Sunshine state fun and celebrating three years

Hello friends, and a very happy Tuesday going out to you. Some of you are probably slowly crawling back to the office after a three-day weekend break. And me? I’m still in Florida visiting my family and considering not showing up for my return flight back to California tomorrow. It’s just never enough time here — never enough time. Although it’s been short, it’s been nice to take a breather from teaching classes, working out and my regular busy routine. In fact, yesterday I slept past nine and only changed from pajamas, to a bathing suit, back to pajamas, because I so needed the rest after all of the wedding-related fun I’ve been enjoying over the past few days. Good stuff!

A very special three-year wedding anniversary

Today, May 26, is a very special day to me and my family. You see, exactly three years ago, something big took place for all of us …

Wedding collage on our 3rd anniversary

I married one special and amazing man, who I am proud to call my husband and best friend. It’s been quite the adventure since the day we tied the knot. A couple of months after saying “I do,” we packed up our lives and moved to San Francisco from Orlando, and that’s how this Lady officially went west.

Last year, I wrote all about the details of our big day, as well as shared a little tribute post to Dave. Check out “Two-year wedding anniversary” for more wedding pictures, and here’s just a snippet of what I said about why I love him, because it still rings true …

  • He is thoughtful beyond measure. He not only gets me little presents just when I need them, but he knows what to expect from me and does just the right thing all the time.
  • He is a true gentleman. He gets every door for me, he carries my things (well, not my purse, and the few times I’ve asked him to hold it, he grabs it by the mid-section, because like most guys, he would never dare touch the strap hehehe), and he always watches out for me, even in the most mundane situations.
  • He gets me, and he loves me in spite of it. Do you ever feel like you’re just a little bit strange? Well, I do. Throughout my career changes, blogging, obsession with keeping things neat and tidy and many other things, Dave has always handled me like a champ. He has never made me feel anything other than loved.
  • He is pretty darn handsome. Not only does he have some gorgeous bright blue eyes, but he backs up that pretty face with a good heart.
  • He’s my rock. I say that with a straight face, but then I laugh, because that’s so cliche. But he is. I can get stressed or worry about the littlest things, and guess who brings me back down to Earth? He has a level-head, he is real and he is my counter-balance.
  • He works incredibly hard. Dave grew up working through high school, he played soccer in college and started a good career as soon as he finished grad school. His work ethic is something I truly admire. I see him work so hard at his job, and I’m so impressed and proud of where he is because of that effort.
  • He has my full respect. Respect is a word I don’t throw around lightly. Dave is someone who I can trust beyond measure, and I stand behind everything he does. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have that confidence in the man I call my husband.
  • He’s game. Dave is laid back and always ready for a good time. He’s the perfect person to have with me on this Going West adventure.

So to Dave, Mr. A Lady Goes West, thank you for loving me — happy three years!

For those of you out there who have a significant other, I encourage you to tell them what you love about them today, because it’s something we should all remember to do more often.

One more day of sunny Florida fun

Dave and I have been in Florida since Thursday night and have been part of a whirlwind of wedding activities for one of my very dear friends, which concluded on Sunday night. I will be sharing all of those photos soon, but right now, I’m off to enjoy my last full day in the Sunshine State, celebrating my anniversary with Dave and my family.

Have a good one! I’ll see you back here tomorrow with a post about food.

Questions of the day

Are you married? If so, for how many years?

How was your long weekend?

What’s something fun you’ve done lately?

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  1. May is also our anniversary month! May 10, 1997, was our day. 18 years later and I still can’t get enough of him 🙂 We were 18 & 19 when we got married (yikes!), but I wouldn’t change a thing! He joined the NAVY and I knew if I wanted to go with him to his first duty station in San Diego, I’d have to be married to him first. I told my class that it was our 18 year anniversary a few weeks ago and I had multiple people come up and ask me if I got married when I was 12 – hahah! We just got back from celebrating our anniversary in Pigeon Forge, TN. We went to Dollywood, The Dixie Stampede (Dolly Parton’s dinner theater) and lots of shopping at the outlets. It was SO much fun! Glad you had a good time in FL, and got some much needed rest and time with your family and friends!

    1. Hi Melissa! Happy anniversary month to you! Wow! You were married young, but I guess all that means is more time together throughout the years. And by the way, I went to Dixie Stampede when there was one in Orlando, and LOVED that fun show hahhaa. It was also next to some outlets. Good times!

  2. Aw happy anniversary! You guys are awesome! I’m glad you are having a great time, and I hope you make it home safe! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  3. Happy Anni! So glad you are able to spend it with family in Florida!

    I love your tribute to Dave and I remember loving it last year. I hope to eventually find a guy with those same qualities. Especially the “He gets me and loves me in spite of it” quality.


  4. What a sweet post! I love the pictures as look beautiful 🙂 I’m not married yet but I’m engaged..we’re in the planning stage and hoping to get married sometime next year. Neither of us are wedding people so we’re just doing a “just the two of us” ceremony in Belize!

    Happy Anniversary!!

    1. Thanks, Becky! The beautiful of getting married on Memorial Day, is it will always be close to the holiday weekend each year! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

  5. Congrats!! That’s a great post, and wonderful traits to acknowledge in your husband. Those are truly the things which matter most, and I think they’re rare & get overlooked. <3

    We're celebrating our two years in two weeks and I couldn't be happier 🙂

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend celebrating each other!

  6. Happy Anniversary Ashley! You were a beautiful bride. Scott and I will celebrate our 5 year “dating” anniversary in July. Time flies for sure! We went to the outer banks for his sister’s wedding and celebrated his b-day recently so those were both fun things! Have a great Tuesday.

    1. Hi Lauren! Oh yay for five years of dating! We still celebrate our dating anniversary too! Glad you had a nice trip to the OB! Have a great week:)

  7. Awww, that is the sweetest to read what you wrote about your guy:) I love it!
    I’m getting married in just 11 days! It’s a smaller event and yet the biggest one of my life:) This guy is who I always hoped to meet and we have been happy together for the last year and a half:) We’re ready to continue the rest of our lives together. It reminds me that life isn’t easy but it’s so much better with great and true people around you. Having that one person can change things for the better every day:)
    p.s. you too look so good at the wedding, love that color blue on you!

    1. Hi Amy! 11 days until your big day? That’s awesome! Soak up every moment! Weddings are an amazing time, but what’s even more amazing is spending your life with the person you love. Enjoy, lady!

  8. I used to feel that way about my husband then he left me for a young Aisan with a trust fund. I was successful, thin and pretty. I created a beautiful home. None of it matters when they want someone new. Happens every day. Beware.

  9. Aww happy anniversary!! So fun you get to be in Florida and celebrate! In October we’ll be married 5 years….crazy, it goes by fast! 🙂

  10. Aww happy anniversary! What a great way to spend it- in Florida! I’ll be married two years this July. I can’t believe how fast time flies! Glad it’s been a great trip. Hopefully the night goes by slowly for you 🙂

  11. It’s actually my 3-year anniversary with my husband today too! I’ve been looking through some of our wedding photos on my phone and texting my bridesmaids. It’s such a nice way to remember such a gorgeous day!

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and Dave! It seems like Matt and I definitely owe you two a nice celebration dinner. Hope you’re having a sun-filled and relaxing last day in Florida!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Ohhh yay! Thank you for commenting and saying hi! Of course, it was fabulous meeting you! And by the way, Dave and I are looking up cats-with-bread-on-their-head photos. We die. And if you and Matthew come to NAPA, you’re welcome to buy us dinner. 🙂 Hope you made it home safe!

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