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I have a deal for you, my blog-reading friends. If you do me a favor and take about 90 seconds out of your day to fill out a brief anonymous survey for me, I’ll share a few pictures of some tasty food and be forever grateful. Sound good? (Also, a big shout out to all the veterans and friends and families of those who have served our country. Thank you!)

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I would truly appreciate it if you could answer these 10 quick questions about your experience visiting A Lady Goes West. I aim to please, people, and with your feedback, I hope to be able to do that more and more. Please visit the survey here. Then, come on back, and let’s talk about food …

This week’s “What I Ate Wednesday” recap

In the middle of the week, I like to take a moment to share a full day of my meals in pictures. Real pictures. Here we go …

What I Ate Wednesday via A Lady Goes

Today, I’m sharing everything that I ate yesterday …

Breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

WIAW - overnight oats and tea for breakfast via A Lady Goes WestThis first meal of the day came together in no time, because I had prepped it the night before. You see some overnight oats, comprised of Greek yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice, veggie power and oats, paired with a banana and a mug of hot green tea, sweetened with vanilla almond milk and stevia.

Mid-morning snack at 11 a.m.

WIAW snack of yogurt for A Lady Goes West blogSome fruity Greek yogurt and a second mug of hot green tea were just what I needed to hold me over to make it through a lunch-time yoga class.

Lunch at 2 p.m.

WIAW - sweet potato for lunch via A Lady Goes WestThere is nothing prettier than a deep-purple tater. Am I right? I have officially become obsessed with these Japanese purple sweet potatoes and thus have been going to more than one grocery store to get my hands on them. They are sweeter than and take a bit longer to cook than regular sweet potatoes, but are totally worth all extra effort. Paired with two eggs and some healthy fat avocado, makes for lunch perfection.

Dinner at 7:45 p.m.

WIAW - Green Chef steak salad via A Lady Goes West

This meal was FABULOUS! This fancy dinner is thanks to a Green Chef organic meal kit, which I was delivered last week. All of the fresh ingredients were included, as well as the step-by-step instructions. If you recall, I went to an event hosted by Green Chef in San Francisco a few weeks ago and loved trying out the service in my own home as well. This particular dish includes grass-fed sirloin steak, organic brussels sprouts, blue cheese crumbles, dates, dried cranberries, pistachios, millet and more, all mixed together in a healthy salad with a mustard sauce. It took about 45 minutes to make and was a totally different meal for us to eat at home. Dave and I both were incredibly impressed and licked our huge bowls clean. By the way, Green Chef is debuting nation-wide in January and is already available in the Bay Area today. Check it out!

For a sweet ending, I had a few chugs of vanilla almond milk straight from the carton to end the day, and that’s it. Have a lovely day, my friends!

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Questions of the day

How’s your week going so far?

Do you have any veterans in your life?

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  1. After seeing your purple sweet potatoes last time, I had to have some. I found them at our local farmer’s market and then at Spriuts. I’ve been enjoying one everyday since! You are right totally worth it. And that deep purple color means so many extra nutrients! ??

    1. Yes, Mo! I got my latest round of ‘taters at Sprouts too. They are just SO good! I LOVE that you have been enjoying them too. Good work, lady! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Hi Marielle! Green Chef is brand new, so keep your eyes open for it near you early 2016. It’s all organic, which is awesome. And I’ve never tried Plated before, but I did try Blue Apron. πŸ™‚ Have a great day, lady!

  2. Sorry I tried commenting from my phone and it obviously didn’t work properly….

    My week is going great πŸ™‚ Today I have the day off of work for Remembrance Day. It’s the Canadian equivalent of Veteran’s Day. I watched a ceremony on tv this morning and I’m taking it easy the rest of the day.

    My husband is in the military and I have several family members and friends that serve so today holds a special place in my heart.

    I just completed your survey!! Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

  3. I just did your survey. Thank you for acknowledging Veterans Day. My entire family was military so it’s a special day of remembrance. 5 people in WWII all came home safe. Enjoy your day !

    1. Wow, Lexie! Thank you to ALL of your family for what they did and continue to do!! I hope you enjoy your day too! Thanks for taking the survey, lady! πŸ™‚

  4. Mmmm…. all your meals sound great! I have to agree, purple sweet potatoes are so good! Love them with some kerrygold butter and sea salt. I found some at Trader Joe’s the other day that are purple on the outside but white on the inside. They are really good!

  5. Weird fact about Jessica time… I LOVE taking surveys. You want me to be incredibly honest and tell you my opinion about everything? I’m in!

    My week has not been the healthiest thus far. Unless you count my healthy portions of Pirate’s Booty (entire bags, please.) I’m missing my Blue Apron meals where they tell me what to do. Maybe Green Chef will be our replacement…

    1. Hi Sarah! Green Chef is ORGANIC, which is what makes the service stand out. And they have veggie, Gluten free and Paleo options, even better. I just sent you an email, BTW!! πŸ™‚

  6. For some reason I can’t do the purple potato. I’ve done the little ones, but they’re always “meh” for me. Lately I’ve been obsessed with canned sweet potato! Super quick, and baby likes it too so it’s a win-win for mealtimes. P.S. I love your tableware, your breakfast bowl looks cozy and adorable.

  7. I keep seeing these beautiful purple potatoes and now I know I must absolutely give them a try. Your photo is too enticing πŸ™‚ Also, that purple smoothie in the WIAW graphic is fantastic looking!!

  8. Your dinner looks perfect – that’s fab you got to try it out!
    I am constantly on the look out for purple sweet potatoes, I really want to try one! I did try a white one once and it was nice, just not as good as the regular one!
    Away to take the survey πŸ™‚

  9. I’m having a great week! I’ve only gotten lost twice! I think I may have found a preschool for my baby so I can have some time to myself, which is great. And, very important seeing as how they don’t have any child care here at the gym!?! Yep, very much military oriented around here for 19 years now!! I took the survey! Also, I went and got my Japanese sweet potatoes! I’ll be cooking them very soon. Can’t wait.

  10. That green chef stuff looks good I have heard of them before. I wonder do they have recipes with their stuff that one could get to make on my own! That dinner looks awesome!

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