancy hotel I cant wait!
    Have a great weekend 😀

    1. Hi Heather! How nice! I only really go out to a nice brunch for a special occasion — feels celebratory, right? Have so much fun with the fam!

  4. That sandwich looks amazing :)! I finally got to try Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream, YUM!

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