Friday Favorites: Bling, crunch and pet goods

Friday again? Yes, please! Today’s a busy one for me. I’m teaching BODYATTACK at one gym, changing my shirt, chugging a shake and heading to another gym to teach BODYPUMP, as well as a core class, one-hour later. From there, I’m heading home for lunch and then to Orangetheory Fitness for a few hours of meetings.

I’ll probably plop on the couch once all that is complete and veg, because I’m up and at ’em early tomorrow to teach a double-header at Orangetheory again. Oh the life of gym-hopper.

As far as plans for the rest of the weekend … Dave is going to be golfing all day on Saturday in a tournament, so I’ll just hang out with little Rudy once I’m home from teaching. As of now, we’re considering going to a county fair with some friends on Sunday. Deep-fried twinkies anyone? 

But you didn’t come here for that chatter. You came for some random “Friday Favorites,” and gosh darn-it, I’m going to deliver them to you. Without further ado …

My latest “Friday Favorites” of the week

You may wonder how I select what types of items will make my list each week. Well, it’s a science. Anything new that’s been in my life and I’m enjoying, and that’s that. There’s not always a place to share a bunch of randomness on the blog, so it all comes out on my last post of the week, every single week.

My favorite recent surprise presents

Oh leave it to my wonderful Momma to make my day. On Tuesday, I received a surprise package from her in honor of my “Halfy (or Un) Birthday.” (What, you don’t celebrate your mid-point to your birthday? Well you’re missing out!). In that package was all sorts of goodness, but what I most want to share are these …

Maltipoo giftsSocks and a note-pad for me. A tiny Gator collar (University of Florida represent!) for little Rudy. I can’t wait to put that collar on him once he gets a little bigger. I mean, so adorable.

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been a dog parent, and you can now call me a crazy dog-lover with these first few items. Love them! Now all I need is a bumper-sticker that says “I love my Maltipoo.” Oh wait, my car is leased, so I guess I’ll have to pass on that one. Maybe a scrunchie instead?

My favorite recent fashion delivery

Another Rocksbox jewelry-delivery success. If you’ve been around A Lady Goes West for a while, you know that I’ve been signed up for some complimentary months of the Rocksbox jewelry subscription service, and I even attended the first Rocksbox party in San Francisco. This stuff is too good not to share.

Another awesome Rocksbox deliveryAnother big statement necklace? I’ll take it. Shown above is the Perry Street Alana Necklace ($80), some Gorjana Taner Bar Mini Studs ($32) and a Wanderlust + Co. Multi-Stud Gold Bangle ($39). Which ones should I keep based on the Rocksbox discounted prices?

Every single box I receive has items that I’m in love with, and I’ve been keeping some things too, which is always your choice when a shipment comes. Don’t forget, you can sign up for a free month of Rocksbox using the code: aladygoeswestxoxo. And if you do, they’ll drop some pennies in my account. Woohoo!

My favorite new crunchy eats

I never buy cereal or granola unless it’s for Dave. Well a couple of weeks ago, a bag of this Post Grape-Nuts FIT granola came in the mail to me. I was hesitant to try it, but ended up eating it with Greek yogurt once and with cottage cheese once as a breakfast this week. And let me tell you — it’s darn tasty.

Post Grape-Nuts granolaEaten as a topping or by itself, this whole-grain bag of crunchy goodness is a welcome addition to my pantry.

You have to be careful with granola, because the calorie counts get high quickly. But if you use portion control, you’re totally fine. A half-of-a-cup of this mixture has 230 calories, as well as nine grams of protein, five grams of fiber and whole grains — so it will keep you full and satisfied for a while. The Cranberry Vanilla flavor features granola, crunchy nuggets, cranberries, puffed barley and some natural vanilla flavor, which is all quite pleasing. I love adding crunch to nearly every meal, so this granola is a-okay in my book.

