Here’s a look at everything I ate in a day

Hey, my friends! I have a food post coming at you, because I know you guys love to see food.

And here’s how I want to preface what I’m going to share: We are all different. We all have different needs. We have access to different foods. We like different things. We have different activity levels. And we have different dietary concerns. What I eat works for me, and it may not work for you. This is by no means a meal plan, it’s just an example.

That being said: This post will show you every single thing I ate on a Monday last week. I tend to eat a little bit more on Saturdays and Sundays, with take-out lunches, wine, dessert and our usual pizza night, etc., so I find that Monday is one of my lighter days of eating.

I don’t have the calorie counts for these meals, nor do I have the macronutrient profiles. However, I do have a general idea of the protein content, and I know I have a variety of micronutrients too (which often comes from produce). I try to have color in my meals, and that’s always a good goal for everyone, regardless of your food preferences.

And as you all know, I tend to eat similar things on repeat, but I switch them up just enough to make sure I don’t get in a rut. I also find that having a rotation of stand-by healthy foods is a great way to eliminate decision fatigue. I don’t want to be standing in the kitchen every single meal and trying to figure out what I want. You know?

Alright, let’s do it …

Here’s a look at everything I ate in a day

Here's a look at everything I ate in a day by A Lady Goes West

Breakfast at 8:30 a.m.

I usually wake up around 7 a.m..

Then, I meditate for 10 minutes, and after that, I chug about 16 to 20 ounces of room temperature water that’s been sitting next to the bed all night. From there, I do some things in the kitchen, and then I get Brady up. By the way, I always drink water before I have anything else, and I think that’s a good rule of thumb to rehydrate your body from a night of sleep before jumping into coffee, tea or juice. 

These days, I have breakfast at the coffee table with Brady, and he eats something similar to me.

Overnight oats and tea latte for breakfast by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

This breakfast features two things:

  • A tea latte including two green tea bags, a little stevia, frothed oat milk, a teaspoon of local honey and a full scoop of Vital Proteins collagen creamer. It’s a hearty drink. I usually drink this before I have the oats.
  • A bowl of overnights oats, which sat in the fridge (you guessed it) over night. There’s half a cup of oats, oat milk, cinnamon, chia seeds and some Organifi green powder in there for some extra veggies, as well as a chopped-up large banana. So good!

Lunch at 12 p.m.

Ever since quarantine started, I now sit down at the table with Brady for lunch every day, which is a nice change for me, because I used to eat lunch a lot later in front of the computer working. I have a decent rotation of foods I eat for lunch and even showed you a bunch of lunches in this recent post.

Rice bowl and sparkling water for lunch by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

This lunch features:

  • Brown rice
  • Beet sauerkraut (that’s the red stuff, so yummy)
  • Two pasture-raised eggs
  • A scoop of hummus
  • Several sesame Mary’s Gone Crackers (so crunchy and so good)
  • All covered in sea salt, turmeric and black pepper
  • With a cold sparkling Topo Chico mineral water, of course

Post-lunch treat at 1 p.m.

I have to have a little sweet bite after a meal. And I also love to have my afternoon tea, which I enjoy when I sit down at the computer to work while Brady naps.

Golden latte and date for dessert by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

This treat features:

  • A steaming golden latte in a mug, with a green tea bag, pinch of stevia, frothed oat milk and the Four Sigmatic Golden Latte mix. (You can use my code, ALADYGOESWEST, for 15 percent off your Four Sigmatic order, by the way.)
  • A cacao-covered date.

Pre-workout snack at 4 p.m. and post-workout recovery at 5 p.m.

I like to have a little afternoon snack before I do my workout.

On this day, I did a 30-minute Les Mills GRIT Strength workout outside. I’ve been trying to move at least one of my workouts outside each week for a little change of scenery, and it feels good. Plus, we have a nice wind tunnel behind our house, and I love having some breeze during a tough workout like Les Mills GRIT Strength.

(By the way, you can read about what Les Mills GRIT is in this post, and you can get a free trial of Les Mills On Demand here too.)

Pre-and post-workout by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

This two-part meal features:

  • An almond cookie Larabar before my workout (this flavor is good, but cashew cookie is my fave)
  • A protein shake after my workout, with Organifi complete chocolate protein, water and a little bit of Organifi RED powder mixed in. (You can use my code, ALADYGOESWEST, for 15 percent off your order on the Organifi site.)

Dinner at 8 p.m.

Okay, this may seem like a late dinner, but I’m proud of it.

Dave and I are known for eating dinner at 8:45 p.m., so I’m excited that we’ve been able to pull it together to eat around 8 p.m. during the week lately. It’s a stretch for us!

