A weekend of travel and a b’day

This weekend I took my first “red-eye flight” to South Florida for a wedding.  I have to admit, it wasn’t too bad.  In fact, after a layover featuring a lovely dinner at Chili’s at LAX, both Dave and I were able to sleep quite soundly through the night on our cross-country flight.

We made it to Fort Lauderdale bright and early, were greeted by my beautiful friend Melissa, took another nap and started our weekend.  I felt like we didn’t have to waste any time traveling, because we took care of that during the course of the night.  While every plane situation is different as far as your seating and the noise level, this was an easy weekend of travel, both there and back.  Thanks, American Airlines … I hear you are declaring bankruptcy, but you were pretty good to us.

Our weekend was great.  It was nice to enjoy the bright sun and the ocean air in Delray Beach, where we stayed.  It was also nice to hang out with our Florida people and break it down on the dance floor after the rehearsal dinner and at the wedding reception.  Although we’ll be going back to visit Florida during Christmastime, saying our goodbyes this weekend was for a longer stretch than our original departure.

We returned Sunday afternoon to an apartment full of boxes and quickly got to work.  Now, less than two days later, nearly all of the boxes are gone, but we still have to figure out where everything will go (the madness of which is shown below, neatly stacked along the window stoops).

It brings to mind some of my favorite TV shows of people experiencing city living from back in the day, including Seinfeld and Friends.  Can you picture both of those apartments?  Notice how they were both so full and busy?  Everything was stacked out in the open, and every surface was used for storage.  While our cereal boxes won’t be displayed in open cabinetry as they did, we will have to get creative with our use of space as well.

Last night we took a break from work to celebrate Dave’s birthday, and continued on our mission to patronize all 3,500 restaurants in San Francisco.  We selected Ristorante Umbria for some red wine, caprese, chicken parmesan and tiramisu, and it was quite tasty. (Fun fact, the city of San Francisco actually has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the U.S. by nearly 50 percent, thus we have our work cut out for us!)

After a weekend of travel and a birthday, I’m back at it today, working, writing, unpacking, working, writing and unpacking.

After all this effort, soon enough our apartment will definitely be as cool as Monica’s.  Now we just need some friends!

Everything on the stoop.
All of our stuff waiting to find a home.

A shot from the Lott wedding in Delray Beach.
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