Popping out at night for a thread

You know what I like about city living?  Being just a few blocks from Macy’s, H&M, DSW and every other world-class retailer I frequent.

Yesterday I waited in our empty apartment for five hours for our brand new living room furniture to arrive.  It was quite delayed, which seems to be a pattern in the move here, so I was very ready to get out and about after it was finally delivered after dark.  Dave began the assemblage (no we are NOT paying extra for something we can do ourselves), while I headed out on foot for an adventure.

It was rather cold and windy last night, but I persevered and made it to my three stops — one of which was a quick drop into the Brow Shaping Salon.  Ever heard of it?  Threading seems to be all the rage here, and there are salons devoted exclusively to it all over, so I decided to give it a try.  I don’t want to publicly admit that my personal grooming, use of make-up and and/or ability to wear anything other than the same two sets of workout clothes has been a bit of a problem since arriving in the fabulous urban mecca of SF, but it’s true.  Therefore, before our trek back to Florida this weekend for an outdoor wedding celebration, I was in need of some professional work.

I walked into the brow salon, sat down the in the chair, and it happened.  The lady said nothing, and went to town with the thread.  Wow.  It hurt.  Worse than eyebrow waxing.  Longer process.  Stranger process.  I felt like she had taken off my whole set of eyebrows by little pulls with her fast hands.  She didn’t even ask me what shape I liked, but it turned out great.  Apparently it lasts as long as waxing, but the jury is still out on that.

The moral of the story here is that no retail, grooming or service errand seems like such a huge undertaking when you are just moments from the action.  Although IKEA and even Trader Joe’s is more of a car-ride away, other things are nearby.  Lucky for us, a brand new City Target (the first in San Francisco) has its grand opening on Sunday, and it is literally on the next street over.

I should probably pop over to Target some evening next week to get some seasonal décor from the dollar bins, because fall has certainly arrived.  Until then, let there be light!

Living room furniture
My trusty furniture assembler.

Union Square at night.
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