Healthy-living round-up

Good morning, friends. Can you believe it’s the first weekend in August? It seems like just yesterday that Dave and I returned from our last big Florida trip visiting friends and family over the holidays.

Since that time, I’ve started a new job, changed up my teaching schedule, gone on a few fun trips, (especially that fabulous one to Cabo), hosted all sorts of visitors in our little apartment and revamped A Lady Goes West.

Throughout the year, I’ve continued to learn, write and grow. I thought it might be good to pull out a few posts from the past, which each address different aspects of living a healthy life and answer a few questions. Even though I’m constantly trying new things, there are a few staples of feeling good that we should all strive for, like hydrating, sleeping, and of course, moving. And that’s what these posts are all about, with a little random thrown in for good measure.

For your reading pleasure, here’s the official healthy-living round-up:

To close it out, here’s one of my favorite pictures, which I took a couple of months ago from the rooftop of my building. You can’t beat a view of San Francisco and a hearty green smoothie in a University of Florida tervis.

Green smoothie on the roof

With that, I’ll leave you to go off and enjoy your weekend!

Questions of the day

Do you have any big plans for the month of August? What are some of your favorite healthy living tips and posts?

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