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How are you doing on your healthy resolutions so far in 2015? No, I’m just kidding! But really, as of now, I’m doing pretty good with my goals. I’ve gone to two yoga classes and done a little more cooking, which means I’m on a roll. And today, I’ve got a giveaway that may help some of you get the ball rolling with your goals in the fitness department …

Take it from me, it’s a lot easier to focus on healthy living when you have a good routine down. On Sunday night, Dave and I attended our last holiday party and activity of the season, and I have to admit, I’m pretty happy about that. Although we have some dinner dates with friends coming up this week, I feel like we just might be back to normal and routine goings-ons for a few weeks. But then, it will all change again soon, when we pack up and move at the end of the month. That’s right, we found a newer and bigger place to live, and I’ll share all the details very soon.

That being said, with cross-country trips, holidays and multiple indulgent-eating events, one thing that remains a constant in my life is working out. Although I definitely pull back and do shorter or less frequent workouts during vacations, I always like to get at least a little bit sweaty when I can. And I’m a big fan of bringing my laptop with me so I always have access to video workouts, in case I need some inspiration.

All of that leads me to today’s subject, which is introducing you to a new online workout video library, which can help you take care of yourself no matter where you are. Maybe you’re just jumping into the exercise scene so you want to test some classes in the privacy of your own home, or maybe you’re crunched for time and need to fit in short sessions in your pajamas before leaving for work each day? Whatever your needs are, here’s one new service designed to be there for you on the fly …

Introducing the Gigabody online workout library

Gigabody is a new website with nearly 90 diverse streaming workout videos, which you can access from anywhere you have an Internet connection, 24/7. Membership is only $8.99 a month for unlimited access to everything on the site, including all of the workouts and training plans. 

As part of my ambassadorship with Fit Approach and Sweat Pink, I was given the chance try out a couple months of Gigabody to offer up my thoughts. And one lucky reader will win a free month of this service for themselves, so read on and enter the giveaway below. 

Gigabody review and giveaway via A Lady Goes WestJust my yoga mat and my laptop are the only things I needed for the several workouts I completed via Gigabody at home in my living room.

Here is my take on the service …

Plenty of variety in the Gigabody video collections

There is a lot to choose from on the site. Here’s a look at some of the video collections you can explore …

  • No-equipment workouts
  • Time-saving workouts
  • Abs and core workouts
  • Dance-inspired videos
  • Arm-sculpting routines
  • Mix and match mini workouts
  • Balance challenges
  • A**-kicking workouts
  • Sexy dance moves
  • Yoga tutorials
  • Aerobic step

To find what you need, you can browse the workouts by duration, format, equipment required, intensity or collection, like I’ve shown above. You can also see other users’ feedback and ratings on each workout, as well as read more about the instructors behind the classes.

Some of the high points of Gigabody

I spent quite a bit of time on the site and tried some of the workouts myself, and here are my thoughts …

  • It’s very easy to browse, and is very well organized.
  • There is a diverse selection of formats with about 90 videos total to choose from.
  • The system keeps track of how many workouts you complete and shows that amount every time you log in, so you can see what you’ve accomplished to date, which is a neat feature.
  • The system will email you workout suggestions, based on what you’ve already viewed, which serves as a great reminder to get moving if you haven’t logged in recently.
  • The handful of classes I tried have been great quality and offered a good challenge.
  • There are plenty of super short workouts, so you can be very efficient. I especially enjoyed the Take 20! series and the Ballet Body series.
  • There’s a good selection of classes requiring dumbbells, and I love to see good strength-training routines available for those who sweat at home.
  • You can also browse through tutorials on how to master individual yoga moves, which I found totally cool.
  • The price is right for unlimited access to good workouts all month.
  • It’s a great way to diversify your workout routine, if you’re in a rut and not sure how to find something new.

The only thing I would like to see on Gigabody that isn’t currently there is a running time-tracker on the screen for each video. I really like to know how much longer I have left and would appreciate that detail added. But then again, I guess I can always hit the scroll button on the video player.

What’s next for me with Gigabody?

