Christmas party fun and my weekly workouts

Hey there, Monday morning! I hope you all have had a lovely couple of days. This weekend, I taught a few group fitness classes and did some socializing. As I’m writing this, I’m chuckling to myself because Dave is behind me using the foam roller and groaning. You see, he attended a bootcamp class I taught on Saturday, and he is rather sore. This makes me one happy girl.

In addition to teaching two classes on Saturday, I also fit in a little fun. On Saturday night, Dave and I went to our second holiday party of the season, hosted at our friend’s place in the North Beach neighborhood. There were about 10 of us there, and we had cocktails, exchanged White Elephant gifts and chatted the night away. In fact, Dave and I stayed out past midnight, which hardly ever happens. This is the same group of friends who we went camping with in May in the redwoods and who we ran the crazy annual Bay-to-Breakers race with in May as well. A group of fun-loving people, as you can see.

Christmas PartyParty pictures above include me with a colorful painted wine glass Dave got in the gift exchange, and two dark shots of us sitting around the circle.

This White Elephant gift exchange had some pretty good gifts, all under $30. For our contributions, Dave and I brought a nice bottle of red wine we purchased from our lovely trip to Carmel, as well as a Bluetooth speaker you can use in the shower. We were advised to bring gifts that we would like receiving and took that to heart. I love the wine, and Dave loves the speaker. In fact, he stole the speaker from someone during the gift exchange, and of course, it changed hands again and ended up going home with a new owner. I ended up with a very nice silver Vera Wang wine bottle holder and a matching cork stopper, and Dave came away with some dessert wine. Which brings me to the tragedy of the night. Along with Dave’s dessert wine, came that fun and colorful wine glass in the picture above. He took my photo with it, then when I took my phone from him to take a close-up of the writing on the bottom of the glass, I instantly dropped the glass, and it shattered everywhere. Hilarious. But way sad. Butterfingers? No, just too eager to take a picture. The giver of the gift said she purchased the glass at Dillard’s, and it’s Lolita brand, so maybe I’ll go get myself one to make up for the error. Boohoo.

Nonetheless, we had a great time hanging out with good people and spreading a little holiday cheer.

Time to talk fitness

Now, back to business. Every Monday, I like to take a minute to go over all of the working out I did over the past week. Because I work in fitness, I’m pretty active, so by no means are my workout recaps something you should follow or strive for. However, the comments on what is good and what is bad about my weeks are always designed to offer a little insight. Let’s get to it!

Weekly Workouts from A Lady Goes West

Weekly Workouts

What was good about my week of workouts?

Well, I was definitely active. I taught three BODYATTACKs and three BODYPUMPs, (in which I did the workout along with the class), attended two Barry’s and then did a short yoga session. That’s quite the week, split evenly with cardio and strength training. To tell you the truth, after taking so much time off last week for the holiday, my body felt great this week, as though I had been reset. I was pretty energized and loose for most of my workouts. Because I set a goal to do yoga at least once a week, I’m glad I fit in a short 10-minute session at home to round out my week. In fact, I did it in the comfort of my leopard-print pajamas, which was a nice way to start my lazy Sunday.

What could have been better about my week of workouts?

This was a very heavy week of working out and isn’t how I like to have all of my weeks turn out, due to all the high intensity in the classes I taught and the classes I attended. Not every workout should be super hard, and they all were. I probably should have pulled out one of the Barry’s sessions and done a full yoga class instead, however I was finishing up a 10-pack of classes at Barry’s and finally got it all complete. I’m definitely going to do more yoga this upcoming week and pull back a little on the intensity. And even though I didn’t have an official rest day, my short Sunday yoga session was beneficial and certainly not too taxing. I may make that same video or something similar part of my weekly routine, because it was good to get moving and stretch out. It wouldn’t hurt to get in the weight-room for a solo session, but that may not happen again this week because I’ll be teaching three BODYPUMPs already.

Okey doke, friends! Go off and have a fabulous Monday. Come on back tomorrow for Treat Yourself Tuesday, because I’ve got something a-little-bit techy and a-lotta-bit cool to share with you.

Questions of the day

What’s one way that you were active over the last week? Do you have any workouts planned for this week? What’s the best thing that happened to you this weekend?

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  1. Oh no!! I’d probably do the exact same thing. However I’d just blame it on pregnancy clumsiness. Hah! Sounds like such a fun weekend though. I think it’s awesome your man even takes your fitness classes.

