The best Father’s Day gifts for 2021

The best Father’s Day gifts for 2021 coming your way today.

I hope you are doing well, friends! We had a great weekend trip to Columbus, Ohio to see some of our best friends, which I’ll share more about on Friday. But today, it’s all about the gifts …

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 20 in the U.S., and I’ve got you covered today with some gift ideas. I used Dave’s help to come up with most of these, so you can be sure they’re good. But as a note, I totally realize, understand and empathize with the fact that sometimes these types of holidays aren’t happy ones for you, depending on your circumstances. I’m with you on this, especially this year. And I’m sending you some love.

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The best Father’s Day gifts for 2021

The best Father's Day gifts for 2021 by A Lady Goes West

Clothing and shoes

Nike Blazer Low Vintage sneakers

Dave recently bought these low-profile casual sneakers for himself, and they are so cute (and also very comfy, he says). I’m always into the vintage sneaker with a red-white-and-blue patriotic pop-of-color vibe. These would make an excellent gift, because they can go with so much. And of course, the comfort part is key. Shop the Nike Blazer low vintage sneakers here.

Nike sneakers

TravisMathew polo shirts

We had a TravisMathew store back in California, and they have great golf and leisure attire. Dave has a few of this brand of polo shirt, and they are sharp. He wears them for golf or for play, and the fabric is high quality. These would definitely make a great gift for any dad, whether he golfs or not. Shop the TravisMathew polo shirts here.

TravisMathew polo

Lululemon ABC joggers

These pants are an investment, but they last. I have gifted Dave two pairs of these super-chic Lululemon joggers over the last year, and he wears them both all the time still. They can dress up or down. And, they have a really cool feature where you can wear the drawstring inside or out, depending on what look you’re going for. Dave likes that part a lot. Shop the Lululemon joggers here.

Lululemon joggers

Mizzen + Main button-up shirts

Dave was introduced to this brand of shirt a couple of years ago and is now hooked on them. They wash up well, don’t need to be ironed (are totally wrinkle-free actually) and have the best stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric. In fact, these are the only dress shirts he would ever wear to work, and he also has some casual ones for the weekends. They last a long time too. Shop Mizzen + Main button-ups here.

Mizzen shirt

Personal care

Counterman personal-care products

You may think that guys don’t care about their products, but they sure do. I transitioned Dave over to using Counterman’s nontoxic line for men, and he loves it all. He’s a big fan of the oil-free face lotion, but the shaving cream and body wash are great too. Shop the Counterman line here.



Minted custom “dad” photo art

I feel like Father’s Day is a great time to get a thoughtful gift, and these custom photo-art pieces with frames from Minted are gorgeous. This one is by far my favorite. We actually have a full set of framed state prints from Minted that we brought over from California, and I love how special they feel. The Minted artists create beautiful pieces, perfect for gifting. Shop the Minted custom “dad” photo art here.

Photo art

Arnold Palmer Corkcicle cup

Dave and I have recently switched over to the Corkcicle brand of cups for our water-drinking pleasure at home, and boy are they high quality. Dave ordered this Arnold Palmer (ode to the famous golfer, of course), one for himself, and because I was admiring it, he ordered an animal print one for me. This cup keeps your water hot or cold, and it has a soft padded bottom, so it’s not loud when you set it down. Such a good dad gift. Shop the Arnold Palmer Corkcicle here.

Arnold Palmer Corkcicle


Ridge money clip/alternative wallet

Okay, truth be told, Dave does not have this item. But I have seen more and more guys using these money clip/slim wallets lately, and I saw a commercial for this particular brand recently. I checked it out, and it has amazing reviews, and men who use it are saying it’s a total game-changer. If you have a dad in your life with a thick chunky wallet (which often annoys him in his pocket all day), this titanium card holder/money clip/slim wallet may be a welcome gift. I think these types of wallets are the wave of the future. Shop the Ridge titanium money clip/slim wallet here.

Ridge wallet

Herschel Supply Co. Tech Backpack

I ordered this super-sleek tech-friendly backpack for Dave for our anniversary, and he used it on our recent weekend trip to Columbus. It has all the features he likes, which include a sleeve for his laptop, a strap to attach the backpack to your luggage, and plenty of pockets, and it doesn’t have any huge logos. Although Dave is currently working from home, eventually, he’ll go back to an office, so he’ll use this bag for that too. I love this brand, and I think this Herschel Duffle Bag would make an awesome gift too. Shop the Herschel tech backpack here.

Herschel backpack


TriggerPoint vibrating foam roller

I had the pleasure of trying this vibrating foam roller out at the IDEA World Fitness Convention a couple of years ago, and it’s awesome. While I love the idea of the percussive massage gun, I think the vibrating foam roller, which can be used as a regular roller with no vibrating, is also an awesome thing to have on hand for a little recovery and massaging at home. If you know a dad who likes to work out, or who is just sore from life, this is a thoughtful and useful item to gift to him. Shop the TriggerPoint vibrating roller here.

TriggerPoint roller


Additional gift ideas …

A few more things that are sure to please …

  • Tickets to a sporting event (especially this year, now that things are happening again)
  • A day off of doing chores at home (who doesn’t love this!)
  • Golf equipment or a gift card for a round of golf
  • Framed family pictures
  • Gift certificate for a car detailing
  • iTunes gift card
  • Subscription to TrunkClub or StitchFix (both of which I’ve given to Dave, and he had fun with)
  • Restaurant gift card
  • Apple+ TV subscription
  • Disney+ subscription

And that concludes my list of the best Father’s Day gifts for 2021. Thank you for reading! 🙂 

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