I’m definitely planning to try out one of the longer yoga classes, as well as try my hand (in private and probably in my pajamas) at some of the Sweating Sexy series. Because you know, I really love to dance, but I’m not quite Beyonce, so that type of movement is best done alone. In order to treat myself, I just may let my hair down, move my coffee table and turn the volume up as loud as I can and dance the night away one night this week when Dave is away working at a basketball game.

Who is with me? So does this sound like something you’d be interested in trying? If so, I’ve got you covered …

GIVEAWAY: Win one month of access to Gigabody workouts

Unlimited workouts for one month, which you can do from anywhere …


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Share with your friends, and act quickly, because this contest closes on Saturday, January 10 at night.

Alright guys, that’s it for today. I agreed to substitute a BODYPUMP class tonight, so I’m launching the latest Les Mills release for that program earlier than expected and still have quite a bit of prep to do. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for some talk about food. Have a fabulous Tuesday! Please, go treat yourself!

*Disclaimer: Through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach and Sweat Pink, I was given two free months of Gigabody, in exchange for my review. However, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. I promise.

Questions of the day

What’s one workout you’d like to try? How are you doing on your 2015 goals or resolutions so far? 

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  1. I’m digging all the online workouts that are available now… nice to have as trying all the latest boutique workouts can get pricey! I’ve been wanting to try PliYo (sp?). …I hear so many people talk about it!

    1. Hi Megan, Do you mean PiYo? I haven’t tried that one either and would love to. And yes, there are so many good options for workouts these days! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I want to include more yoga in my life and since I can’t always get to a class I am going to use online options more. This sounds like a very good option! Love your thoughts on Beyonce and dancing in the living room. With the right song, we all feel like Beyonce…right?

    1. Hi Lauren! So true! I haven’t danced like that in a long time and may need a little bit of that in my life just for fun. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I’d like to improve flexibility and use resistance bands and maybe try kettlebells! And yoga form definitely needs work… Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  4. I love the idea of unlimited workout videos for viewing anywhere! I am typically on the go and rarely home long enough to commit to a weekly class so having the option to do it on my own time would be great. I think the Ballet Body workout you mentioned would be great to try at home! I’m always looking for something new to try and this sounds like just the thing for me!

  5. I would love to do Barre classes online. I am no where close to any good barre classes and this would be such an amazing website for me to use πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Mattie! It sure is cheaper than a gym membership. And no need to worry about other people’s sweat dripping on you in class either. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Jenna! Thanks, yes I did. And I totally agree, the easier and more accessible exercise is, the better we all are for it. Have a great evening!

  6. I would love to try out a barre style workout at home! I’ve heard great things about barre studios but there’s not a studio anywhere near me! Thanks for the giveaway Ashley!

    1. Hi Courtney! Thanks for entering the giveaway, hope you get a chance to try barre! πŸ™‚ I’m heading to a barre class on Thursday this week, and it’s been a while. Have a great night!

  7. I want to do more yoga at home! I used to do the runners world videos but got bored after doing the few up there over and over again

    1. I love doing yoga at home. But of course, you need some variety to choose from. Thanks for entering, Paige. I hope you’re doing well:) Happy Tuesday!

  8. I haven’t heard of Gigabody before, but that sounds right up my alley! I get bored easily with pretty much everything except yoga, so this might be a good way to switch things up a bit. (And $8.95 sounds pretty reasonable!)

  9. I tend to do about half of my workouts at home, so I think a tool like Gigabody would be great, rather than searching the depths of Youtube :). No real resolutions, just trying to do better every day… more yoga, more sleep, even more reading than last year, less sweet stuff (which is my favorite thing πŸ™ ) . Looks like you are loving your new mac!

    1. Hi Jessie! I don’t want to give up my sweets! hehehe good luck with that. And yes, it’s good to have a diverse library with some direction (not just eight million things on YouTube), so that’s why Gigabody is a good idea. Good luck in the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  10. I love no-equipment workouts at home! Requires very little motivation to get going since there’s no set up, and you just need a bit of space.

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