My favorite piece of neon

I am all into neon these days. I have neon dresses, tops, shoes and now a sports bra. A couple of weekends ago I attended a POPSUGAR Class FitSugar in San Francisco and came away with some loot. One of the things I’m most excited about is this neon-pink sports bra by C9 by Champion for Target.

Pink sports bra by TargetI love the color, the shape and it’s got enough padding to keep you nice and covered.

I’ve worn the bra a few times, and the bright color is just wonderful, it seems to make my outfit. I’ve mostly been wearing it with looser-muscle-looking tanks, so the sides and straps sneak out to show the color too. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any clothing or activewear from Target, and I definitely like this piece. We’ll see how it holds up after a few washes, but right now, it’s great.

My favorite links of the week

Did you miss out on some of the good stuff on A Lady Goes West this week? Here’s what happened …

Also, I’m loving this funny article about Instagram, which a friend shared with me this week: “How to Have the Most Enviable Instagram of All Time in Just 21 Steps.” I’m proud to say that I’m not guilty of very many of these. But maybe I should try them to up my Instagram game?

And that covers it for today! By the way, congrats to LaTanya, the winner of last week’s GoMacro bar giveaway. I’ll have another giveaway coming your way soon.

Enjoy your Friday and weekend, my friends! See you back here on Monday morning.

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Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

When was the last time you went to a fair or amusement park?

What are you loving lately?

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  1. I want photographic evidence of you eating a deep fried twinkie. Alex loves amusement parks, but I didn’t grow up going to them. I enjoy them for a time, but then I’m over it. I also can get really motion sick (not always, it’s a bit of a gamble), so that doesn’t help, and there is literally nothing for me to eat, lol. I used to LOVE water parks, though. Have fun!

    1. Hi Susie! I could see how eating would be tough for you at places like that. And we are the opposite, because I HATE water parks. I’ve been to plenty, but I despise swimming around in water that thousands of other people are in at the same time. heheh! And I’ll be sure to post a picture of any of the good fair food I find!:) Happy Friday!

    1. I know Courtney! Too bad Rudy is so darn fluffy, because we may not see much of the collar once on him ehehhe. πŸ™‚ TGIF, pretty lady!

  2. I posted a picture yesterday to Facebook! Ok, that Instagram article was hilarious! I just added you to the Facebook BODYPUMP instructor group because someone posted your article yesterday. They were saying how awesome you are, so you need to check that out!

    1. Also, I LOVE amusement parks. I’m kind of a roller coaster connoisseur. We just got back from Busch Gardens a couple weeks ago and Dollywood before that. However, Dollywood didn’t have as many thrill rides as other amusement parks. But, it was still fun.

      1. Hi Melissa! Oh fun! I’d love to check out Dollywood. And of course, I went to the Busch Gardens in Tampa a ton, growing up in Florida. I like roller coasters, but I hate “drop” rides. You know? hahah! Happy Friday!

        1. We went to the Tampa Busch Gardens all the time when we lived in Jacksonville. Now we go to the VA one. I hope they have big roller coasters in Japan!!! The bigger the drop – the better!

    2. Thank you SO much for adding me to that group. How have I not been in there? hahah! Nice work on posting a photo lady, I bet everyone was pleased. πŸ™‚ hahah!! Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

      1. I have no idea how you weren’t in there! But, when I saw them post about you, I checked to see if you were there and you weren’t! Had to add you πŸ™‚ Glad you are there now.

  3. Goshhhh that’s a lot of classes. That reminds me of the days I taught barre classes 6 and sometimes even 7 days a week, sometimes multiple at two studios a day. The life of a gym-hopper is right! That collar is adorable, and I appreciate the U of F reference, too. πŸ˜‰ Also, I’m loving those Rocksbox pieces. Happy Friday and thanks for linking up!

    1. Hi Heather! Yes, I’ve been at nearly 15-classes a week lately between four gyms, so it’s a lot! But I love it! Happy Friday to you, hostess-with-the-mostess!

