What I ate yesterday in the Sunshine State

Happy Wednesday. No, I lie. It’s not a happy Wednesday. Today, I have to get on a plane and fly back to the Bay Area after a few days at home in Florida. I just hate saying goodbye to my family and friends, and it doesn’t get any easier no matter how long I’ve lived in California.

But today, let’s talk about food. I’ve had some delicious meals and desserts every single day since I arrived in Florida. My Mom did some excellent cooking, I had fabulous eats at a few wedding-related celebrations I was involved in, and I hit up Publix (my long-lost favorite grocery store, which Dave and I miss so much on the West Coast) for subs and sushi two times. Yet today, we narrow it down to a full day of food in photos from yesterday. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get to “What I Ate Wednesday.”

What I Ate Wednesday 

This is a regular feature on A Lady Goes West, and these are my actual meals from a full day, unfiltered. It’s not always pretty, but it’s always real …

What I Ate Wednesday via A Lady Goes

This recap features everything I ate yesterday, a Tuesday, which was a rest day featuring no working out at all. 

Breakfast at 9 a.m.

Breakfast 5.26Starting the day off right: A mug of hot green tea, sweetened with soy milk and stevia, alongside a little parfait featuring Greek yogurt, a banana and some chopped-up almonds.

Snack at noon

Snack roll-upA roll-up win: I can’t say enough about this snack. Dave and I were picking up lunch at Publix, and the lovely people at the deli gave us some samples before they prepared our food. We had a roll-and-a-half each of this mixture of Boar’s Head London Port Roast Beef and Boar’s Head Horseradish Cheddar. Do yourself a favor and get this combination. I mean — I die. It was phenomenal.

Lunch at 2 p.m.

Lunch 5.26Picnic lunch: Another meal from Publix! I had a spicy salmon roll, a seaweed salad and a Pellegrino, which I enjoyed at a picnic table outside with my Mom and Dave as a last-minute lunch plan. Our day was supposed to include a more fabulous lunch, but life happens, and we did what we could.

Snack at 5:30 p.m.

Afternoon snack 5.26Afternoon tea: Another mug of hot green tea, sweetened with stevia and soy milk and a little Fiber Bar, which I found in my Momma’s pantry. That little thing was small, but tasty.

Dinner at 8:30 p.m.

Dinner 5.26Family dinner perfection: Grilled salmon, baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli, veggie lasagna and a couple glasses of cold Chardonnay. A delicious dinner enjoyed at the table with my family. And the lovely place-setting? You can thank my Momma for that, she always pulls out the best stuff for our visits!

Dessert at 9 p.m.

Dessert 5.26Sweets galore: A big corner piece of wedding anniversary cake and Publix chocolate ice cream. I mean. Yes. And that was just my first helping …

Those were my eats! I ate something along those lines all of the days that I’ve been here in Florida, so my belly has stayed full and happy. There we go, people!

Today, I’m soaking up the last few minutes of my time in Florida and flying out this evening to be back in business in the Bay Area tomorrow, with two classes on the agenda to teach. Have a great day, my friends!

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Questions of the day

When was the last time you had cake?

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?

What did you have for breakfast today?

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  1. My family lives in WI. I so understand what you mean about being hard to say good-bye. It never gets easier, in fact, I often think it gets harder the older my parents get and more you realize you have less time with them. It makes you cherish the moments more. Safe travels!

  2. Ah man, I’m sorry you are having to come back home, but so glad you had a great vacation. Also, you definitely had some great food while you were there! I want a roll up! And sushi! I want it all!

    1. hahha thanks, Carissa! Sad to leave, but leaving with a very full belly at least heheh! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Safe travels home! I know it is sad, but I’m sure it was so wonderful to fill up on all that family and friend time. I love that you have such a special bond with your Mom because I can totally relate!

    Nice going with the corner and rose topped piece of cake. Corner + big rose = extra frosting. I like where your head’s at my friend. And by the way, the plate that your cake and ice cream are perched on is EVERYTHING. Love it so much!


