Current faves: Wine country, family fun and weekly workouts

Hi, my friends! How was your week? Ours was good. I taught some group fitness classes, worked during nap-times and evenings and even took Brady to his 18-month doctor’s appointment. Today, I’ve got some faves for you in one of those hodge-podge posts that we do to end the week.



Wine country day with friends

I mean, I love wine country. Who doesn’t? I always have fun there. And this past weekend’s visit was awesome because Dave and I went with our friends, Phil and Kicki. We went to three different wineries and enjoyed them all, but I must say my favorite was Viansa Winery in Sonoma. If you recall, I visited Viansa just a couple weeks ago for a yoga/food event during the week, but didn’t get to try any wine.

Well, I knew I wanted to go back, and the folks at Viansa were kind enough to host our group and give us a private tasting with a spectacular view. Seriously, Viansa may have one of the best views that I’ve ever seen. And the wine is good too! Chardonnay is usually my favorite, but the Malbec was a treat.

Ashley at Viansa Winery in Sonoma by A Lady Goes West

(This dress is brand new. It’s sleeveless, and I snagged it as part of the Banana Republic sale. It fits like a glove and is so comfy. You can find the dress here. And I’m wearing Beautycounter red lipstick too — the best shade for weekend fun.)

The funny part of our wine country day is that on our second stop, at Gundlach Bundschu, we went on a cave tour, and the tour guide was quite the stickler for people in the group talking or giggling on the tour. She ran a tight ship — something I haven’t ever quite experienced in wine country — but she was entertaining at the same time and gave us all sorts of history of winemaking.

Ashley and Dave at Gundlach Bundschu Winery in Sonoma by A Lady Goes West

Domaine Carneros Winery in Sonoma by A Lady Goes West

Our last stop of the day was Domaine Carneros, which I’ve never been to before and is a pretty popular spot. It’s a gorgeous property, and the bubbly was tasty too. We were seated in the shade though, and it was chilly — so I was shivering much of that visit, in spite of my denim jacket.

Overall, it was a much-needed adult day with good laughs, good friends and lots of good food and drink, but we were excited to get home to see Brady before his bed-time, because I miss that little guy when I’m away from him all day. #momlife


Brady’s first Easter egg hunt

Our Easter this year was so nice and festive too! Good thing, because after having a couple sad Easters the past few years when Dave was working at Warriors games and I was alone, we were due for a good holiday.

Easter Sunday 2019 by A Lady Goes West

Dave’s younger sister, Gwena, who lives in San Francisco, came over to stay the weekend with us (she was kind enough to watch Brady the day before too while we were in Sonoma), and Gwena’s boyfriend joined us. We all went to a service at a new-to-us church that a couple of my group fitness members recommended. Then we went home, did a little Easter egg hunt for Brady, which was incredibly adorable (he knew just what to do), and ate lunch and dessert outside in the sun. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of making an Easter spread, especially since we were gone all day the day before drinking wine — so Urban Plates take-out to the rescue. They make some delicious food, and we were all happy.

Easter Sunday 2019 by A Lady Goes West - Brady at 18.5 months

Family on Easter Sunday 2019 by A Lady Goes West - Brady at 18.5 months

Brady went down for his nap after we ate, and the rest of us sat outside and watched the Warriors playoff game, chatting away. That afternoon after Brady was up, we walked to the grocery store, hung around home and had pizza-oven pizza for dinner, like we do every Sunday. I feel like it was just enough festive and just enough low key to make a perfect little holiday.


Drink up and support the American Heart Association

Have you ever gifted a cute water bottle? I feel like getting someone a fancy water bottle often encourages them to drink more water, and it’s always a welcome gift too — a win win. I have a very large water bottle collection, and my current water bottle of choice is from Healthy Human. Well, the brand just sent me another one this week, and I wanted to share it with you, because if you purchase this dessert lily steiner between April 29 and May 10, Healthy Human will donate half of the proceeds to the American Heart Association. Love that! Mother’s Day gift idea perhaps?

Healthy Human steiner by A Lady Goes West - April 2019

Quick hydration reminder: When in doubt, drink up! Some people say that drinking half of your bodyweight in ounces of water is good, but I think you can shoot for more. I used to be really good about tracking my water intake, but it has fallen by the wayside, so I know I need to get back on it. Project hydration will begin again. Who’s with me?


Weekly workout recap

Let’s look at my workouts from last week …

Weekly workouts by A Lady Goes West

  • Monday: 1-hour BODYPUMP class, 10 a.m.
  • Tuesday: 30-minute CXWORX class, 10 a.m.; taught 45-minute BODYATTACK class, 4:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 20 minutes of BODYATTACK, 10 a.m.; taught 1-hour barre class, 5 p.m.
  • Thursday: Taught 1-hour barre class, 12 p.m.
  • Friday: 30-minute weights workout, 30-minute CXWORX class, 15 minutes of BODYATTACK, 9:30 a.m.
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: Rest day

This past week was full on the fitness front, but also had two whole rest days. I went back to CXWORX after a few weeks away, so my core was feeling it. I also did my own workout and taught some classes.

Here’s the short weights session I did on my own, which left me VERY sore, because I used the assisted pull-up machine, which I haven’t done in forever. Remember, you can find these workouts on my Instagram story highlights under “Workouts,” or in this post: Gym inspo: Short weights workouts you can do in less than 30 minutes.

Short full-body workout by A Lady Goes West - April 2019

Some things I enjoyed from around the web …

  • Avoiding injury while working out. When people train too hard, too often, without the right recovery techniques, they tend to get injured. This is a good look at how to stay injury free, especially for group fitness instructors.
  • Taste changes. I’m living proof that your tastes for food change over time. In fact, I didn’t eat nuts until the age of 25, now I have them every single day and love them. So weird. Here’s a bit more on the topic.
  • The glutes. All about this list of exercises for the glutes from Gina. Work those muscles, because they are important.
  • Fertility. This article is SO good and lists so many of the things I’ve been talking about on the blog for so long about monitoring your hormones and cycle and avoiding certain environmental toxins that can affect your ability to get pregnant.
  • Les Mills On Demand. Have you tried this streaming workout service yet? It’s perhaps my favorite way to get in workouts at home if I have to. You’ve got nothing to lose either, because you get a free 10-day trial if you use this link (my referral!), and it’s the only way to access Les Mills programs if you don’t have a gym offering the programs near you.

A Lady Goes West favorites …

Congrats to Faith, the winner of the collagen water giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! Be good!

Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

Did you do anything special for Easter?

Have you read any good articles lately worth sharing?

What’s one food you didn’t used to like but you like now?


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