Friday Favorites: Food, jewels, sweat, etc.

We made it to another wonderful Friday! Yay! I love Fridays for many reasons. First of all, I teach an early morning BODYATTACK class to an energetic group, then get to wrap up work and sometimes even fit in a session of yoga. And tonight, Dave was supposed to be working, but is now available to hang out with me instead, so I see some sushi and sake in my future. We’ve always had a sushi routine on Friday nights, but his busy schedule has gotten in the way lately. I’m glad we’re back on it tonight.

Now, because it’s the last day of the work-week for most, sit back, relax and enjoy this stuff. Nothing too serious here. It’s just my weekly chance to share a bunch of randomness that has been making me happy in the form of “Friday Favorites.”

My favorite healthy snack

So I’m guessing you’ve seen and heard all about these things called acai bowls, right? Just like quinoa, acai is another health-food-trend that’s tough to say, but is all the rage. “Ah-sigh-eeey” is the proper way, totally not what you would expect by the way it’s written. Well, I’ve had two official acai bowls in my life, one was great, and one was awful. Then, I received a couple of coupons from Sambazon Acai to pick up the brand’s pre-made acai frozen mixture at the grocery store and make one myself. I found the purple packs in the freezer section (near the smoothie stuff) at my local Safeway.

Acai smoothie bowl via A Lady Goes WestI made my acai bowl with one packet of Sambazon blend, some frozen mangoes, half-a-cup of cashew milk, a spoonful of almond butter, and topped it with a banana, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Delish.

The bag has four frozen packs in it, each with about 100 calories and tons of antioxidants (as well as organic ingredients, is gluten free and non-GMO, etc., etc.) basically all the nutrients you’d hope for from a super-fruit. All you do is drop the frozen packet in a blender with your favorite liquid, juice and fruits, mix it up and voila. It was incredibly easy and tasty and something new for me to make at home. In fact, I think my home-made acai bowl may have been the best one I’ve had yet. It’s a light and refreshing meal, which is perfect for breakfast or a snack. Eat up — even if you can’t pronounce what you’re enjoying!

My favorite jewelry

A few weeks ago I shared with you about a new jewelry delivery service I’ve been enjoying called Rocksbox. Well, my second box of goodies arrived last week, and I couldn’t love each piece much more than I do. I wore them all at once out to dinner last weekend on the day they arrived. In fact, I think I may keep them all too …

Rocksbox delivery number twoGorgeous stuff! The Perry Street Bleecker Crystal Earrings ($35), the Jules Smith Goddess Necklace ($60) and the Margaret Elizabeth Faceted Cocktail Ring in Aqua ($94) are all lovely pieces.

The ring? The necklace? The earrings? Just my style. I’ve definitely been pleased and impressed with everything sent to me so far, and it saves me from jewelry shopping — which is fun but also a tough decision-making process. If you want to try out Rocksbox for free for a month, sign up using this code: aladygoeswestxoxo. Believe me, it’s pretty cool to have small sparkly things delivered right to your door. You can wear them as much as you want, keep them or send them back for more pieces — no pressure to purchase. Easy as pie. (To find out more details on how the subscription works, click here.)

My favorite supplement

No, but seriously. I so look forward to eating my daily ration of calcium chews. These little buggers are quite tasty and who doesn’t need a little more calcium in their life?

Adult gummies calcium chewsBone support, calcium and a fruity taste? Yes, please to these Nature Made Calcium Adult Gummies.

I used to eat the chocolate calcium chews, which came wrapped in foil, but I switched over to these when my usuals were out of stock, and I haven’t looked back. I think calcium chews can upset your stomach if it’s empty, but I always eat mine right after breakfast and have never had a problem. I had to replenish my stash this week, (which meant going a morning without them) and was reminded of how much I like them. Thus, a weekly favorite was born. Yay for tasty healthy bites in the vitamin aisle.  

My favorite way to sweat

There are times that I write a full post without mentioning Les Mills group fitness classes, but today is not one of those days. I mean, I love to teach group fitness, especially Les Mills programs. While teaching BODYPUMP was my first love, I spend much more of my time teaching BODYATTACK these days, which is a one-hour sports cardio class, and it’s pretty darn fun to teach and to take.

BODYATTACK classIn honor of completing the launch of the new release, after class we all posed for a group-fitness selfie. So much sweat and so many smiles. Good work, team!

