Sunday night ritual

Do you have a weekly ritual?

We do. And it’s Taco Night.

On Sundays, Dave and I eat tacos at home. He makes them, and we both look forward to ending the weekend with a hearty and colorful meal. Neither Dave, nor I, are big fans of spicy or hot food, but over the course of the past few months eating tacos every Sunday, we’ve been gradually increasing our spiciness-intake and have advanced to hot salsa. 

We’re not all the way there yet though. Last night, I put too much salsa on my tacos and had to down some milk right after the meal to appease my palate. In addition, Dave sweats when he eats spicy food, and last night he was glistening midway through taco numero uno. True story.

Taco Night typically includes a good bottle of red, the Mariachi station on Pandora playing, and Dave in the kitchen for at least 45 minutes. It’s rather labor intensive to chop up the veggies, and he handles the job like a champ. 

Taco night

Before Taco Night came and went, this weekend was a low-key one, complete with a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner at home on Friday night. Dave picked me up from my evening BODYPUMP class and had already made trips to Whole Foods, Safeway and the Oakland Farmer’s Market, armed with my favorite things for dinner. For presents, we both chose events. I got Dave (us) tickets to see Dave Matthew’s Band in August at the Greek Theatre, and Dave got me (us) tickets to see Cinderella the ballet in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for both.


After I taught BODYATTACK, we laid around, did some laundry, played Scrabble and then went out for dinner and drinks at Rosa Mexicano with some friends. Yes that’s right, we had Mexican two nights in a row. We ended up being about 30 minutes late to dinner because we were trapped in our neighborhood, surrounded by closed roads and the annual Chinese New Year parade. There were tons of fireworks, bright colors, marching bands and thousands of people lining the sidewalks about five or six deep. We started our trip to dinner in a cab and had to get out and walk more than a mile to get around the parade route. Normally I am fine with walking long distances, but my knee-high, high-heeled boots didn’t really enjoy it. It was worth the trip, dinner was delicious and we had a good time catching up with our friends, who we haven’t seen since the big Sonoma trip in December.


We had lunch with Dave’s parents at Palomino, a big restaurant with views of the Bay, in which I feasted on this delicious seafood louie salad, one of my favorite lunch items.

Seafood Louie salad

Dave and his Dad came dressed in nearly the same outfit, down to the sunglasses. Adorbs. Just look at them …

Pitt men

Dave’s parents are moving down to San Diego in a few days and are eager to be back in the warm weather. It was their first time visiting our little apartment and even though we had prepared them for how small it would be, they said it actually was smaller than expected. Although perhaps cuter and cozier and very cleverly organized, in light of the space constraints. Thank you very much!

After we said goodbye to his parents, we finished off the afternoon with a little shopping trip, in which I picked up a new outfit for teaching BODYATTACK from Adidas. I got some black and white shorts and a black top, both items being in line with my recommendations for the perfect work-out wear.

It was supposed to be a three-day weekend, since my company and many others have President’s Day off, but alas, I was called into a meeting on Monday. I guess it’s not so bad, since Dave had to work too.

Between work, teaching extra classes and the regular craziness of the week ahead, at least I can always look forward to the next Taco Night, when everything is right in the world.

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