A “thankful for fitness” workout you can do at home

I’m teaming up with Ricolaยฎ Herb & Throat drops, as part of a campaign with Socialstars, to bring you this sponsored post all about being thankful for fitness.

Have you ever had an injury that side-lined you from working out or being active? Have you ever been sick and had to skip your workouts and missed that post-sweat-session feeling? Have you ever thought about the fact that you should be happy if you’re able to move around pain-free and exercise?

Well, you should be! As a Ricola Ambassador, I was asked to share what I was thankful for, and ladies and gentlemen … one of the main areas is fitness and movement. With just three weeks left until Thanksgiving in the U.S., today, I’m here to tell you that we should all be grateful for the ability to move, if we have it.

Working out has been a part of my life since college, and it’s something that I often take for granted. While I’m on vacation or during the holidays, my workout routine most definitely relaxes, and it should. But quite frankly, I feel good when I move. That’s why, today, I’m arming you with a short workout you can do at home whenever you need to throughout the holiday season. And this is nothing intricate or advanced, it’s just a structured way to get your heart-rate up. Please enjoy!

The “Thankful for Fitness” at-home bodyweight workout

*Disclaimer: While I’m a personal trainer, I’m not your personal trainer. Please consult a professional in your life before attempting any new routines. Proceed with caution, my friends. 

First, you’ve got to prepare your body for movement. Complete a 2-3 minute warm-up consisting of running in place, jumping jacks, butt-kick runs and front kicks about 20-30 seconds each move. (Bonus points if you spend a little time on a foam roller as well to warm up your muscles).

Thankful for fitness bodyweight workout via A Lady Goes West blog

How to execute the moves, with links to demonstrations …

  • Squats — Feet a little wider than hip width. Sit your butt and hips back and down, like you are sitting in a low chair. Keep heels pressing into ground. Keep chest up. Knees should stay in line with toes. Stand back up. Repeat. For arms in a V overhead, reach your arms out and up to make a V shape, slightly in front of body. Keep arms straight, palms up, like you are holding onto a barbell.
  • Lateral lunges — Feet together. Step one foot out to the side and bend your outside knee and send your butt and hips back. Keep your chest up. Keep both feet pressing into the ground. Make sure your outside knee is tracking toward your toe, facing front. Return back to the set position. Repeat. For arms in a V overhead, reach your arms out and up to make a V shape, slightly in front of body. Keep arms straight, palms up, like you are holding onto a barbell.
  • Hip bridges — Lay on your back with your feet hip width. Palms up by your sides. Lift your hips up to the sky while squeezing your butt. Push your heels into the ground. Lower your hips. Repeat.
  • Plank mountain climbers — Set up with your hands on the ground about shoulder width. Toes tucked on the ground with your body in a strong flat position. Keep your hips and butt under your shoulder line. Bring one knee up between your arms and reset. Then switch. Try to keep your bodyweight over your arms and maintain a braced core.
  • Push-ups — Perform on the knees or toes. Hands should be slightly wider than shoulders. Keep your core braced. Bend your elbows and drop your chest down to elbow height. Push back to set. Repeat. Make sure you don’t let your head drop. Eyes forward.
  • Bicycle crunches — Lay on your back. Put your hands by your temples and knees up above hips. Crunch up one shoulder toward the opposite knee and extend out the other leg. Lower down and repeat on the other side. Keep your elbows back and wide and focus on lifting through the mid-section before turning.

Make sure you follow up the workout with a little bit of stretching, then put on your comfortables and give thanks!

Ricola drops and gym equipment via A Lady Goes West blogTools of the trade for at-home fitness, include a roller, a band and drops.

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*Disclaimer: As part of a Socialstars campaign, this post in sponsored by Ricola. I’ve really enjoyed learning about this family-owned Swiss company as a year-long ambassador. However, please know that all the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. For more information on Ricola, you can visit Ricola on Facebook or on Twitter.

Questions of the day

Have you ever had a time when you weren’t able to work out?

