Friday Favorites: Comfort, fitness + function

Hello! In just a few minutes, Dave and I will be hopping in an Uber to head to the airport for a weekend in Southwest Florida with my family. We booked this trip fairly last minute, once we both decided we could get away from work for a bit. I haven’t been home since a quick trip in early April, and so this trip is much needed.

Our weekend with my family will feature the following agenda: Eating, sleeping, pool-time, a boat cruise, Scrabble, wine, eating, sleeping, pool-time, a BBQ with my favorite Florida friends, Scrabble, wine, eating, sleeping, eating and then flying back to California on Monday. It’s quick, but will be glorious!

But before we go, I’m here to share with you a few fun “Friday Favorites.” I hope you enjoy!

My favorite surprise item for “comfort”

I had an unexpected package arrive this week, and in it was this comfy black sweatshirt from POPSUGAR. I’ve mentioned before that I’m part of the POPSUGAR Select Fitness group of bloggers, and apparently the awesome team at POPSUGAR just felt like sending out a little love.

POPSUGAR Sweatshirt

Most of the time when you write a blog, you do it because you enjoy writing, not because you expect anything. It makes me happy to be included in a group of great bloggers who share my passion for fitness, so this surprise sweatshirt is a reminder of that. Plus, I’m always in the market for some more hoodies, especially one from a San Francisco-based company, which just so happens to be on my short-list of dream jobs. Did you hear that, POPSUGAR? I’m here for you!

My favorite new kicks for “fitness”

A girl can never have too many shoes. No, that’s a flat-out lie. I have too many. I have a very small city closet (which I also share with my husband), and I cannot purchase another pair of shoes. Yet, I was in the market for some new flat and light sneakers to wear to teach Les Mills BODYPUMP. I bought these Nike FS Lite Fun kicks at DSW (one of my favorite shoe stores) a couple of weeks ago and broke them in last Friday in class. I like flat shoes for teaching and taking a resistance-based class like BODYPUMP, because they let my feet feel the ground naturally for better gripping. For more information on why, check out my post on the benefits of working out in bare feet.

Nike sneakers via DSW

These fit perfectly, and they’re pretty cute too.

My favorite new tool for “function”

Ladies and gentlemen, I finally purchased a foam roller for my home. I purchased this little beauty from Target. It’s small, compact and seems to go with our decor. I’ve used it several times to roll out before and after teaching classes. While it could stand to be a bit firmer, it certainly does the trick. The best part? This roller came with a ridiculous DVD of some man foam rolling while out in nature with spa music in the background. I watched the whole thing. Totally hilarious. You should buy this just to watch the accompanying DVD. Ha!

Foam Roller via Target

By the way, a while back I had a reader request to talk more about foam rolling, and I haven’t forgotten. That post will be coming up soon.

Alright friends. Three “Friday Favorites” finds for you. And now, we’re leaving on a jet-plane. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Questions of the day

What’s your favorite sneaker? And what are you doing for Labor Day weekend?

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  1. I have that same foam roller and nearly died of laughter while watching the DVD. I would love if you did a post on foam rolling since I’m sure there are so many ways to use it that I haven’t tried yet and am not familiar with.

    Enjoy your family time 🙂

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