Why you ask? Because I’m often on a walk or finishing a workout in the evening or showering or doing a bunch of things, and then we’re doing Brady’s bedtime routine too. We just eat late. Always have. It’s not ideal, but it’s also not the worst thing ever. 

Veggie-ful dinner by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

This meal features:

  • Two Qrunch quinoa veggie burgers with salsa on top
  • Broccoli rice
  • Half of an avocado
  • Two pasture-raised eggs
  • All covered in sea salt, black pepper and turmeric

Post-dinner dessert at 8:30 p.m.

Once again, I can’t end a meal without a treat. On the weekends, I usually have some ice cream or whatever dessert we’ve picked up. But most weekdays, I keep my dessert light. And so here it is.

Chocolate almond milk and dates for dessert by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

This meal features:

  • A mug of warmed-up dark chocolate almond milk (sometimes with a scoop of Organifi GOLD in it or some Four Sigmatic Cacao Chill mix, but this time it was just straight almond milk).
  • Two almond-covered dates.

And there we have it, another full day of eats shown in pictures. Every single meal I ate was delicious, filling and easy to assemble, and that’s pretty much my food philosophy.

Thanks for stopping by to visit A Lady Goes West today, my friends. See you soon. 

Dates for dessert by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

Happy eating! And come say hi on Instagram too! xoxo

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Questions of the day 

Are you a breakfast eater? If so, what do you like to have?

What’s one good thing that you’ve eaten lately?

Do you have anything exciting planned for this week?

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  1. I would be the best house guest ever because I could eat literally all of the same things as you. And on repeat. I haven’t switched over to primarily plant based yet and still eat my fair share of chicken and fish, but I certainly would not mind it one bit.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Courtney! Hey, nothing wrong with chicken and fish in your diet! You know what’s funny, I have NOTHING against chicken, but I was very averse to it while pregnant and never wanted to bring it back, so I didn’t. I don’t like cooking it hahaha — so I just don’t eat it at all ever. I do eat fish at least once a week with sushi, but once again, don’t really like to prepare it at home. I’m actually going to try making tofu at home, because that’s a good way to get protein too. But YES, you would be a great houseguest, for reasons other than just our meals hahah! Happy Tuesday, my friend. 🙂 xoxooox

  2. Your breakfast looks so cozy <3. We've been enjoying egg-white french toast on the daily for a late breakfast (around 10 after a bunch of morning virtual meetings) for several weeks now. We use Dave's Killer bread, soak it in egg whites mixed with some vanilla and cinnamon. Then pop it on the griddle for a few minutes each side. It is SO filling and delicous, especially if we add berries <3.

    1. Okay, Jessie! Your French toast sounds yummy! Also, Dave’s Killer Bread is so thick and hearty — love it. I wish they made sourdough. If they do, my grocery stores never have it. Anywho, hope you are well, my friend! 🙂

  3. I tend to eat the same things every day (for breakfast and lunch especially as I am back in the office). My staple breakfast is overnight oats with almond butter or fruit. I don’t get bored of the same things, I think it keeps me organised.

    1. Hi Andrea! I’m with you on that — decision fatigue is a real thing — and it’s totally okay to eat similar stuff every week as long as it’s enough variety of nutrients. I also, rarely get bored with my food! 🙂 Happy Tuesday, friend. I hope being back in the office has gone well for you!

  4. Yum! I’ve been loving Greek yogurt or Siggi’s lately since I’m Trying to sneak in some more protein. Question — why don’t you eat with your son? Not a criticism, just curious! We eat family dinners (5.5, 3.5 and 12 week old) because I want my kids to have that experience, but sometimes I can’t participate (ahem, 12 week old!) and I kind of love eating later after the chaos. Haha! Was just thinking of maybe picking a weekend night to intentionally eat later without our crazy, lovely kids!

    1. Hi Laura! That’s great you guys eat together! And good question: We eat lunch at the table with Brady every day as a family right now (and we’ve always done that over the weekends), and I eat breakfast with him every day too. But Dave and I have always eaten dinner late and are usually tag teaming in the evening with Brady while the other is finishing up work, etc. so getting all our meals ready to go by 6 p.m. wouldn’t be fun! Up until quarantine, Dave didn’t get home until after 7 p.m., or so anyhow, and I preferred to wait to eat with him, so we’ve just always done Brady’s dinner before ours. One of us always sits down with Brady for his dinner so he’s not eating alone or anything. 🙂

  5. I love this post. Kudos for healthy delicious easy to prepare meals. I am reactive hypoglycemic so my meals are all vegan protein and veggies . Great meals Ashley !

    1. Hi Kristina! I saute the broccoli rice in olive oil in the pan and then sprinkle in some sea salt, black pepper and turmeric powder to give it that color. So tasty! 🙂

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