What’s your favorite bodyweight exercise?

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  1. After a lifetime of devotion to working out now my neck is broken so my beloved cardio is off the life plan forever. I am fortunate I can walk and I do every day even in terrible pain. Then I broke my ankle and could not even walk for 6 months.it took me a year to come back to be able to walk even 15 minutes without pain. After gaining 20 miserable pounds I am back walking every day for an hour and just advanced to a faster pace and it feels fantastic. I am beyond grateful to be able to walk. I remember every day what that first step out of the cast felt like. This is a great routine you posted. I can and will do what I can!!!

    1. Hi Lexie!! That’s so wonderful that you’re back to walking and feeling fantastic while you do it. Keep up the good work! And always appreciate that you’re doing it, lady! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A few months before our wedding I fractured my ankle!! Thankfully I was in a walking cast so I was able to do upper body workouts while I recovered and my cast was off in time for the wedding (phew!!). Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because all the upper body workouts made my arms look great in my dress lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this workout!! I have pinned it to have some workout ideas for over the holidays when I’m in Florida at my in-laws and won’t have access to workout equipment.

    1. Hi Catherine! Oh man, an injury before your wedding must have felt like the worst timing ever, but that’s awesome your arms were toned! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehhe!

  3. My various injuries and illnesses over the years have definitely made me thankful for movement, not just fitness. I’m happy just to be able to move without pain, when I can. Thank you for spreading the message!

    1. It takes an injury to make us humble and realize how grateful we should be for healthy bodies! I know this one hits home with you, Susie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is great! We go to Florida every week as a family, so working out kind of takes a back seat. But this is a workout I can do anywhere! Thanks for passing along.

    Favorite body weight exercise… definitely sumo squats. All day errday, please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Not being able to workout effing sucks. I have had on and off issues with me knees since I was 11 years old when I was a gymnast. Currently I can’t run or do a lot of activities that I enjoy, BUT I can move and do some types of exercise so I need to be thankful for that!

    1. Hi Heather! Knee issues are so common, but there are many ways to move without jumping and compromising them (power walking, rowing, low-impact classes like barre, etc.), and I’m sure it’s tough to cope with … but at least you know some ways to stay active! Thanks for saying hi, lady! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh my gosh, yes! I haven’t been able to have a regular workout routine like I want for a few months now! However, since getting to Japan I can’t believe how much I walk! I mean like sometimes 10-12 miles a day!!! I finally got my Japanese driving license and a car, but I still walk a ton. Mostly because I am still deathly afraid of driving out in town. It’s a little scary to be on the opposite side of the road, all the different signs, all the crazy scooter drivers, etc.! So very grateful for 2 strong legs to get me all the places I need to be! Also, I am just so lazy when it comes to working out on my own! This is such a great workout you posted! But, for some reason I cannot get myself to workout in my house alone.

    1. Hi Melissa! You could always do this workout at the gym alone hahah! But yes, enjoy all of that walking. I miss walking in the City SOOOOOOOO much now that I live in a place where I have a car. And I would be terrified to drive in Japan too.

  7. What a great reminder and workout!! Definitely pining that one! I haven’t done much working out on my 2 week vacation, but we walked all over Vietnam and ate light Vietnamese food (yumm) every day. I think I am looking forward to getting home Saturday, getting back into the routine, and seeing our pup!

    I had so much time to think about things I want to accomplish in the near term:) definitely some fitness related goals in there.

  8. After developing arthritis in both knees from too running, I have had to alter my fitness routine drastically. I tend to stick to bodyweight exercises now and use a modified version of the 7 minute workout plus a lot of walking and swimming.
    I do miss my running though ๐Ÿ™
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Scott! Yes, sometimes we need to switch up our routine and listen to our bodies. It’s great you’ve found some exercise options to work for you now. Keep up the good effort! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi Ashley, I do prefer to workout at home rather than the gym……although nothing beats the outdoors! I will give your workout a try…..Thanks for sharing!

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