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Well hello there, my friends! How has the week been treating you? It’s been great over here. Since we last chatted, I went on an awesome trip to L.A., where I got to interview my favorite podcaster, Shawn Stevenson.

In addition to that, I taught BODYPUMP, I taught BODYATTACK, I lifted some weights, I went to yoga, I worked every day, and I also welcomed one of my dearest friends, Judy, who is here to visit me for the weekend. We’ve got a fun line-up of activities, and we’re going to pack a lot in, starting with some City fun today and a trip to wine country tomorrow. 

As you know, at the end of the week, I like to throw together a few things that I’ve been enjoying with no particular rhyme or reason. Without further ado, let’s get to the “faves” …

This week’s “Favorite things”  

Comfy shoes

If you buy one pair of shoes this summer that aren’t flip-flops, let them be Keds. For reals. I picked these up when my Mom was visiting a few weeks ago, and it’s clear to me they are the best shoes ever. Comfortable. Bright. Canvas. And there’s something strangely nostalgic about wearing the brand, because they constantly graced my feet when I was a kid.

Red Canvas Keds by A Lady Goes West

Loving my new red Keds. The shoe of the summer!

This is the second pair of Keds currently living in my closet, with the first pair being striped loafer ones that I wear to barre class or to romp around San Francisco. The best thing about Keds? They come in patterns. They come in solids. They’re walkable. I mean, look at these ones. Just do it.

Snacks, snacks, snacks

Last week, I showed you a big package that I received from Whole Foods, and let me tell you, there are some good things in here. Two of my favorites include dark-chocolate covered almonds and blueberry trail mix.

Dark chocolate almond favorites by A Lady Goes WestBlueberry Blaze Trail Mix by A Lady Goes West A few delicious products from the folks at Whole Foods.

I can finish a bag of trail mix in no time at all. In fact, I usually try to put a couple of handfuls in a smaller Ziploc bag and take them to go … otherwise, the whole bag will likely not make it home. But really, healthy fats, a little protein, crunchy goodness and more, what’s not to like about mixed nuts? Good work, Whole Foods

Jewelry delivery

I’ve been getting Rocksbox jewelry deliveries for well over a year, and I love the surprise of finding out what sparklies are in the box. The team at Rocksbox just debuted a brand new look and feel, and I’m loving the new navy and pink box …

The new look of Rocksbox as a favorite by A Lady Goes West

The Jules Smith micro disc necklace in gold, the Nashelle infinity ring in gold (similar) and the Kendra Scott Elle earrings in turquoise (which are absolutely to-die-for, and I kind of want these too) came to me last week, and they are just perfect. 

My latest delivery was a total winner. And I’m pretty sure I will be wearing all three pieces at some point this weekend. (I wore the necklace to work this week.) By the way, if you’ve always wanted to try out the service (or give it as a gift), you can get your first month free with aladygoeswestxoxo. Thanks to Rocksbox for providing me a complimentary subscription! Much appreciated.

My favorite links of the week

Did you miss the latest on A Lady Goes West this week? 

And from around the web worth checking out …

  • I’ve shared hacks on ripening avocados before, but this article has even more insight: “How to Ripen an Avocado in Just 10 Minutes.” You know what they say about an avocado a day …
  • For those of you who reluctantly use the Facebook Messenger app on your phone because Facebook makes us, did you know that there are so many cool things you can do with it? Neither did I. The only thing I know how to do is leave a group Facebook message. (I learned that quickly and exercise that option frequently.) But I digress, because you must read this list of “17 Facebook Messenger Tips That Will Change How you Use the App Forever.” I tested the tip featuring “@dailycute” yesterday, by using it with Dave, and it totally worked. LOVE IT!

Oh, and then there was this picture that Shawn Stevenson posted after our interview, which just made my day … a true fave! (And yes, I’m going to tell you more about what I learned from him soon. Stay tuned!)

There you go, my friends! Go off and enjoy your day and weekend! 

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Questions of the day

What’s something you’ve been loving lately?

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I absolutely cannot be trusted around trail mix. At all. Like it is really bad news. I love that RocksBox delivery! I never have any place to wear nice stuff any more. And I can’t find my infinity ring!! BOOOO Have a great weekend, Ashley!

    1. AHhaha I know! The fresh mani is a week in and not holding up very well though. 🙁 But everything else is good. Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

  2. I love ked shoes! I think they are just the cutest shoes! I also love chocolate covered almonds, but one thing I think I might love more is dark chocolate covered cashews!

    1. Ohhh Hilary! Yes, I prefer cashews to almonds as well, so I bet I would like that too. Let’s find some! Happy Friday, friend!

  3. I almost bought that exact same pair of Keds the other day. I just polished off some chocolate covered almonds the other day, they are probably my favourite snack, that I try not to have too often.

    1. Hi Jen! Well aren’t we TWINSIES hahaha! Love it. Happy Friday, lady! Are you going back to BlogFest this year? I know you had some issues with the content, so maybe this year you’ll like it more?? 🙂

  4. I found you by way of Fitnessista’s blog. I’m curious to check out more of your posts, especially your San Francisco ones. I live in the East Bay (Oakland), and it’s always fun to read other people’s adventures. Happy Friday!!

  5. I forgot how much I love dark chocolate covered almonds, but your pic reminded me! I arrived home last night for the summer after a year at school, so I’m looking forward to unpacking items, and catching up on all the things I don’t get to do at school, like baking 🙂

  6. Keds are the best! I have a striped pair, but my next pair is going to be the Kate Spade gold glitter (coincidentally they were on my friday favorites as well, haha!) That blueberry trail mix sounds awesome! I have to portion out trail mix as well, or it will definitely be gone in 5 minutes, especially if I’m snacking at work!

    1. Hi Lily! I mean seriously, who can stop eating the trail mix? Haha and I totally want the Kate Spade Keds too. Hope you have a great weekend, lady!

  7. I have a pair of red Keds too and I can vouch for the fact that they add a preppy, fun element to any outfit. That avocado ripening hack is going to be a lifesaver!

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