Daily dosage of reading

If you’re a writer, you’re bound to be a reader.

If you’re a reader, you’re bound to be well-informed.

No, I am not good a math, and no, I am not a good cook, but I am well-informed.  I can discuss current events and politics, share fitness tips and keep track of the latest goings on in Hollywood.  And I can do all of those things because I read so much.

My love for reading the news began during my first day working at a public relations agency in Orlando.  At that time, it was required that every team member read the Orlando Sentinel print edition from cover to cover before arriving at work.  We needed to know what was going on in the world in order to capitalize on trends to better serve our clients.  I had never tried a morning reading ritual until that job, and it has stuck with me throughout the years.

These days I don’t read any print papers, but I still spend a good amount of time each day reading the news.  News can come in many forms, including blogs, magazines, websites, Twitter links, enewsletters, you name it.

Here’s my daily line-up:

  • 7×7 daily enewsletter – Bay Area drinking and dining recommendations, human interest profiles, travel tips and news
  • SFist daily enewsletter – snarky local San Francisco news
  • PR Daily enewsletter – public relations, marketing and writing news, tips and commentary
  • The Huffington Post – current events, politics, pop culture, health and fitness and basically everything under the sun
  • The San Francisco Chronicle – I have paid access to the full daily newspaper content online and mostly enjoy the Biz & Tech and Opinion sections
  • A sprinkling of articles from The New York Times, Fast Company, TechCrunch, Refinery 29 or various magazines depending on what interests me from my Twitter feed
  • A regular rotation of lifestyle, health and fashion blogs, which I keep track of on my blogroll at Bloglovin’

I started reading news about San Francisco right before I moved to the area.  I would highly recommend to anyone relocating to search around for the truly local publications so you can get a feel for a city’s culture and style.  Now that I have lived in the Bay Area for about ten months, I can confirm the personality of San Francisco — that of a techie, foodie, active and eco-conscious nature — is well-represented, if not amplified, in what I read.

How do you fit all that reading into your day?  I’ve always scheduled pre-workday time in the morning to read news while eating breakfast.  You’re always going to eat, so why not do the two at the same time?  Although many health experts advise against doing anything else while eating to be mindful of how much you consume, breakfast is still a pretty safe bet.

What does your daily dosage of reading look like?  Anything I should add to mine?

Four monthly subscriptions strong, here’s my stash of magazines.
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