Live at the Landmark concert

On Thursday night, Dave and I attended Live at the Landmark, a concert series produced and sponsored by Jack Daniel’s, the whiskey brand.

The concerts have been taking place in major cities across the nation in historical landmarks like the Statue of Liberty in NYC, the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles and The Old U.S. Mint in New Orleans, to name a few. Ours was held inside San Francisco City Hall, an incredibly gorgeous building both inside and out.

The concerts are not open to the public. And from what I know, all the tickets were given away via a contest. We scored ours through Dave’s connections at work.

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall

After dinner at home, in which we ate my world’s easiest healthy fish dish, we arrived to City Hall via an Uber just after 7 p.m., waited in the short line, then were given bracelets and drink tickets. Once inside, we met with one of Dave’s contacts from Jack Daniel’s and got VIP lanyards and a few more free drink tickets. Score.

The VIP lanyards gave us access to a sectioned-off area upstairs, where we could get drinks and hang out behind the velvet ropes. So we went straight there for a beverage.

Of course, the bar mostly offered Jack Daniel’s products. Dave likes whiskey, so he enjoyed a few varieties. Because I do not do whiskey, I stuck to the only wine available, which was chardonnay. Fine with me.

Live at the Landmark concert at City Hall

Jack Daniel's concert

Live at the Landmark bands

The opening act was a singer named Conway. She and her band went on around 8 p.m. They were good, but the acoustics in City Hall leave something to be desired. We stayed just outside the VIP area on some steps overlooking the main rotunda and had a hard time understanding the lead singer because of the garbled sound. But boy did she have some pizzazz onstage. She was sort of like a little Gwen Stefani, in the way she jumped around and kicked her legs.

Live at the Landmark concert at City Hall

Conway at Live at the Landmark

The headliner band, St. Lucia, went on around 9 p.m. They were excellent. Sort of like an 80s band. In fact, the lead singer had a fan positioned on him that blew his hair back while he sang. He also had some serious stage presence.

St. Lucia had no less than four keyboards on the stage and their music was like an electronic-rock-pop combination, which was super enjoyable. For some reason, the music and sound quality was much better with St. Lucia. Dave has downloaded a few songs from St. Lucia since the concert, and we’re now definitely new fans of the band.

St. Lucia at City Hall

Because we wanted to make sure we really got a taste of the sound, we moved down to catch a few minutes on the floor as well. It was general admission for everyone, and we had no problem getting up close.

St. Lucia at City Hall

While at Live at the Landmark, we chatted with a few people that Dave knew here and there, but mostly sat on the City Hall steps inside the rotunda and took in the live music.

I say it all the time, but the people watching in this City is phenomenal. This was a young and attractive crowd. There were some great outfits, great hair, and we really got a kick out of watching everyone in attendance.

And just look at the venue we got to do it in …

Live at the Landmark City Hall

Live at the Landmark concert at City Hall

Although I hadn’t heard of either musical act, nor did I know their songs, I liked what I saw. Truthfully, I’ve never been to a concert I didn’t like. Something about live music just makes me happy, and getting to experience it inside a building like City Hall made it that much more of an event.

Because it was a school night, we left the concert just after 10 p.m., hopped in an Uber and were home by 10:30 p.m.

I’d file Live in the Landmark into the category of cool things we get to do living in a place like San Francisco, which attracts this type of fun.

Well, it’s Saturday morning, so I’m heading out to teach BODYATTACK.

Hope you have a great one!

Questions of the day

What’s your favorite kind of music? Do you have tickets to any concerts in the near future?

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  1. How fun! I love going to concerts, particularly country ones. P.S. I will be in San Francisco for a (short) work trip on Tuesday and Wednesday- any recommendations on where to eat or things to do while I am there?!

    1. Hi Katie,

      That’s great you are coming to SF. I’m assuming you will be staying in Union Square or around the Financial District if it’s a work trip. So here are some must-try restaurants in walking distance to those areas – Wayfare Tavern, Salt House and Town Hall. For a quick lunch, you could visit a Sushiritto in the Financial District, which is just what it sounds. You’ll definitely want to walk around Union Square and see the big Macy’s, then also go to the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. That should fill up your two days. Let me know if you have more questions. Have an awesome time! 🙂

        1. Hi Katie,

          Oh! Well Redwood Shores is about 25 miles south of the city, so I don’t have any recommendations for that area. Hopefully you make it into downtown San Francisco to experience the best of the Bay. Have a good trip!


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