This past week I debuted the latest BODYATTACK release 88, and the members of the class were so incredibly eager and happy to be experiencing the new music and moves. There is usually more than 40 of them in my Monday evening class in Walnut Creek, and they show up with smiles, give it their all, and make me so glad that I’m their instructor. It doesn’t matter what is going on in my day, because when I show up to the gym — everything is golden. It’s not easy to prepare and lead people through tough workouts, while doing the same tough workout along with them, but it’s worth it. I love it. BODYATTACK is a true favorite, not just on Fridays, but every single day of the week. And the people in the room make it that much better.

My favorite links of the week

There were some good things going on around here on A Lady Goes West this week …

And for more survey love, thanks to Sara and Emily for filling out my “20-question get to know me better survey” this week, which is going all around the blogosphere right now. (In fact, it’s going around so much, that it’s not even being linked back to me anymore — love it!)

I hope you have a fun and restful couple of days, my friends! If you want to look at some pictures of food or the Bay Area, follow me on Instagram to see what kind of adventures I get into over the weekend. Peace out! 

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  1. Ive tried those same acai packets before and I love them!! I wish they were a little cheaper so that I could pick them up more frequently, but it’s a good treat every once in a while!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend 🙂

  2. Love the selfie! Looks like you had quite a crowd for class. I love launching a new release and the satisfaction from presenting the material correctly. It’s always good to get the first class done. This weekend I’m hoping to spend some time outside and learning BODYPUMP 93. We launch next week and I have just a few tracks left to perfect! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Bri! Good question, I like Rocksbox gets jewelry from all designers, so some are probably made in the U.S. It’s really cute stuff Happy Friday to you! 🙂

  3. The rocksbox sounds awesome. I have been getting brickbox for about a year and always look forward to getting something in the mail! Happy weekend to you!

  4. I have a couple of those Acai packets stashed in the freezer-thanks for reminding me to make a acai bowl for breakfast! I also go back and forth between those fruity calcium chews and the chocolate ones. I love that those Nature’s Made chews are really soft.

  5. Loved filling out the survey yesterday, and thanks for featuring it here too. I also love the Sambazon Acai packets. I have a few in my freezer now too. I have only made it with an add banana and berries. Can’t wait to try mango with it 🙂

    1. Hi Sara! I just had another acai bowl today and added some spinach too for extra greens. Good stuff! I hope you have a lovely Friday! 🙂

  6. Those acai packets look yummy. I’ve never had an acai bowl before, but they sound good.

    This weekend I’m planning to go to a recycling event to get rid of some our electronics. Exciting right? 😀 I’ll probably do some hill running tomorrow. I’ve been on the off season for running, and I’m trying to decide whether or not to do a triathlon this year. I don’t love triathlons, but I do love the challenge.

    1. Hi Emily! Acai bowls are quite tasty, so you should give one a try one day. And as far as your weekend goes — I LOVE to get rid of things, so I’d enjoy dropping off electronics to be recycled hehehe. Good luck with your running and triathlon decision making! Challenges are good stuff. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    1. Hi Carrie! For sure, try the chews heheh! And you also need to try making your own acai bowl. Fun stuff! There’s a little place in Walnut Creek called Vitality that has acai bowls I’ve been meaning to check out. Soon enough! Happy Friday! 🙂

  7. Aw, I love what you wrote about teaching your ATTACK class! I can tell you’re a really passionate instructor which is so inspiring to class goers like myself. I only wish I lived closer to WC so I could take your class regularly!

    Enjoy your sushi tonight and have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Ash! I should go on a BODYATTACK tour! If so, my first stop is your gym! heheheh:) Hope you have a lovely weekend and can’t wait to see your Rocksbox too!

  8. Gummy vitamins ftw. Seriously, all supplements should come in gummy form. I did gummy prenatals because of morning sickness and I couldn’t keep the regular tablets down. That’s what I told myself, anyway. Yay gummies!

    I love the rocksbox pieces, too! I would seriously keep them all.

    Thank you for posting my link! Have a great weekend!

  9. Happy Friday to you! I’m loving the ring that came in your Rocksbox package, very cute. 🙂

    I’m hoping to accomplish a sweaty Saturday morning workout at LA Fitness with my husband. I love starting the weekend on a fit note!

    1. Hi Sam! Oh yes, I did my taxes last week and owed. Too bad about working and being on call all weekend! Hope you find some time to relax.

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