    1. For sure, Sarah! Because I do so much blog work on Sundays though, it seems like there’s never a day off. But I don’t have to tell you that … πŸ™‚

  4. Oooh, I’m lovin’ that Target bra too – I’m interested in hearing how it holds up! I hope you get some relaxation in this weekend after all of those workouts πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like you have a busy couple of days! All fun and good things though. πŸ™‚

    I’m typically not a big cereal or granola eater either … until pregnancy. Now I want it all the time! So, I enjoy it and love every bite. The Post granola you’re sharing here sounds good! I’ll have to look for it the next time I’m at the store.

    Totally loving your new sports bra from Target! The color and style are spot-on.

    Have a fabulous weekend! xo

    1. Hi Ash! Yes, this POST Granola is delish. I’m almost done with the bag in just a few days (whoopsie!). Yay for colorful workout gear … I really can’t get enough! πŸ™‚

  6. Good Morning!

    I Love love love the Marin County Fair. Even if you go to Alemeda this weekend, check out Marin next week if you get a chance. By far the best fair in the bay area.

    Also recommend a stop at Buckeye after for buckeye oysters and ribs.

    Have a kick arse weekend,

    1. Hi Sabrina! Totally good to know about Marin County fair. I didn’t even know that was taking place. And yes, we’re pumped about the Alameda County fair this weekend. Not sure what to expect, but I’m always down for something different. I hope you have a lovely weekend as well. Happy Friday and thanks again for the tip!

  7. Your “half-birthday” care package is too cute! Mamas are the best!
    You sound like one busy lady- it’s a good thing you love what you do!
    I hope you have a chance for a little R&R this weekend too!
    Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Heather! Yes, I love it! But yes, it’s exhausting heheh! I will definitely relax at some point this weekend. Hope you have a lovely weekend too! πŸ™‚

  8. No big plans this weekend. Running a half marathon on Sunday to kick of my marathon training! Can’t wait to get long runs back into my weekend schedule. It’s been far too long since I’ve been to a fair – I love playing carnival games! And I’m loving my new hair cut… it’s been far too long and my hair is finally looking healthy and full again! Much needed! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Hi Dixya! I’ve stopped by a few times to say hi, because your headlines draw me in heheh! πŸ™‚ Happy Friday to you, lady. Enjoy your weekend of balanced living with lots of dog walks!

  9. That bra looks amazing & of course I love the color too! I’m a big pink fanatic. I don’t buy granola or cereal much either. I like that you mentioned the portions & calories. So many people don’t realize how much is in it!

  10. That sports bra looks awesome. I need a new one with a new look haha. And loving those earrings. I actually put some granola cereal on my coconut yogurt the other morning and it was way better than I was hoping for. We might be onto something πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Char! I know, so easy to toss granola on anything and it jazzes it up with a little crunch and flavor. Love the new blog name by the way! πŸ™‚ Happy weekend to you!

  11. Love those bras with the padding! Especially in the winter… If you know what I mean. Ha! Rudy is adorable! Love the socks!

  12. So glad I’m not the only one who celebrates half birthdays. I don’t do it every year but my hubby was really cute one year and got me half a dozen roses, half a box of chocolates (luckily he saved the other half for me, too) and half a cake. It was awesome. You got some awesome stuff in your Rocksbox! I feel like mine has been hit or miss lately. I love that bangle! Definitely keep it if it’s something that goes with several pieces in your wardrobe!

    1. Hi Beth! Thanks for saying hi! I am so glad you celebrate your halfy birthday too!:) heheh! It’s not exactly a common celebration, but a good one to do. What a good hubby you have for all those gifts on your halfy day. And I’m definitely thinking of keeping the bangle. Happy Saturday, hope you enjoy your weekend!

  13. Loving that new pink sports bra from Target! I haven’t bought anything from their fitness apparel selections in a while. I should take a look the next I go there to shop. Glad to see you are enjoying the puppy so much. He’s adorable. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Sunday!

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