    1. Hi Courtney! I know, I love all of my moms plates and bowls — she has some good ones. And ALWAYS on the corner piece. Moms are the best, and we’re both lucky to have good ones that we’re close to 🙂 Have a lovely day, my friend!

  4. I have been to Florida so much but never realized how great Publix is! I have heard multiple people rave about it, so next time I am down there I am for sure taking advantage of it!

  5. Looks a fun trip! Hmm..the last time I had cake was over the weekend at a barbeque (pound cake with ice cream and strawberries, if that counts). I think that the barbeque food also counts as best food I’ve eaten lately, too. Just all of the grilled and fresh summery things on a plate. Breakfast today a smoothie with soy milk, a banana, pb, greek yogurt, chia seeds, and cocoa powder.

    1. Hi Traci! Your breakfast smoothie sounds yummy! I had a smoothie with avocado in it the other day, which was just awesome. Memorial Day weekend is a great time for BBQ food too!! Here’s to a lot more of that in the summer!:)

  6. I love wrapping cheese with deli meat. My husband and I do that often when we are competing in kickball tournaments or for a quick snack. Is that cake from your wedding? That’s amazing it held up :)!

    This morning I tried something new for breakfast, eggs and meat cooked in a sweet potato. Oh my goodness, so delicious!

    1. Hi Pinky! Roll-ups are a great snack! I need to do that more often. And this cake was just for the anniversary, although we did eat our wedding cake at our one-year anniversary, which was frozen, and it was SO delicious even a year later hahah! 🙂 Yay for your sweet potato breakfast. Nice work!

  7. I hope you had an awesome visit! Publix everything is so darn good. Publix subs, Publix cake, Publix deli samples, Publix ice cream. It’s one of those stores when I almost prefer the store brand. I have serious love for Publix and I missed it when I lived in Seattle. I totally feel your pain.

    1. I love everything from Publix. And even the stores themselves are bright and nice. And the BOGO deals. It’s all just wonderful heheh! Hope all is well, Doc! 🙂

    1. It’s really hot in Florida, Arman. I mean … really hot. But boy the home-cooked food is good! Happy WIAW to you, blog friend! 🙂

  8. Living away from your family is hard. i have definitely found that since I moved to Austin. Enjoy the last bit of your time in Florida and safe travels! I had a delicious dessert over the weekend – a homemade Paleo brownie, coconut ice cream and raspberries. It was so good!

    1. Hi Kelly! That sounds like a great breakfast combo, which I do sometimes too. Yay for Florida visits! Where did you visit? Hope you have a great day! 🙂

  9. It’s so funny that one of your questions was about cake because last night I made a “healthier” chocolate cake and it was delicious! It had been a long time since I had cake.
    On another note…I’m a Florida girl that moved to the West coast too and I really miss Publix subs! Do you?! I can’t wait to visit Florida just to get a pub sub. Haha.

    1. Hi Lindsey! We have quite a bit in common! Yes I miss subs, and had one during my visit of course. I miss Florida so much! Mostly my family, but a lot for Publix hehehe. 🙂 Nice work on making a healthier chocolate cake.

        1. I go back about three times a year! I moved from Orlando almost three years ago, but my parents are in Southwest Florida. 🙂

  10. OMG – I don’t know what looks better, the cake or the dinner! I LOVE, LOVE frosting so that piece right there is my ideal piece of cake. High frosting to cake ratio . A day of fantastic eats!

  11. I would like that cake now! I love Publix – we always go a ton when in FL visiting my grandma. And loved that your dinner cosseted of a few COLD glasses of chardonnay. My mom and I will sometimes add ice.

  12. Publix! When we lived in FL, I was one of those crazy coupon ladies. I got almost all of our food for free with their amazing BOGO sales and coupons. It was a lot of work to do all that couponing, and I’ve quit now, but I will always love Publix! I guess I had cake in March for my son’s birthday – Coldstone Ice Cream cake, it was ok. Best thing I’ve eaten lately is our grilled pizza last weekend, yum-o!

    1. Hi Melissa, I love the BOGO bins at the front of Publix! And you’re smart to use coupons hehe, but I can see how it can get a little much at times. Grilled pizza sounds awesome! So does ice cream cake. 🙂

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