    1. Hi Jessie! hehehe, he doesn’t! This was the first one in a while, hence his soreness. I will try to drag him more often, but he likes to do his own thing in the gym.

  2. This time of year is always so much fun with all the Christmas parties and other festivities going on. We have a few Christmas parties in the next couple weeks, and I’m so excited for them! It’s always a great excuse to get together with friends to enjoy the holidays. So glad you had a great weekend!

  3. Way to go with your yoga goal! I have trouble fitting it in so I might check out that video, 10 minutes seems do-able! I have a holiday half marathon coming up this weekend that I am looking forward too. Have a great Monday!

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love the “groaning” on the foam roller…I laughed out loud because I can relate! HAhaha!

    This time of year is so fun, parties, extra treats and fun painted wine glasses, I love this pic of you!!!


    1. Hi Kris, Oh well thanks! I LOVE this time of year too. And he was groaning even worse this morning. Day 2 of soreness is not fun. 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  5. I have lots of those Lolita wine glasses! They’re so cute. I’m trying to fit more yoga into my life as well…it’s something I always say I’ll do but then two months go by and I haven’t practiced once. Have a great Monday!

    1. Hi Laura! Les Mills classes are so good, hope you get more soon. Have you thought of ordering the at-home versions from Beachbody … they have COMBAT and PUMP I believe. I’ve never done them though.

  6. Aw, that sucks you dropped your wine glass! But it sounds like the party was a blast. Too bad Dave didn’t make out with that speaker!

    Just looking at how active you are makes me tired, haha. I have been out of a solid routine for a while now (hence the lack of fitness talk on the blog) but I’m hoping 2015 will be a calmer year for me so that I have more time to dedicate to it. And Barry’s needs to come to the East Bay, dang it! 😉

  7. Hahaha – I’m laughing at the foam rolling comment 😉 Men’s pain tolerance levels are SO much lower than women’s! Every time I take (or nicely force…) the hubs to join me at BODYPUMP, he complains about his legs for dayssss.

    1. Oh yes, my hubby has been sore for days upon days after BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK classes, which is why I rarely can drag him to go. I love it though!! 🙂

  8. Hi Ashley! It’s been a long time! I just decided to get re-engaged with Twitter again and I stumbled on your post. Sounds like you’re now far away from I-town and doing great. I love body pump. 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly! Sooo good to hear from you. Yes, I moved to San Francisco with my husband about two-and-a-half years ago. How’s life for you?? Hope all is well:)

      1. Love San Fran! Glad to hear you’re doing so well. Guess you’re not doing PR anymore, either? I have three little boys now, so I mostly stay home with them. I only help Tony with his company’s marketing about once a week.

  9. Your week looks pretty similar to mine. I pretty much teach 2 Pilates or Barre classes each day during the week. I would say I do the majority of the class with my students minus a few breaks to check form. Last week I also fit in a short run and then ran a 1/2 marathon on Saturday. It was super hilly and challenging bu the scenery was beautiful. It was such a fun race, but my body is ready for a few days off from running for sure!

    1. Hi Lauren! Oh fun! I like taking barre and Pilates and need to get a little bit more of that in my life. But yes, we both need our rest days. Congrats on your race! Happy Monday to you:)

    1. No kidding! So unlike me. I laughed it up, but am quite upset. Yes, there were a lot of good gifts. Hope you’re having a great Monday evening:)

  10. Thanks for the reminder that I should actually be foam rolling after every workout! This is something I literally never do! I know I need to make it happen especially after running.

    1. Hi Jill! Yes, and you can do it before you run as well to loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing. We all need a little more foam rolling in our lives. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Speaking of sore Dave, I introduced myself as I was leaving on Saturday! I’m glad I got to chat for a minute.

    Ashley, the tops of my calves were sore until yesterday. Any stretching suggestions for me? It felt great to run, and I want to start incorporating it when I can but seriously… it took me a second to get moving after being at rest for any period of time until last night LOL. Oh boy.

    1. Hi! Yes, do the tennis ball under your feet to stretch your calves. And he told me you talked to him. Thanks for doing that because I’ve mentioned you a bunch. Hope all is well with you during this storm!

  12. Best thing that happened to me this weekend was discovering how delicious good blue cheese with honey on a baguette is life changing. HA! This week I am hoping to get in lots of yoga. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. You know, I had some blue cheese on a baguette at dinner last night. hahah! How about that. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. And have a fabulous week! I’m aiming for one yoga session for sure.

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