Holiday gift guide for guys

Hi, friends! This is my first time creating a holiday gift guide just for the guys, and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. I’ve bought Dave all of these items (or he has bought them for himself), so this is a tried-and-tested set of recommendations coming at you today.

Below is a list of presents for your brother, husband, boyfriend, cousin, dad or friend. Let’s get to it …

Holiday gift guide for guys

Holiday gift guide for guys by A Lady Goes West

Lululemon joggers

These pants are an investment, but they last and last. I have gifted Dave two pairs of these super-chic Lululemon joggers over the last year, and he wears them both ALL the time. They can dress up or down. And, they have a really cool feature where you can wear the drawstring inside or out, depending on what look you’re going for. Dave likes that part a lot. Shop the Lululemon ABC jogger here.

Counterman personal care products

You may think that guys don’t care about their products, but oh how they do. I transitioned Dave over to using Counterman’s nontoxic line for men, and he loves it all. You can get a whole set, or some stocking stuffers, like the face lotion, body wash or more. Shop the Counterman line here.

Theragun percussive massage tool

Who doesn’t love a self-massage after a tough day of work or a tough workout? There are a lot of percussive machine tools out there, but Theragun is the BEST of the BEST. We don’t have this brand, and I wish we did, because I’ve tried it before. Dave uses our percussive gun at least a few times a week before he rides the Peloton bike. You can get the big professional version if you want to spend a lot, but there’s also a new “on-the-go” version, which is much more affordable. Shop the Theragun here.

Powerbeats high-performance wireless headphones

I’m super proud of this recommendation, because I did a TON of research before buying this particular pair of headphones for Dave earlier this year. Dave needed workout headphones that had great sound, but ones that wouldn’t fall out when he got sweaty (like really sweaty). Well, these are the answer. He loves them. Shop the Powerbeats headphones here.

Big ice cube tray

File this one under something I don’t quite get, but Dave and some of his male friends seem to love having a big ice cube in their cocktails. We have several types of ice-trays in our freezer, and this square/block one is a good one that he uses often. Shop the block ice cube tray here. And here’s a good option for a round ice cube.

Heavy old-fashioned glasses

To complement the gift above, Dave likes a heavy glass for a cocktail. My mom bought him these super-heavy Crate & Barrel cocktail glasses shortly before Brady was born, and he is still using them and loving them as his favorite glasses. They just feel fancy (and heavy). Shop these Crate & Barrel double old-fashioned glasses here.

Nike Epic Flyknit sneakers

Here’s another winner! Dave has two pairs of these sneakers, because he says they are so comfy. He wears them for workouts and just to be out and about. And, this style is on sale too. Shop the Nike Epic Flyknit sneakers here.

Mizzen + Main button-up shirts

Dave was introduced to this brand of shirt a couple of years ago and is now hooked on them. They wash up well, don’t need to be ironed (are totally wrinkle-free actually) and have the best stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric. In fact, these are the only dress shirts he would ever wear to work, and he also has some casual ones for the weekends. They last a long time too. Shop Mizzen + Main shirts here.

Philz Coffee

How many times can I say Dave in this post? Anywho, Dave stands by Philz Coffee. It’s a Bay Area company, but they ship their coffee across the U.S., so you can get your hands on some too. Philz Coffee smells amazing, and Dave loves the Philtered Soul flavor the best. A coffee grinder would go really well with a bag of whole beans. Shop Philz Coffee here.

Apple watch straps

I think the Apple watch is an amazing gift, but say your guy already has an Apple watch … then, maybe you can get him some new cool watch straps to swap out to switch things up? This is a great sport band. I also love this braided one. You can also find some good ones on Amazon.

Additional gift ideas:

A few more things that are sure to please …

  • Golf equipment or a golfing gift card
  • iTunes gift card
  • Subscription to TrunkClub or StitchFix (both of which I’ve given to Dave, and he had fun with)
  • Restaurant gift card
  • Apple+ TV subscription

And that concludes my holiday gift guide for the guys. Hope you liked it!

Have a great day!

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*This post contains some affiliate links. The price of each item is not changed, but if you order from some of these links, I do get a very small commission.



  1. Hi Ashley! I can always use a good gift guide for guys! I’ll have to check out those wireless headphones, my husband would really like those. I hope you are having a great holiday season!

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