Saturday morning sweat-session love

Good Saturday morning to you all.

Saturday morning has always been my favorite time to get in an intense work-out. While a light walk, a bike ride, or even a short romp on the treadmill alone is fine, I’ve always preferred a full-hour group fitness class to start my weekend. These days, I have no choice but to get it in, because I’m paid to be there.

But I’ve always been one to schedule weekend plans around my Saturday morning work-out. And if you are serious about your exercise routine, might I suggest you do that too. It’s actually not that hard to say no to brunch because you want to get in a sweat session, all you have to do is plan a later lunch. Believe me, the after-effects of getting moving will make it worth your while.

That being said, I have a Saturday morning routine.

My Saturday morning routine

I wake up early (usually earlier than I want to), I quietly sneak to the living room (which is actually part of the bedroom, kitchen and dining room in our little city abode) and I open up my computer to play around as Dave continues to sleep.

Once he is up, I can get into the kitchen and make some noise. So at that time I have my usual go-to healthy breakfast while reading the news online with a hot cup o’ tea. While I get ready, I listen to my headphones and practice my choreography for class for a little pre-class refresher. I’m out the door in sweats by 9:25 a.m., so I can walk the 25-minute trek to the gym to teach a 10 a.m. BODYATTACK class.

My Saturday morning class is always a good time, because I have some fabulous regulars, who show up with smiles even though I know there are plenty of other places they could be. A few of them arrive with sleep creases still on their faces, so they’ve made an effort to make it. I appreciate that.

The open and airy gym where I teach on Saturday, is the same one I teach Thursday and Friday, so I spend quite a few hours a week at the front of this room looking out at this view. To me, it’s a comforting place to be, because I know I always walk out on a high.

San Francisco gym

Yes, people can see us working out as they walk by, and we can see them too.

A long walk uphill

After a sweaty class, I walk home slowly up the hilly sidewalks, sipping on my post-workout protein shake and typically chatting on the phone to my Mom. When my legs are extra-tired from ATTACKing, sometimes it will take me almost double the amount of time to get home as it does to get there. Granted, I may be beat, but at the same time I feel awesome.

Post-workout free day of fun

Once I’m home and showered, Saturday is a free day for adventures.

Our time is limited today though, because unfortunately, Dave has to work at a game tonight, so I’m getting together with a girlfriend this evening. This will be my second girl’s-only outing this week while Dave has been working. Although I’ll be excited when he has more free time, his unavailability has been good for my social life. Right, ladies?

Sunday fanciness 

The highlight of our weekend takes place tomorrow, when Dave and I are attending the ballet. For Valentine’s Day, he bought us tickets to see the limited-run showing of Cinderella, and tomorrow’s matinee is the very last performance in the City.

And there you have it, a great weekend ahead, which is just about to be kicked off with a good sweat session.

Question of the day

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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