Current faves: Slides, protein bars, little stuff and workouts

Hey, friends! Happy May! How was your week? 

This week, I taught my virtual classes, worked a lot, got my hair done and did a bunch of online onboarding for my new role at a gym. More on that to come!

Thank you to everyone for your nice messages to me based on my post from earlier in the week about our first four months in Charlotte. This post had about double the readership of my usual posts, so I guess it was a topic you wanted to see.

By the way, I’m wishing all the mommas out there a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend in the U.S.. I hope you feel loved, and I hope you are showered with appreciation for all that you do. (Here’s my Mother’s Day gift guide, in case you missed it.)

This weekend, I’ve got an in-person group fitness class and some work on the agenda, but hopefully some Mother’s Day festivities too. Now, let’s move on to the faves …

Current faves


New white slides for spring 

Last time my mom was visiting, we were strolling through DSW, and these white slides caught my eye. They sort’ve look like slippers, and they’re super comfy. I picked them up, and as usual, waited for weeks before finally wearing them. (Does anyone else do that?)

Dave, Brady and I went out to a nice lunch last Saturday, and so I finally debuted my white slides. Loved them! Definitely a great shoe for the summer.

Steven slides by A Lady Goes West May 2021

Ashley and Brady after lunch in Ballantyne by A Lady Goes West May 2021

(The dress I am wearing in this picture is from a couple years ago and is sold out, but this one is similar, and here are the slides.)

I’ve never subscribed to the idea that you can’t wear white until Memorial Day. I wear white all year. It’s one of my favorite colors to wear, outside of black.


Two new flavors of G2G Bars

It’s better to get all of your calories from whole-food sources (like veggies, fruits and grains), but I’m not ashamed to say that both protein bars and protein powders make up my weekly diet. I don’t have them every single day, but I do have them a few times a week. They are convenient, they provide valuable protein, and they taste good.

It was just about a year ago that I was first introduced to G2G Bars or “Good 2 Go” Bars, and I’ve been loving them ever since. I’m even become an affiliate, so you’ve heard me mention them before, I’m sure. (You can find G2G Bars in some stores, but they aren’t nationwide, so online is best for getting these guys.)

G2G Bar new flavors by A Lady Goes West May 2021

G2G Bars have 18 grams of protein, minimal ingredients, and they are super hearty. You store them in the fridge (because they don’t have a lot of preservatives), then bring them out to room temperature a few hours or a day or two before you’re going to eat them. Love that.

In my last shipment from G2G Bars, I was introduced to two new flavors, and I’m such a fan of them. They are as follows:

  • Almond Mocha — This one has a strong mocha flavor, which I happen to enjoy. If you’re not into mocha, you won’t like this one.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly — Enough said. This isn’t the strongest PB&J flavor in the world, but it’s mild, pleasing and totally there. I’m all about this combo (in bar form and in sandwich form). In fact, I’ve been savoring these the most and have only had a couple so I can make them last.

My code ALADYGOESWEST gets you 15 percent of your G2G Bar orders on the G2G Bar site.

As a note: These are a very filling snack, so I usually eat them on days when I know I’ll have a big window between my main meals. Mmmmmm!


Little stuff to add to the faves list for the week

A few little things I’ve been enjoying and worth throwing in today’s post …

  • Eating together at the table. We went without a dining table for so long throughout the moving process, because we sold our old table a few weeks before we left California. During the transition, we were all eating at different times in different spots in the house (a lot of meals bent over the coffee table). Well, now that we have a table in the kitchen, we’ve been eating all of our lunches and dinners there together, and even eating dinner together earlier too, which has been a great change. 
  • Riding our real bikes. We finally dusted off our bikes and took a few bike rides this past weekend. I had no idea our neighborhood was so hilly until we were on the bikes and my quads felt the incline almost instantly down our street. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m such a nervous biker. It’s a great weekend activity for fresh air and exercise though. Brady rides on the back of Dave’s bike, and all I have to do is handle myself. That’s plenty for me.
  • Live “XOXO, Cody” ride with friends. From outdoor cruising to indoor cycling: I don’t use the Peloton bike as much as I did the few months before we moved, but I still get on there once a week. Last Friday evening, I did a live “XOXO, Cody” ride with about five girlfriends, and it was the best. Cody Rigsby is my favorite Peloton instructor, hands down, because he makes the workout incredibly hilarious. I was laughing almost as much as I was sweating, and I know my friends were too. By the way, here’s my list of the best Peloton instructors, in addition to Cody.

Cody XOXO by A Lady Goes West May 2021


Weekly workouts 

Here are last week’s workouts …

Weekly workouts by A Lady Goes West

  • Monday: 45-minute full-body weights on Peloton, 4 p.m.
  • Tuesday: Taught 45-minute Barre Burn on Motus, 3 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 45-minute CXWORX via Les Mills On Demand, 10 a.m.
  • Thursday: Taught 45-minute Barre Burn on Motus, 3 p.m.
  • Friday: 1-hour barre at Life Time, 10 a.m, 30-minute cycle on Peloton, 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 45-minute lower-body weights at Life Time, 8:30 a.m.
  • Sunday: Rest day

This past week of workouts was a good one, and I’m absolutely loving the addition of live in-person group fitness classes in my life again. I’m also loving having gym kid-care back in my life. I picked up weights three times, and even challenged myself with a 45-minute CXWORX core workout — it was tough. I also took a full rest day.


A Lady Goes West recommended favorite products

I only share what I use and love in my own life, and here are some of the brands I swear by. And when you use my discount codes and links, you support me, so thanks for that …

  • Carbon38. The coolest activewear around. Get 15 percent off your first two orders of $100 or more using the code ASHLEYPITT. I just placed another order this week! 🙂
  • Organifi superfood supplements. I’m all about the Organifi Complete Plant-Based protein powder. You can get 15 percent off your order on the Organifi site with the code ALADYGOESWEST.
  • Four Sigmatic. These superfood coffees and teas are so good — I especially love the Cacao Chill and Lion’s Mane Latte. Get 15 percent off your order with the code ALADYGOESWEST.
  • Les Mills On Demand streaming workouts. My favorite fitness brand. You can do a whole month of workouts during a free 30-day trial by using my special referral link here.

Best reads

A few things from around the web 

Here’s the quote of the week from the Calm app …

Feeling quote from CALM by A Lady Goes West

A Lady Goes West favorite archives 

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Thank you so much for clicking through to the blog. Be well! 🙂 xoxo

Questions of the day

How was your week?

What’s something you’re looking forward to in May?



  1. I’m the same way about new shoes and being a nervous bike rider lol! I’ll have to check out the list of things to do over the summer. Last summer went by in a blur because of COVID and we were in the packing/moving process, I feel like we didn’t do as many kid friendly things. 😕
    How was your week?
    A blur of the usual but a good one
    What’s something you’re looking forward to in May?
    Strawberry picking – Will be the first time for our youngest!
    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. I think we are all in the same boat, that last summer was not as fun as it should have been. Here’s to summer 2021 🙂 I want to go Strawberry picking! You’ll have to let me know where you go and how it goes. Have a WONDERFUL weekend, Joanna! xoxo

  2. The way you write makes me smile because I usually can hear you saying the words. “In bar form and in sandwich form.” Can’t go wrong with the PB&J combo!

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Happy Momming to you and Momma P.


    1. Hi Courtney! I’ve been told that I write just like I talk many times before — you nailed it! Happy Friday to you, my friend. I hope you have some sunshine and good times on the horizon! xoxo

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