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If you read other healthy living blogs, there are a few regular types of posts that many bloggers do consistently. There’s the “What I Ate Wednesday”, the “Friday Top Five” and the “Weekend Round-up”. Since I only pop in to write a new post once a week or so, I’ve never done any of those standard posts, which are better suited for bloggers who post everyday. However, lately I’ve had a few things outside of my normal adventures to share. Thus, here are my recent discoveries in my first installment of “Cool new stuff.”

FitSnap. Do you ever see those pictures in your Facebook and Instagram feeds where people put the details of their workout in text? Well I just downloaded the app and created this lovely photo. I found out about it because the company emailed me after finding this blog. I love it already!

FitSnap app

ThredUp. I’m thrifty. Although I’ll splurge on a designer handbag, I’m pretty tight with my cash other than that. I sell books on after I read them, I auction off my designer jeans on once I no longer want them, and I donate tons of stuff to Goodwill and gladly take my tax receipt. I’ve been meaning to consign some of the cocktail dresses that are filling up our tiny single city-apartment closet and finally took steps to do that this weekend. After much research on online consigning and clothes selling, I chose to request a bag from ThredUp. It’s supposed to take several weeks before my bag is processed, and I’m hoping to get fair compensation for the three dresses and two pairs of shoes I submitted (ThredUp takes designer brands of like-new clothing only). I had worn all three dresses only once or twice each to different weddings, so they fit the specifications of being in great condition. Oh and of course, the company is based in San Francisco, so that makes me even more excited to make it a regular thing.

Here’s a look at the pre-paid shipping bag that I filled up and sent off on Saturday.


Birchbox. I’m late to the party on this one, but I just received my first monthly box. Dave signed me up for the monthly subscription as a Christmas present, but because of the delay when signing up, I didn’t get the first one until this week. Inside this box is some dry shampoo, lip balm, face cream, a body wipe and liquid eyeliner. I’ve never used liquid eyeliner and meant to try it out this weekend, but forgot about it. Next weekend, cat eyes are on the agenda. The company’s tagline: Discover your next everything. Not sure if I will order any of the products in this first shipment, but it sure was fun to try them all. With this taste of excitement, I might jump on the monthly subscription bandwagon and sign myself up for the one that sends healthy snacks. Stay tuned for that.


Dates. The fruit, not the outing with a loved one. Coconut covered date rolls, to be specific. These are a delight, and they have added some major sweetness to my life since I first purchased them on a whim. They are now part of every grocery shopping trip. Just buy them. Hadley brand. You’re welcome.

Coconut covered dates

The champagne in the photo above is pretty cool too, but that’s not a new discovery.

Wall calendar. Are we the only people who still use one? I got my 2014 calendar up-and-running a little over a week ago, and it includes Golden State Warriors basketball games, my Les Mills group fitness teaching schedule, birthdays and other noteworthy dates.

Wall calendar

Pouch purse. And finally, I’ll end this first installment of “Cool new stuff” with a picture of one of my favorite birthday presents, my monogrammed pouch purse from Gigi New York. Thanks for this one, Mom!

Gigi pouch purse

There you have it. Some stuff that’s put a little pep in my step.

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