For $99 a month, members get 10 classes to be used to visit any studio of their choice up to 3 times per month. 

We want fitness to be accessible and approachable. We want fitness-minded people to be able to meet like-minded individuals; where a thriving community and support system can become established.

See? It’s so smart.

Yet, as a personal trainer who works full time in a top-ranked corporate gym, why would I advocate for a program that encourages people to take group fitness classes at small and private studios? That’s easy. Anything that gets more people moving is a good thing for the world and the fitness industry.

And those of you that read A Lady Goes West regularly know that I’m all about diversifying your workouts and trying new things.

Just as I discuss in my weekly workout recaps, changing the training demands on your body, whether that be by trying aerial yoga or cardio dance, will help you become more fit and functional. Not to mention, if you purchase a ClassPass membership, you’ll still need to work out on your own. Ten classes a month does-not-a-full-fitness-regimen-make. But it’s a chance to experience new ways of moving in new settings, and I’m all for that.

ClassPass launch party

Lucky for me, I was invited to attend the ClassPass launch parties in San Francisco this week for bloggers and media. I was working during two of them, but proudly RSVPed for a coveted spot at the most popular launch party, held at Barry’s Bootcamp, which included a reception and a class.

Not lucky for me, the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert at AT&T Park that same night provided an evening of traffic gridlock all around the gym, nearly un-penetrable by cab. When I realized how bad things were on the streets, I hopped out of my cab and hightailed it on foot as soon as I was in a walkable part of town. Alas, I still showed up late.

In fact, I showed up so late that my spot was forfeited and someone from the wait-list got to enter and take part in the bootcamp class. I was pretty upset, because I’ve been looking forward to trying out Barry’s since it opened here. But, rather than huff off upset, I stayed around the party and met some nice people.

Not only did I spend time with the lovely ladies of ClassPass, who were in town just to launch the service and hold the party, but I also learned a lot about Barry’s and met some fellow bloggers.

Here’s a shot of me with Sarah and Elle. I’ve been reading their healthy-living blogs for some time and was glad to finally meet them in person.

Bloggers at Barrys

They both got to try the class and said it was killer. I’ll definitely be heading back to Barry’s soon to experience it myself.

ClassPass swag

So what was the best part of the party? I came home with one of these awesome bags of #SweatyLife swag and a sampling of some delicious cold-press juices and treats.

ClassPass bags

ClassPass Swag Bag

Score! That’s a tank, a water bottle, some lip gloss, some lip tint, a Birchbox, healthy snacks and more. I do love me some swag.

Trying out ClassPass

I’ve been perusing the ClassPass site, and there are already 30 private studios available to choose from in San Francisco like Pop Physique, TRX Training Center, The Dailey Method and so many more. You can reserve spots at each class directly on the website, and so far it seems very easy to use. I’m so excited to take my first class, which just might happen today.

And hey, new readers out there: Head on over and like A Lady Goes West to stay up-to-date with the latest, because you know some fun and exciting class reviews are coming your way.

Disclaimer: Not only did the folks at ClassPass invite me to their lovely little launch party, but they also offered me a complimentary month, valued at $99 so I can try up to 10 classes around San Francisco. You can bet that I’ll be back around letting you know how they all go.

Questions of the day

Do you ever go to private studios for classes or prefer bigger gyms? What’s one good thing that has happened in your week so far?