The best barbell class playlist I’ve made lately (for your next workout)

We’re talking music again! And today, I’m sharing the best barbell class playlist I’ve made lately that you can use for your next workout! 

Hi, friend! How are you? Listen: Music is a huge part of my life. I spend a ton of time searching for the right music for my classes, and I spend a ton of time listening to music at home, at the gym, in the car, basically wherever and whenever I can. And I think music makes the workout, especially in group fitness.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a group fitness instructor for more than a decade and I currently teach freestyle group fitness classes at Life Time in Charlotte. One of my favorite classes to teach is a class called Barbell Strength (it has similarities to Les Mills BODYPUMP, but it has a slightly different structure). I love to create playlists for this particular class, because it gives me a chance to use all sorts of genres and find really hard-hitting songs for the bigger tracks like back and squats, with some poppier songs for the lighter tracks, like triceps and biceps. I have many, many playlists for this class format, and I felt like it was finally time to share one on the blog for your listening pleasure.

By the way, you don’t need to do a barbell workout to enjoy this playlist. It will drive any workout.

If you’re an instructor or someone who wants to know more about making a great playlist, be sure to check out this full tutorial I created a while back: How to create a playlist for a workout class + a barre class playlist.

The best barbell class playlist I’ve made lately (for your next workout)

The best barbell class playlist I've made lately (for your next workout) by A Lady Goes West

This particular playlist has songs ranging from 91 to 144 BPMs (or beats per minute), and I choreograph on a song-by-song basis, so the beats are not consistent throughout. 

The genres include EDM (electronic dance music), pop rock, Latin, Americana pop, alternative rock, and even a little easy-listening jazz. Like I said, you can really hit a lot of musical styles in a barbell workout. And some of the songs are newer, while some are quite old.

Normally, when I create this playlist to use for my classes, I place a one-minute silence track between the songs so the class can use that time to transition our weights. But for today, I’m sharing the playlist with no transitions, so you can listen to it non stop. With the one-minute transitions, this 42-minute playlist turns into a one-hour class, by the way, and I also double the third track to make it longer.

If you need a great playlist for your next workout, walk or house-cleaning session, click on the one below on Spotify and enjoy!

You can also follow me on Spotify: @ashleypitt to find all the playlists I use for the classes I teach.

Let’s get to the music …

Barbell class playlist

And here are the songs written out for you, in case you have another music provider that you’d like to listen to them on:

  1. “I Choose U – Fedde Le Grand Remix” by Timeflies & Fedde Le Grand
  2. “Me And You” by NERO
  3. “Drop That Kick – Original Mix” by Moombahteam & Brainpower (I double this song)
  4. “Brand New” by Ben Rector
  5. “Get Ready” by Pitbull & Blake Shelton
  6. “Goodness Gracious” by Ellie Goulding
  7. “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. “The City” by Madeon (one of my favorite barbell songs I’ve ever found)
  9. “We Came to Bang” by 3LAU & Luciana
  10. “Higher” by Michael Bublé
  11. “Empire State of Mind Part II Broken Down” by Alicia Keys

What a mix! I loved working out to this playlist, and I know I’ll go back and revisit it with my classes again one day.

Best barbell playlist by A Lady Goes West

And that concludes this post with the best barbell class playlist. Please head over to follow me on Instagram for more! And thank you for being here today to read, friend. Happy listening!

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